Helldivers Stratagems Guide

Helldivers Stratagems Guide by alirezahunter888

So i made a small guide for all of the stratagems of the game(Weapon stratagems are not included! They’re included in the weapons guide), I also indicate that which faction is the best for a stratagem, Also we have 4 tiers of usefulness: DEMOCRACY (Very useful stratagem),GOOD , MEH (Better not to use it), BAD (NOT USE IT AT ALL)

Supply Stratagems (Blue):

AD-289 Angel (Support Pack): It’s a drone that heals the nearby players (And vehicles but not objectives) Great stratagem for the healer of the team but loses it’s charge fast! It’s better to be maxed!(All rounder,GOOD)

AD-334 Guard Dog (Defender Pack): A drone with a small machine gun! It has more charge than it’s counterpart “AD-289 Angel”. Very good stratagem when maxed!Best used against bugs because of the stun rounds!Can kill the scouts even when you’re in prone!(Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

EAT-17: One time use anti tank rocket launcher! There’s two of them in each pod! Great against cyborgs but not so useful against bugs! Also you must hit the weakpoint on tanks to kill them (Unlike recoilless rifle).(Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.GOOD)

EXO-44 Walker Exosuit: A mech with a minigun and 8 anti tank rockets when maxed! Very slow, useless against tanks when the rockets are used.DO NOT USE IT IN +10 MISSIONS!Also i forgot to mention that people hate these when used during the normal mission (Not extraction though)(Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.GOOD)

LIFT-850 Jump Pack: A jet pack! You can jump and pass the obstacles with this! Extremely useful in hairy situations! Best used in snowy missions! Obelisks are f*cked when you use this! When maxed it can supply 2 players and also you can replenish it’s fuel with Resupply Stratagem (All rounder.DEMOCRACY)

M5 APC: An an Armored Personnel Carrier with a rapid fire dual cannon and two machine guns on the sides! Good speed when maxed but somehow useless when compared to it’s counterpart “M5-32 HAV”! Best used in snowy missions! the cannon is useful against illuminates.(Illuminate>Bugs>Cyborgs.MEH)

M5-32 HAV: A modified version of “M5 APC” with alot more armor and an anti tank cannon instead of dual anti personnel cannon! Slower than APC but with anti tank capabilities! It’s better carry a Repair Gun when you use it! You can also destroy objectives (Such as hives) with it !(Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Resupply: An air dropped pod with two ammo packs in it! You can also replenish the fuel of the Jump Pack and resupply pack of the launchers with it!(All rounder.Only when you carry weapons with ammo.GOOD)

Resupply Pack: A backpack that both you and your team mates can replenish your ammo with it! It also doubles the picked up ammo (When you pick up a ammo pack you both add it to your backpack and replenish your weapons with it!) (All rounder as long as you carry weapons that need ammo.DEMOCRACY)

SH-20 Shield Generator Pack: A backpack that makes a yellow shield around you! It can negate debuffs such as illuminate mind control , stun orbs and poison! With this you can survive an obelisk wall, a sniper shot or a Council Member orb (OHK orb) (Illuminate>Cyborg>Bugs.DEMOCRACY)

EXO-48 Obsidian Exosuit (Pilot Pack): A heavier version of Walker Exosuit (Not slower though!) with two anti infantry cannons! Extremely powerful but ammo is low when compared to Walker Exosuit! (Illuminate>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Defensive (Green):

A/AC-6 Tesla Tower: A tesla tower with a ring around it! It deals extremely high damage even against tanks (IFV Excluded)! It can’t distinguish friends or foes! You can go to prone to avoid the bolts! Best used with a Repair Gun! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

A/MG-II Minigun Turret: Rapid fire turret capable of distinguishing a friend from a foe (Or viceversa)! It won’t stop firing when you stand in it’s way! Hell lot of team kills with it! It’s not worth the accidentals! (Illuminate>Bugs>Cyborgs.MEH)

A/RX-34 RailCannon Turret: Shi*ter version of Minigun Turret! Very slow rate of fire with unstoppable rounds! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.BAD)

Air Dropped Anti Personnel(Tank when maxed) Mines: Air dropped mines capable of killing any tank or normal enemy when maxed! Hell lot of team kills with it! Useless against Illuminates because they hover on it!(Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.GOOD)

Air Dropped Stun Mines: Probably the worst stratagem in the entire game! Stuns any enemy than walks on it! Useless against Illuminates because of the hover thing! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.BAD)

Distractor Beacon: Very good stratagem before the latest patch! It distracts the patrols around it! Bad placement can cause hell lot of patrols to trigger the alarm!(All rounder.GOOD)

Humblebee UAV Drone (Ranger Pack): A uav capable of showing the far patrols on the map! And capable of finding the orange objectives and showing the samples on the map when maxed! Best thing to farm samples with! (All rounder.DEMOCRACY)

Offensive (Red):

Airstrike: Air dropped bombs capable of destroying both tank and normal enemies! 2 seconds to call down and best used with Stratagem Priority! (Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Hellfire Bombs: Air dropped napalm bombs with area denial! Damages both tanks and normal enemies! Very short cool down and mainly used as a defensive stratagem!(Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Orbital Laser Strike: Wide laser shot from a satellite in orbit! Capable of dealing massive damage to normal enemies but not tanks! Capable of distinguishing friend from foe ! Doesn’t avoid friends when you’re in the way of it! Very long cooldown!(Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.GOOD)

RailCannon Strike: Anti tank rail gun that marks biggest nearby enemy! Capable of OHK’ing most tanks! Short cool down and call down!(Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Shredder Missile: Nuke missile with huge radius and huge cooldown and call down! Best used for destroying objectives! (All rounder.GOOD)

Static Field Conductors: Spore like things that block an area! When you’re in it you can’t walk nor enemies do! Very short cooldown and call down! Doesn’t work on illuminates because of their shield!(Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Strafing Run: Shortest cooldown and call down! (10 AND 0.1) Capable of dealing heavy damage to normal enemies! Very small input!(Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Thunderer Barrage: It deals extremely heavy damage and it’s capable of area denial! It’s both defensive and offensive!(Mostly defensive though!) Long cooldown and calldown!(Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Dive Bomb: Very short cooldown and calldown! Limited to 15 beacons! Massive Anti Infantry damage and medium Anti Tank damage! (Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Close Air Support (Specialist Pack): It’s actually a narrow strafe run + 4 anti tank rocket when upgraded! Medium cooldown and very short calldown! Doesn’t work on IFV’s! (All rounder.DEMOCRACY)

Special (Yellow):

Emergency Beacon: It’s not actually a stratagem! It makes your game to appear on more players browser!

NUX-223 Hellbomb: It’s specific to Destroy The Objectives! It’s a nuke device with long activation time! It disappears when the objective is done!

Reinforce: It revives the dead players!

ME-1 “Sniffer” Metal Detector: Specific to Defuse The Unexploded Ordnance! It’s a metal detector that detects unexploded bombs!

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  1. Daniel says:

    I disagree with half of this. Have you ever found a use for the Orbital Laser Strike? It’s a slow, randomly moving squishy killer with ridiculous cooldown. It has no specific purpose, not even in Retaliatory Strikes. I have, in all those years, never seen anyone except me use it, and I only used it for shits and giggles. That thing, for example, is BAD. Nobody uses it, ever. You rated it GOOD. How? Feels so arbitrary.

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