Destiny Wrath of the Machine Loot and Locations Guide

Destiny Wrath of the Machine Loot and Locations Guide by RiseOfBacon

A definitive list on a play by play basis of the Raid and where to pick up each piece of loot, fragment and monitor along the way

  • Exotic Pulse Rifle ‘Outbreak Prime’ and how to obtain located under ‘Video Guides’ section under ‘The Wrath of the Machine Monitor locations’


  • The SIVA Cache chest – When opened only gives you rewards from the boss you JUST defeated – It does not open the loot table to all drops. SIVA Cache chests are available to be opened on EVERY CHARACTER ONCE. If the chest states ‘Disabled’ it means you have either previously opened OR do not have a key available to open the chest
  • SIVA Cache chests have a chance to drop exotics as well as a loot drop from the specific Boss encounter. I am lead to believe the chance of the Exotic is low
  • Raid bosses drop SIVA fragments upon death – These drops occur EVERYTIME you defeat them regardless of how many times you have cleared the raid for that week
  • For every 10 SIVA fragments you can create a SIVA CACHE key from your inventory (These can also be broken down back to fragments by Shiro at Felwinters).
  • SIVA Fragments can be transferred between characters – Cache Keys CANNOT be transferred via Item managers but CAN be transferred directly in game (Max of 10 per character)
  • If you are chasing the exotic / switching on the monitors Guardians ARE able to leave and join the fireteams and THIS WILL NOT reset the progress of switching on the monitors throughout the Raid – Many reports suggesting that if the Fireteam Leader Lags out although everyone is still present the Monitors WILL reset

If you are aiming for it, you must finish it within one Raid sitting with your team

Players can –

  • Go to Orbit and switch
  • Fireteam leaders can change
  • Booted players may return

Video Guides


Below is a list of each section as close to order as possible to help you through your Raid adventure and to maximise your loot chances

VOSIK (Phase 1)

Exotic Chest 1

  • Top of the jumping puzzle, turn left and chest is on the edge just passed the right turn to continue the Raid (No video because it’s not ‘Hidden’)

Jump Room 1

Exotic Chest 2

  • After you reach the top of the jumping puzzle – This first hidden chest can be found in the back left-hand corner of the area, just after you jump across the small rectangular containers.
  • Exotic Chest 2 Video Guide

SIVA Cluster 1

  • This is the first Cluster you can find in the Raid. After the opening but before the first proper boss battle, there is a series of platforms to a corridor to the boss. Instead of going down it, you can take some thin ledges down on the right. At the end is a walkway high up opposite on the right. Leap over, then back over again onto the higher level to get the Cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster 1 Video Guide

VOSIK (Phase 2)



  • Boots


  • It spawns on the left side of the centre, where the ads come down

Monitor 1

  • In the second Vosik encounter, find a room in the front-left corner of the arena with a fan in the roof. Jump up into the fan to find the monitor down the pipe’s path

Jump Room 2

SIVA Cluster 2

  • After battle where you defeat Vosik properly (making this the second Cluster you come across in the Raid) you’ll encounter a long corridor with a series of platforms. Halfway the path will ‘cut’ left a little. Before this is a long platform, with a pipe on the right wall. Use the pipe to leap onto the upper part of this long platform (or if you can, just leap straight onto it) then jump onto the containers ahead. The Cluster is there. If you’re struggling to see the top, throw a grenade to light the way.
  • SIVA Cluster 2 Video Guide

Exotic Chest 3

  • Make your way through this area until you reach the middle of the puzzle, and then look for a set of catwalks leading up and away from the wall. You can jump to the catwalk and follow it to a long hallway with a set of stairs at the end. Head up the steps, and into a larger room where you will need to jump onto a balcony. Once you have made it that far, walk onto the pipes towards the chest, which can be found on the left.
  • Exotic Chest 3 Video Guide

Monitor 2

  • You’ll enter a larger room. Near the top, there is a path that leads into the room with four red pillars. Before entering the hallway, jump up into the rafters (above the spinning fans) — climb the iron girders, then the pipes to reach a passage high up that leads to the next monitor.

Exotic Chest 4

  • Continue through the raid until you reach the last few metal grates before you head outside to fight the Siege Engine. At this point you should turn around and look for a long catwalk just a little above your current location. Climb up onto the catwalk and make your way across it to find this hidden chest tucked into a corner on the left.
  • Exotic Chest 4 Video Guide


  • Artefact (Dropped from SIVA CACHE CHEST)



  • Chest
  • Arms

Monitor 3

  • After you defeat the Siege Engine boss, look down at the slanted wall on the right of the Cosmodrome — when facing the Siege Engine as it falls. Look for a small SIVA Core sticking out of the wall. Shoot it, and the wall will bust open, revealing a hidden room containing one more monitor.

Cluster 3

  • When you’ve opened the Chest after the Siege Engine battle, you’ll be on some cliffs with a bridge ahead to the next area. On the right is a cavern down below, which you can drop down from the ledge to find.
  • SIVA Cluster 3 Video Guide

Exotic Chest 5

  • While running away after the Siege Engine encounter, make your way across the bridge, and turn left before heading into the cave to progress. Jump up the ledges on the side of the cliff to find a set of natural stairs that will lead you to the top of the area. At the top you can jump into a pipe, where you can find this fourth hidden chest inside the pipe.
  • Exotic Chest 5 Video Guide


  • Spawns next to the rewards chest

Server Room

SIVA Cluster 4

  • This is the last of the four Clusters in the Raid. After the Siege Engine boss, you’ll go indoors to an area named the Server Farm. As soon as you walk out the walkway, there is a platform low down on the left you can leap onto. Facing back the way you came is another ledge with the Cluster.
  • SIVA Cluster 4 Video Guide
  • EASTER EGG! Can you find Randal the Vandal? [He’s watching you, waiting..(

Cube Room

Monitor 4

Fourth monitor location (between Siege Engine and Aksis): This step is the most elaborate and requires some co-ordination to get right. In the Server Farm, go to the large room containing the giant cube surrounded by canisters. Four of the team have to stand on specific canisters. The order doesn’t matter, and if successful, a sound will play.

Now two players go back to the Server Farm’s opening maze-like area and find the monitors located on either side of the room. Taking it in turns, left then right, the players will activate their monitor and use the number that follows to work out where the other four players stand back in the canister room.

The left monitor will tell you the column (they are numbered, starting at 0) then canister row number (from each bridge, going out) using the following numbers:

0000: 0 0001: 1 0010: 2 0011: 3 0100: 4 0101: 5

AKSIS (Phase 1)

AKSIS (Phase 2)



  • Helmet
  • Class item


  • Spawns in the bottom middle

Monitor 5

The fifth and final monitor is at the start of the corridor with the Quest chest. After you face Aksis, you can drop off the edge of the arena (to the left of where you first spawn in) to find a hidden ledge leading to the corridor of lasers.

Exotic Chest 6

The following weapon drops are LOCKED until Hard Mode drops

They are listed as ‘380’ attack so safe to assume they are locked to Hard Mode

Ghost Shell listed at ‘380’ Light so safe to assume this will be locked to Hard Mode

Artefacts listed at ‘380’ Light so safe to assume these will also be locked to Hard Mode


  • The above weapons/Ghost/Artefacts are listed as ‘380’ attack so safe to assume they are locked to Hard Mode
  • There are 2 reported Challenge modes currently showing – 1 for VOSIK & 1 for AKSIS – No details on their implementation or how to complete as of yet
  • I will either amend this one or create new sheet depending on the size and scale of the changes when Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode / Challenge of the Machine drops



ALL videos taken are not of my own creation and credit where credit is due to their respective creators. I have had no hand in making the videos or require/want credit for their usage.

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