ArcheAge Abolisher Gear Guide

ArcheAge Abolisher Gear Guide by BrotherFisties

For armor you have a few options.

The Scarlet Reaper set is a good free alternative to crafted/obsi/auroria. The passives are really nice and it has a bunch of STR so it will help you hit like a truck.

These are the obisdian pieces you’d want.

These are the Auroria pieces you’d want

Any of the Auroria Tassets and Vambraces are fine. It just depends on your liking. As well you could go for the Scarlet reaper tasset/vambraces if you want more STR and don’t care about the passives.

Now onto weapons

For your main hand you will have a multitude of options. Generally you are going to want crafted or obsidian

When it comes to obisians once you hit T4 you will have two options

First you will have Hungering Blade

Second you have Nightmist

Nightmist will give you a good amount of HP when fully regraded to Celesitial/Devine/Epic, and Hungering Blade will give you higher crit damage. Both are good, it just depends on your preference.

Any Delphinad or higher sword will work in replacement if you get the opportunity to make/buy one.

For your shield, it depends on what the meta on your server is like.

For example if you have a lot of archers/melee, you will want Anticipation

If you are having trouble with mages Mystic Ward will be the better choice.


Any stage of an obsidian bow that gives STAM.

Thorned Justice has both STAM and STR and can work, but obsidian with its pure STAM is usually the preferred choice.


These dont matter as much. If it has STR and/or STAM your good.

As for jewelry, there are few options.


You will always want a T7 Halcyona Necklace as the 1000 damage absorption active is invaluable


Earth if you have trouble with mages.

Flame for more damage and evasion vs archers and melee

Lightning for more health and a little extra crit chance. If you end up going for Hungering Blade these may be the best choice.


Dream ring is a must. If you can get it past heroic, more power to you. Any other suggestions are for your second ring slot

Earth for the same reasons stated above

Flame will help give you some more attack speed reducing your global cooldowns.

Gale for more crits and defense pen so you can really melt those clothies.

Lightning for the same reasons stated above.Although if you are going for Hungering Blade you will probably want Gale instead.

Plate Stats—–Leather Stats

Chest: 1380PD +32.2 Melee——828+645=1473PD 828MD

Head: 649PD Boastful Roar +10%—-497PD 497MD +21.7 Melee

Hands: 433PD Presic +8%—–331PD 331MD +11% Crit Dmg

Legs: 1104PD 516MD——662PD 662+516=1178MD

Wrists: 256PD —- 153PD 153MD

Feet: 552+322=874PD—-331PD 331MD +Parry rate

Waist: 256PD—–153PD 153MD

Sheild Plate: 2025MD

Sheild Leather: 1380+645=2025PD

Total Plate Stats:

  • 4952PD
  • 2541MD
  • +32.2Melee
  • Boastful Roar +10%
  • Precision Strike +8%
  • After being hit by a Magic Critical Attack, consumes all stacked Mettle to restore health equal to 50% of lost Mettle. Has a 30 second cooldown.

Total Leather Stats:

  • 5625PD
  • 3471MD
  • +21.7 Melee
  • +(some percentage) Parry Rate

Leather was calculated with highest teir obsidian gear and delphinad Wrist/Waist. All at celestial

Plate was calculated with highest teir obsidian gear, Auroria helm/gauntlets, and delphinad Wrist/Waist. All at celestial

By those stats, yes Leather is superior with the configuration that the leather has the physical defense shield and the plate user is using the magic defense shield. If we are talking purely PVE, the plate wearer would have the physical defense shield and would probably have more phys defense. All in all, this was an interesting undertaking and I hope it is helpfull to anyone wanting to play a melee tank class.

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