ArcheAge Level 50 Questing Gear Guide

ArcheAge Level 50 Questing Gear Guide (Hasla/Karkasse RidgeLands) by Dazerk

Once you hit level 44 you’re able to obtain quests from Karkasse Ridgelands and Hasla, and like any other quest zone there is a set of armor and weapons you can get to help kickstart your journey at max level. Let’s get started by how you’re going to get to these zones that are so far off in the east and west continent!

You are not to grab any of the quests going through the hasla zone until you arrive at the city of Galegarden in the southwestern part of the Hasla map. Once there you will find plenty of quests – Just the the quests around Galegarden until you have these two quests: Fertilizer Delivery, and A Sensitive Issue. You can drop the Fertilizer Delivery quest and then move on to killing the three mobs for a Sensitive Issue. And remember! You can early complete most of these quests. – Deer musk quest for Upper Cloth/Leather/Plate armor. – Doe Femur quest for Bow/Shield/Lute

After the quest auto-completes, head over to Cursed Village just northwest of Galegarden. You will only find one quest in this small village, take it and kill the mobs up to early completion.
Turn it in then you’ll find that you have two more quests – To kill plagued men/women and to cleanse Crazy Men/Women (Using the rod doesn’t work on Kat, we tried)

After you complete the quests you’ll have a quest open up from Chaser Gonaro to kill 12 thugs. Simple! Just go kill the thugs and you’ll have your Nodachi/Staff/Sword! – Thug quest for Nodachi/Staff/Sword

Next we move on to Karkasse Ridgelands.. But wait!? How do we even get there?

In Hasla there is a portal to Karkasse from the city of Veroe, it’s in the northeastern part of the map. Once you arrive at Veroe there is an elevator in the center that will take you to the second and third floor. You need to ride the elevator up to the third floor and then enter the portal just like you did at Sanddeep to Karkasse.

Once you arrive at Karkasse, you can make your way to small village/encampment of Iona where you’ll have many many quests opened up for you.. Skip them all but the quest to capture a Wyrmkin Scout. Turn it in then go over to the NPC Jeyon and accept the quest to kill their Chieftan. You should get your lower armor set now. – Chieftan quest for Lower Cloth/Leather/Plate armor

Last but not least is the helm :

In Karkasse Ridgelands there is a zone called, Dragonroar Fortress. If you go along the road from Iona towards Dragonroar Fortress you’ll see an entryway guarded with Minotaur NPCs.. you need to run through this zone full of hostile NPCs until you find the friendly minotaur quest giver to kill Berserker NPCs. Finish up this quest and it’ll show on your mini-map where to turn it in – which conveniently is in the same area.

The NPC you turn in to is Elder Minotaur Rothrum whom will then give you the quest to kill Master Shaman Akam. Once you do this you should have your helmet to complete your armor set – Master Shaman quest for Cloth/Leather/Plate Helm

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