ArcheAge Hariharan Large Scarecrow Quest Guide

ArcheAge Hariharan Large Scarecrow Quest Guide by Acina

So after completing the initial life quests and receiving the plans for a small scarecrow you will also get a quest that rewards a Delphi Star Coin – this is the start of a chain of trade route quests that reward a donkey mount (30% increased movement speed while carrying a pack) and the much coveted large scarecrow.

First quest:
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So on to the fun part, sort of!

Two quick points to note, you have to make special trade packs (they have a Hariharan flag poking out of the top), these can be made a Trade Caravans that are dotted around the different maps:

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and you will need to hand them in at special merchants that are also dotted around the different maps:

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The NPC marked with the red arrow will reward Delphi Star Coins and the other NPC (yellow arrow) will reward gold coins.

1st Trade Route Quest:
Turmeric from Rainbow Fields to Falconry Plateau

So you need to make a Spice pack (1 Work order and 50 Turmeric)

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Turmeric = 심황 (for growers it is on the last page of produce seeds, and looks like a potato)

Work orders can be purchased from general goods vendors for 50 silver (they are also sold by an NPC close to the Trade Caravan.

So the route starts in Rainbow Fields (Hariharan start zone):

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and ends in Falconry Plateau (Ferres start zone):

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2nd Trade Route Quest:
Cotton from Falconry Plateau to Rainbow Fields (rewards a donkey mount)

Next you need to make a Bedding pack (1 Work order and 200 Cotton)

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Cotton = 목화 솜 (for growers it is the very first seed at the produce vendor)

The route starts in Falconry Plateau:

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and ends in Rainbow Fields:

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This rewards the donkey mount and I would suggest that you take the time to grow it ready for the next quest in the chain

3rd Trade Route Quest:
Stone from Tiger Spine Mountains to Ostera

Next you need to make a Brick pack (1 Work order and 30 Stone)

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Stone Bricks = 석재 (refined from Rock – 암석 at a rate of 3 to 1)

The route starts in Tiger Spine Mountains:

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and ends at Ostera Port:

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This is the longest over ground route you will have to do and even though you now have a donkey mount it is far easier to use the taxi service – it starts just over the road to the west of the crafting station and you need to change at Hariharan City!

4th Trade Route Quest:
Bananas from Mahadevi to Solzreed (rewards the large scarecrow)

Next you need to make a Fruit pack (1 Work order and 15 Bananas)

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Banana = 바나나 (can be grown on a banana tree, but it is far simpler and fairly cheap to purchase from the AH)

The route starts in Mahadevi:

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and ends at Cresent Throne Port in Solzreed (Western/Nuian Continent):

Posted Image

This one is best attempted in a decent size group (with an armed escort if you can) the trade point is generally camped by pirates and members of the Nuian faction, also you will have had to survive the boat trip over as well.

Point to note you don’t actually have to hand this pack in to get the scarecrow reward, you just have to get to the landmass where the hand in is!

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