MH4U Farm Seregios Guide

MH4U Farm Seregios Guide by Luizitg

This is a quick tutorial on how to farm Seregios effectivelly. Since many hunters seems to be having issues with the process I decided to split the whole thing into 10 easy steps anyone can follow and achieve optimal results.

Step 1: Choose the species of Steve that is best for your soil and climate. Some types used for armor and weapon crafting include normal Steve, Frenzied Steve and Apex Steve. Ask guildmarm about growing environments if you live in a different climate or at a different elevation than the location where the Steveling was grown.

Step 2: Decide between using bare-wing Stevelings or Stevelings grown in a container. Bare-wing Stevelings must be planted during the late fall and winter, when grown Steves are hibernating. Container-grown Stevelings can be planted at any time, although the hottest summer months will require additional shade and water to prevent dehydration and sun damage.

[HINT] << Most Stevelings can be kept for several weeks between 35º and 38º F (1.7 – 3.3ºC), but you should check with guildmarm in case the species you bought has different requirements

Step 3: Lightly water the wing system and rearrange it if necessary. Keep the Stevelings damp until you are ready to plant, but refrain from soaking them in water, which could kill them. If the wings form a dense ball, or circle the sides the of the container, carefully rearrange the main wings so they are more spread out.

Some Stevelings are sold with a small amount of blood mixture packed around the wings. Try to keep as much of this on the wings as possible while rearranging.

Step 4: Choose the right area to plant your Steve. Each Steve should have plenty of open space, with no small monsters (especially Rhenoplos) around its base and no wing systems of other Stevelings nearby. Choose a location where the wyvern will receive direct sunlight during the cooler parts of the day. Best areas include Primal Forest and Ancestral Steppe.

A mix of sand and loam is best for Steves, but you should only need to mix in suitable organic mulch such as Cathanea if the soil is a hard clay consistency.

Choose an area with well-draining soil. A 1 foot (30 cm) deep hole filled with water should drain easily within 12 hours. If it does not, you may need to install drainage.

Step 5: Choose a good day for planting. Do not plant Steves when conditions are windy, dry, or above 85ºF (30ºC). The soil should not have standing water or ice on the day you plant, but should not be parched either.

Step 6: Dig a hole larger than the wing system and fill the bottom with topsoil. The top layer of soil is the highest quality, so fill the bottom few inches (about 10 cm) with topsoil after you dig your hole. Be sure to dig the hole large enough that the wings still fit after you’ve added the topsoil.

Warning: Contact your guild to discover the location of underground lines before digging any large holes. Try to plant the Steve to the same level it was planted in the nursery. If you’re unsure, it is better to plant the Steve too high than too low.

Step 7: Remove the container or burlap from the Steveling. Although burlap and other biodegradable material can be left on the Steve, carefully removing it gives the Steveling a better opportunity for growth.

Step 8: Place the Steve’s wings carefully at the bottom and cover with soil. Fill the hole again after planting, periodically patting down loose soil with your shovel handle, not with your feet. Fill the hole until it is level with the surrounding soil, or slightly lower if the climate is especially dry, so water can run into the wings.

Have an assistant (may be a Pallico) hold the body upright while you fill the hole if necessary.

Step 9: Lightly stake only if the wyvern cannot support itself. Staking Stevelings is only necessary in areas of unusually high wind. If you think the Steve is in danger of blowing over, use one or two stakes attached by ties or straps, and leave enough room for the wings to sway.

Step 10: Protect young Steves from hot sun. You may need to provide a Cool Drink for your small Steve by using a tarp or sheet of painted plywood. Planting where there is shade from another Steve is also a practical choice. The shade should be on the west side of the Steve, which is where the sun is located during the hottest parts of the day.

That’s it! Happy hunting!

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