MH4U Expeditions Guide

MH4U Expeditions Guide by InanimateDream

Summary: This is a guide to very easily cheese through expeditions and allows you to clear out all 5 monsters with minimal effort. I have been doing this for all my expeditions and it has allowed me to quickly clear out monsters while having a great laugh, so I thought it’d be nice to share.

Step 1. Equip the weapon you’re most proficient with – bonus points if it has natural purple sharpness or is a Seregios weapon.

Step 2. Use Athena’s Armor Set Searcher to create an armor set with the following skills:

  • Adrenaline + 2
  • Fortify
  • Challenger + 2
  • 1 or 2 skills of personal choice, depending on weapon and the charms you have. I would recommend razor sharp if you’re using Seregios hammer (like me), or focus and the like for weapons which require charging.

Step 3. EAT FOR FELYNE FOODIE. This is extremely important. Please do not miss this step. The food combination is dairy + dairy.

Step 4. Head out on expedition of choice. Remember your powercharms and talons.


Hunt the monster as per normal, but do not bother healing up. Abuse adrenaline+2 as much as possible. Hell, kick your felyne companions if they are blowing a health flute that will bring you out of adrenaline+2 range.

If you get yourself carted in the process, proceed to run back to the area and unleash hell upon the monster with your increased attack thanks to fortify. Carting once gives a 1.1x attack boost, carting twice makes it 1.2x. There’s a defense boost somewhere in there too that very likely will push your def up to around the high 900 to low 1000s (if you’re a blademaster), but unfortunately won’t help much if you’re a gunner.

Now at this point, if you have already carted twice and managed to get yourself into adrenaline+2 range with challenger active, you’re likely sitting at somewhere around 500 true raw.

This is more than enough to completely staggerlock and utterly destroy expedition monsters with attacks that have powerful motion values (like Hammer/GS), and you can easily breeze through them while feeling like a (somewhat squishy) god.

And don’t worry about carting again after the second cart – Foodie regenerates your health and stamina back to 150 after every cart regardless of their previous values, and if you’re a blademaster, you can comfortably take one attack to the face even at adrenaline+2 range and still survive.

With this setup, it’s possible to do stupid things like killing monsters within a minute (things like Rathian and Hermitaurs get smashed by hammers, and monsters like basarios/gravios don’t survive long when you have a 500 true raw bowgun forcefully making it a pincushion)

Have fun grinding expeditions for caravan points, and enjoy your stress free hunts! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a double Savage Jho to decimate.

TL;DR version:

Make armor with challenger+2, adrenaline+2, fortify. Throw yourself at the monsters in expeditions and intentionally cart. Enjoy button mashing to victory.

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