World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes Guide

World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes Guide by Fattierob

How to minimize torpedo damage, a short guide:

Remember the phrase “ABC” to minimize damage:

  • Always
  • Be
  • Cross (Perpendicular)

How to minimize torpedo damage, a longer guide:

Torpedoes are the deadliest weapons at close range and can easily turn the tide of an engagement if used correctly. However I’ve seen plenty of players unable to dodge torpedoes they should be able to dodge because of poor planning, lack of situational awareness, or a confusion on what to do. So let’s think about this – Torpedoes work on surface area, the more area of your ship that is exposed to the enemy ship the more damage a torpedo salvo can do. Therefore the best way to minimize damage from an enemy torpedo spread is to point your bow or aft at their ship (or at the center of the plane wave). By doing so you are minimizing your surface area to the immediate threat and minimizing the damage from a torpedo salvo.
Which end to point at your enemy is also important: If you point your bow at the enemy, you are declaring an intent to engage and you will need to destroy them quickly because they might attempt to get parallel to you by turning into you as well. Only do this if you are sure you can kill him before he can launch torpedoes otherwise the close . If you point your aft at the enemy you force them to either attempt to catch up to you under fire or fire a torpedo salvo at your rear that is easy to dodge

But then I can’t point all my guns at them!

Destroyers don’t have much health and whatever guns you can swing onto it can normally deal enough damage to blow it up fast anyway. NEVER GO PARALLEL to a destroyer unless you want to eat every torpedo it has ready to launch. Even if they are going the ‘opposite’ direction you are and are “only going parallel for a short time” – NEVER DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THEY ARE STILL RELOADING THEIR TORPEDOES. When in doubt, assume the worst.

But I can’t turn as fast as they can!

Which is why you need to plan ahead on what you are going to do. You see that smoke screen to your left? Always assume their are 5 destroyers in it waiting for an unlucky cruiser or battleship to drift by. NEVER GO PARALLEL TO A SMOKE SCREEN. It’s the best way to suddenly see fish in the water about 10 meters off the side of your ship and far too late to turn to deal with it. Also try to keep your maneuverability options open – stay away from keeping an island to one side of your ship, for example. If you can’t turn left/right for a period of time because you’ll hit rock you are a much easier target for torpedoes.

What about if their is more then one coming at me?

This is the hard part where you need to quickly analyse the situation. Let’s say you have a destroyer 5 km to your 11 o’ clock that is pointed at you a bomber wave at 4 km coming in from 3 o’ clock. The best option here is turn INTO the bomber wave and AWAY from the destroyer (so trying to point your nose at the at the bomber wave). This is because the bomber wave is more agile than the destroyer and thus can easily maximize its ability to hit your sides. Also, this way you are moving away from the destroyer which has to spend time catching up to you and either fire torpedoes at your aft (a low damaging situation) or attempt to catch up and fire into your sides at a shallow angle (also a low damage situation that risks the destroyer)

In conclusion, the best way to deal with torpedeos is to be alert, plan ahead, and always be perpendicular to the threat.

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