World of Warships Fubuki Tips

World of Warships Fubuki Tips by burning_gl0w

The Fubuki isn’t a scout, it’s a destroyer of worlds. Treat her with care and she can net you some fantastic rewards. Here’s some stuff from my notes.


  • It’s not the most maneuverable ship, but it’s still pretty good at wiggling it’s way around shells. Practice using the right mouse button to look around, and prioritize dodging whilst in battle.
  • Even without the awareness skill, you can find places where you know you can’t be spotted, but don’t get too far away from the action.
  • Buddying up with another DD can provide great opportunities for concentrated torpedo volleys. Just wait to see how he’s launching and aim accordingly.
  • Follow the friendly planes and stay safely in scouted areas until the threats are mostly gone or you are forced to act.
  • Be aware of what the enemy CV is doing whenever possible. Avoid their fighters, and kindly ask your CV to help kill fighters if you need it.
  • Take note of allies with good AA, such as US Cruisers. CVs tend to avoid them, so you can use them as a bubble of protection, or as a bail out plan when you get permaspotted by fighters.


  • Look for fleets in formation and cycle through multiple targets to find the sweet spot.
  • You don’t necessarily want them all to hit the same target in the early game. Opening a few ships up early can force them to retreat and make it much easier for your flotilla to finish them off for the win.
  • Triple launchers are great and can force people into your shots. Shoot one launcher slightly ahead of the target and the other two slightly behind.
  • If there’s a plane between you and your target, don’t even bother launching, find a better angle first. Same with enemy DDs.
  • Avoid random torps, except right at the start of the match for crowd control.
  • Pretty much always use the narrow spread on the 15km torps.


  • Use the guns! You can shoot them at long range and stay invisible.
  • If you’re spotted, might as well let them loose while running away if going through smoke or you can kill the only ship spotting you pretty quickly.
  • Two rear gun turrets are great for firing while retreating. Use them in combination with smoke to make the most of your invisibility.
  • Your guns have a pretty high chance of fire so try to use them when you know the fire will burn a while. After the BB repairs flooding, or if secure, fire before the torps get there so they might get stuck with flooding instead.
  • You can still outgun some US DDs at medium to long range. The guns fire pretty high velocity shells making you more likely to hit than the enemy.

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