FIFA 15 433(5) False 9 Formation Guide

FIFA 15 433(5) False 9 Formation Guide by Get_Piccolo

With the Birthday cup currently out I thought I’d drop this guide now. Since it’s release I’ve won 6 of the tournaments using this formation and it’s what I run in Division one. My overall record is 750+ wins and around 140 losses but my record with the false 9 is a lot better.

The main strengths of this formation are that it’s great for keeping possession and controlling games and very effective if you like to incorporate a tika tika approach. The natural angles the formation offers is great for playing triangles which makes moving around the ball very easy. Defensively it’s very solid as you have a standard back four with one CDM actign as a shield and then two narrow(ish) CM’s that makes it very difficult to play through. However on attack it’s a very wide formation and the wingers really stretch your opponents back line which is great for creating space. The formation works really well for players who don’t like to play chipped through balls/crosses or rely on pace abusing with ‘get in behind’ strikers. IMO it’s the most consistent formation to have success with, pretty much every game you should be able to dominate. Personally I try and average 90% pass accuracy and 65% possession per game but if you aim for 85% and 60% you are on the right track.

General Tips for this formation

-Learn how to pass. You want your passes to be quick and accurate, to do that you want to pass the way you are facing with a good amount of power. Passing whilst in full sprint, off balance or in the opposite direction you are facing is what causes slow inaccurate balls. The other point here is not to look to play the obvious passes all the time, sometimes you can make more progress from going back and then going forward again. Don’t spam one two’s either, they can be useful but they are predictable and you want to allow your player to naturally use their positioning.

-Flair passing. Learn how to incorporate this into your passing game. It’s very hard to read and predict and allows you to move the ball very quick in the opposite direction to what you are facing. Highly effective when you are running at your opponents defense, play a back heel ball to a midfielder behind you and then allow them to play a forward ball in to another team mate.

-Always be two steps ahead. In your head you want to be planning at least two passes ahead at all times, this makes your combo play extremely quick and difficult to stop. To best utilize this you’ll want to change your camera setting to a zoomed out view that allows you to see as most of the field as possible. This allows to have a greater field of vision and spot runs and gaps in the defense a lot easier.

-Be unpredictable. The easiest opponents to play against are the ones that you can predict there every move, you want to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s mentally tiring playing against someone you can’t predict and this leads to more mistakes against you. you should always be looking to dictate the pace of the game, know when to slow things down and when to hit fast one touch attacking play.

-Be patient. Don’t try and force and rush plays, don’t be scared to keep a hold of the ball for a while and try and bait your opponent out. Have patience with your play style as well, don’t abandon ship if you go a goal or two down and resort to launching long balls or sprinting around everywhere. For long term success it’s better to take a few losses early doors whilst working on incorporating certain things into your game and trying to achieve a consistent play style.

-Learn skill moves. You don’t have to be FifaRalle putting together huge skill chain runs but mastering things like ball rolls (+dragback), body feints, step-overs, roulettes and the spin are all great for creating space particular cutting in with your wingers.

First time fake shot. Highly effective this year, can be used in midfield to create half a yard of space but it’s most powerful use is when receiving the ball just in front of an opponents defender. A variation on this is to receive the ball with your back to goal, and then use a standing scoop turn. Both extremely good to use with your CF for creating simple chances.

Building a Team


There are no real standout keepers this year for me, I’d go for whichever makes the least mistakes for you and/or tall keepers with the long throw trait.


Fullbacks provide additional width for your side whilst on the attack and are vital for nullifying the threat of your opponents wingers. Pace is important here (75+) but you also want someone who is comfortable on the ball and with good standing tackling and interceptions.

Preferred Workrates: H/M, H/H

Examples: Alaba, Marcelo, Alba, Aurier, Zabaleta, Piszczek, Clichy, Carvajal, Bernat


The Destroyer-This is your no nonsense CB, his job is purely to defend. Physically you want tall and strong, someone who can win headers and defend those high through balls. Marking, tackling and interceptions are important stats to look out for here as well.

Preferred Workrates: M/H, L/H, M/M

Examples: Kompany, Barzagli, Chiellini, Boateng, Pepe, Godin, Otamendi, Thiago Silva

Aggresive/Ball playing CB-These are the guys that are more aggressive in terms of intercepting and winning the ball early and who also look to carry the ball from defence to launch attacks.

Preferred Workrates: H/H, H/M, M/M

Examples: Naldo, Luiz, Hummels, Ramos, Pique

Ideally I like to use one of each, but if you are worried about your CB being out of position or not a confident defender two destroyer types works well. I’d never play two aggressive CB’s as you will leave yourself a bit too exposed.

Central Midfielders

Pairings: The key here is to get the right balance. I always like to have one H/M in my midfield pairing, the other I tend to go for either a M/M or H/H depending on the team although two H/M can be very effective as well. Two H/H can sound appealing but it can become extremely hectic and can leave too many gaps to play consistent, on the other hand M/M can be too pedestrian although this combo is very useful if you prefer slow build up play


This is my personal favorite of the CM options for this formation. They get back enough to help on defense and they push forward and make runs in behind your CF. Because your CF occupies the space just infront of your opponents CB there is always the temptation to try and jump in front of him and intercept passes or to simply get tight to him which creates the space for your CM to exploit. It’s very difficult to mark and read these runs from deep and they are very effective when combined with quick one touch combos. I always try and get 4WF and 4SM if possible.

Examples: Modric, Iniesta, De Bruyne, Eriksen, Pogba, Kagawa, Coutinho, Gundogan


This is a more balanced version of the H/M midfielder. They are very useful for controlling the game and dictating play. They will still push up to join attacks but at a slower rate and they will be looking to play off your CF rather than get in behind too often. They will act more like playmakers so you want someone who can create and because they’ll often find themselves hanging around just outisde the box good longshots is always a plus.

Examples :Gotze, Yaya, James, Kroos, Sneijder, Hernanes, Moutinho, Rakitic, Xavi.


These are your traditional box to box players. They will look to get break forward and get back on defense extremely quickly, they cover a lot of ground and are always in your opponents face. The sacrifice you pay for this is you lose some for of control, i.e. the players are not always where you ideally want them and your players tire quicker (requires good stamina). They will offer you more protection defensively than H/M and M/M players and tend to have more well rounded stats.

Examples : Di maria, Lahm, Vidal, Ramsey, Marchisio, Schweinsteiger, Nainggolan, Matuidi.

Notable exceptions that don’t fit into these categories but can still work: Isco, IF/SIF David Silva and Pirlo.


Inverted wingers: These are your guys who operate on the opposite side of their preferred foot and are constantly looking to cut inside on their strong side. These players will be a large source of your goals so you want them to be quick with good dribbling and shooting stats. 4* SM should be minimum here as well as you will often have to beat a defender whilst dribbling inside.

Examples: Ronaldo, Neymar, Bale, Robben, Reus, Ribery, Hazard, Lavezzi, Hulk, Depay, Pedro

Traditional wingers: Wide men that play on their strong side, they tend to stretch the game more as they are usually stronger going and beating the fullback on the outside. They are less of a threat in terms of goals as they will be cutting into their weak side but because of how strong the near post power shot is they can still be very useful in this formation.

Examples: Candreva, Sanchez, Cuadrado, Navas, Lucas, Nani, Mirallas, Griezmann, Silva


The most important player in the side and the player you should be looking to build the team around. He will drop of the oppositions CB’s and occupy the space between where a CAM and ST would play making him very difficult to mark. His job is to link up play, hold up the ball and create chances for the runners around him whilst possessing a goal threat himself.

You have two main options here for what type of CF to use, either a converted midfielder moved up to CF or a forward moved back. It comes down to whether you want your CF to have an more of an emphasis on creating goals for others or to be more of a source of goals himself.

Personally I prefer to run a forward as my CF as I think it provides the most variation and threat in games.

Best Workrates for the CF: H/M, M/M, M/L, H/H

Good examples of midfielders to play CF: De Bruyne, Totti, Kroos, Gotze, SIF Cazorla, Eriksen, Sneijder (basically most of the players that could work at CM for this formation discussed earlier)

Good examples of forwards to play CF: Messi, Suarez, Benzema, Rooney, Jovetic, RVP, Ibra, Tevez, IF Sanchez, Villa, TIF Griezmann

My Current Squads




Player Instructions

LB/RB: Balanced

CB: Stay back

CDM: Stay back

CM: Balanced

CF: Stay Central

LW/RW: Stay Forward, Get in behind, Cut Inside, Get into box for crosses

Custom Tactics

I play very quick and aggressive. Lots of short, incisive passes with the emphasis on manipulating the ball around the pitch in a way that makes it very hard to predict and stop. To reflect this my custom tactics are based around speed and movement and defensively looking to press and win back the ball as soon as possible.

Build Up

Speed 75

Passing 30

Chance Creation

Passing 72

Crossing 25

Shooting 72

Free Form


Pressure 70

Aggression 80

Team Width 48


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