FIFA 16 How To Get Better Guide

FIFA 16 How To Get Better Guide by kcbh98

While this Fifa makes me incredibly angry because it’s full of randomness and broken mechanics, I, like many of you, continue to play because I love the beautiful game, and love Fifa. That being said, I constantly see threads asking for help with this game. I am far from the best player on the planet, but I’m currently sitting at about a 70% win ratio (251-60-51)with 9 D1 titles and 6 draft wins out of 8 attempts so I think I can teach those who are struggling a thing or two. As angry as this game makes me, I can imagine how much more infuriating it would be if I was constantly losing games. So, this post is to help those of you are struggling. Let’s start the list!

1) Try to speed up your game.

This is the biggest thing I can recommend. A lot of the times I see lower division gameplay, the first thing I notice is how much slower the game looks compared to what I am used to. I notice a lot of “lollygagging” in the midfield, and general indecisiveness. It is important to get the ball forward as quickly as possible in Fifa 16, because with high pressure being as overpowered as it is, losing the ball in midfield due to being too slow is suicide. Now, obviously there are those who are possession masterminds that have great success with a slow paced game, but this playstyle is incredibly difficult to master, and I feel that learning how to attack quickly and efficiently is easier to learn, and is just as effective when mastered. The way one can speed up their playstyle is by changing custom tactics, specifically setting “Buildup Play: Speed” to about 75-80. You can also learn to utilize the driven pass, which should be used for passes over 15 yards and passes where the defender is close by. Through balls are spotty in this game due to how often they go straight through to the keeper, but they are extremely effective when directed down the wing, and crucial for counter attacks.

2) L2/LT is your best friend

This is sooooooooo important. For those of you who don’t know, L2/LT is used to shield the ball and perform close control dribbling. I probably press L2 95% of the time I receive a non through ball pass. Players will still have randomly terrible touches, but holding L2/LT helps almost all of the time. L2/LT is absoutely crucial when using the driven pass; if you don’t use it, your player has no chance of controlling the ball. In terms of face up dribbling with L2, use it when the defender is close to you to keep the ball close to your player’s foot, move opposite the direction you want to go, then let go of L2 and sprint in the direction you want to go. I use this burst of speed to get past many of my Division 1 opponents.

Edit: Someone pointed out to me I should clarify that you need to let go of L2 when you pass the ball, or else your player will do a weak flair pass.

3) Learn to defend manually with your CMs, CDMs, and Fullbacks.

The week after the latest patch was a rough one for me. I was conceding 2.5-3 goals per game, and I didn’t know why until someone told me that teammate contain (R1/RB) had been nerfed. I was very reliant on this, and had to learn to defend without it. I quickly became very good at jockeying manually. Jockeying is performed by holding L2/LT, and it makes your player get in a low defensive stance, ready to tackle. It is extremely important to master this, because it makes manual tackling with O/B much easier. Something I do a lot that works for me is jockeying the ball carrier at a distance, then quickly sprinting to cut off a passing lane. Defending is all about reading your opponent and understanding what he wants to do, and where he wants to go. Try to see where his dangerous attackers are and cut off passing lanes to them, because that’s where he wants the ball to go.

4) Learn basic skill moves and no-touch dribbling.

These add an entire new dimension to your game, and make you an unpredictable player that frustrates his opponents. Unless you are insanely good at it, doing nothing but passing and moving will only get you so far in this game. It is important to be able to beat players off the dribble to create space for a shot. However, I’m not going to sit here and write about how to do each skill move I find effective because it’s better to see the scenarios where they work best. I’m going to link a few YouTube clips/videos of the dribbling skills I believe to be the most effective:

AHugeGorilla: LB Speed Boost

DirtyMike: Stop and Turn (McGeady/Berba Spin) Tutorial

Ovvy: Ball Roll Tutorial

Krasi: 4* Spin Tutorial

Hektic_Jukez: No Touch Dribbling Example

5) When you are away from your console or just don’t feel like playing and you have some free time, watch pro streamers.

This helps so much with reading the game. Close the chat window, maybe even turn the sound off, and just watch the gameplay. Notice the things they do that bring them success over and over, because those are the things you should try to add into your game. Notice the way they bait people into giving them the ball back on defense, and observe the passes they make to cut defenses apart. The streamers I personally recommend are Hektic_Jukez, InceptionXx, AHugeGorilla, and BizorFifa.

6) Do not misunderstand point #5. Observe the streamers and learn from them, but DO NOT try to copy them exactly.

This one is extremely important. The other day, I saw a guy @ Hektic Jukez on Twitter saying something along the lines of “What’s wrong with your guide? I did everything in it but I can’t win in Division 8!” Using the same tactics, instructions, teams, etc. as a pro player doesn’t make you as good as them. It is very important to find what works for you. I tried using Jukez 41212(2) guide, and it really just didn’t click for me. Back in October, I switched formations and made a team more suited to my playstyle, and instantly won D1 3 times in a row after barely holding for 5 straight seasons. I found success because I used a combination of both the things I learned from the pros, and the things that work for me.

7) If you struggle with finishing, play the advanced shooting skill game.

This helped me so much when I first discovered it back in Fifa 15. I had been dominating my opponents, but couldn’t win because I couldn’t finish. I decided I wouldn’t play any matches until I beat the challenge, and when I did, I started to win consistently because I was taking my chances. If you are someone that has the same problem, play this skill game until you can get at least a B grade consistently. Trust me, it works wonders.

8) If you care about your record and are sick of losing, make a new account or play H2H seasons/Pro Clubs to improve and relax from FUT while still getting better, or to test out new formations/tactics.

Whenever I want to test out a formation, custom tactics, or even a player, I play H2H seasons, because I’m not as concerned about my record as I am on FUT. The best way to get better at Fifa is just to keep playing matches, and you’ll not only discover what works for you, but you’ll play more relaxed when you’re not stressing about your record.

That’s all I have for now, I hope I was helpful. If you think I missed anything, if you have any questions, or if you need clarification on anything, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you.

Thanks for reading!

TL;DR: Read what’s in bold

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