Summoners War New Player’s Tips

Summoners War New Player’s Tips by FateJace

This is intended for the players that have just joined the game, I will be listing down some of the tips that I think would have helped me a lot if I knew them since I started this game. Also, if you have additional tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

  1. The unit tier list by Cydia and the Runes guide are exceptionally useful.
  2. The first 4 summons (Fairy, Hellhound, Vagabond and Garuda) are fixed, everybody gets them, only Vagabond is “sort of” useless, the other perform very well and can possibly carry you to mid-late game with good runes.
  3. It is very unlikely for you to get 3* from Unknown scroll, it is also very unlikely for you to get a 4* or 5* from Mystical scroll
  4. Don’t fret if you don’t get good summons, a good number of awakened 2* or 3* monsters are strong enough for you to get through most part of the game.
  5. Your First Aim! Get a monster to 5* with good runes, preferably one that is able to solo Normal Faimon Volcano 1. That will help you to gain experience for other monsters quickly later in game. An early 5* also aids you A LOT in Arena. NOTE Do have at least a full team of four stars. It will be VERY hard for you if you were to feed all your useful four stars just to make one 5* monster.
  6. Crystals yes, I would recommend get your first 75 Crystal summon. A super early 3* summon helps you a lot in game.
  7. The best use of crystal for BEGINNERS is to get the premium pack (750 Crystals) for the 11 mystical scrolls and other goodies. If you are not as patient, go for the 225 Crystals at least.
  8. Get free crystals by downloading some advertised games/checking event button (left side of the screen) or sending Facebook invitation to friends. Finishing all daily missions net you a total of 10 Crystals per day. The NPC rival in Arena gives you 2 Crystals per win too.
  9. Runes are very important! They are like weapons/armors of other RPGs. Don’t over spend on runes during early game; just like any other RPGs, equipments get changed quickly as you progress through early game. Aim for +3 on the lousy runes and complete Rune sets for the bonus regardless.
  10. Evolving (raising stars) can be done to ANY monster in game, to evolve, you need to hit the MAX level of the (X) Star monster that you want to evolve and sacrifice (X) number of the (X) stars monster to evolve it. Eg, to evolve a 3 star Lulu, raise it to the max level, sacrifice 3 other 3* monsters (Not necessary Lulu, Do not need to be max levelled)
  11. Awakening is VERY IMPORTANT and frustrating at the same time since the Elemental essence only comes ONCE A WEEK. I highly recommend players to farm B2/B3 Halls of (elements) everyday early game so you get to awaken your monster quick. Awakening powers up your monster by A LOT and some even gain their crucial skills.
  12. Get friends! Add other people, don’t just keep shouting ADD ME in chats, it’s annoying. You might get lucky and find some secret dungeon while farming your Halls of (elements) pay attention to the people that say add me, filter them, add the high level ones, they will help you a lot with your progress.
  13. Pester your IRL friends to play the game and join the community, with more friends you get more people to communicate with and the game will be a lot more fun!
  14. Participate in Reddit, don’t just simply browse, Comment, Thumb up, Ask Questions or even try to answer some to help other people. Help this community to grow. The game will be more generous with event and rewards as the community grows.
  15. Your Arena Invitation and Energy gets a free refill every time you level up! If you find yourself with a lot of energy and almost levelling, go for the Secret Dungeons! (ZenWong)
  16. Don’t waste the Arena Invitations!! Losing Arena Matches earn you glory points too! (ZenWong)
  17. Glory Points can be used to purchased a lot of useful buildings/devilmons/scrolls that will aid you a lot in game. Check the LINK ABOVE, there’s a thread that talks about glory point usage.
  18. Level your angelmons to max level and awaken them before feeding for the best result! (DragonRU)
  19. The refresh button on the Arena screen becomes available after 2 minutes of waiting on the Arena screen. If you scroll through the 10 people available to fight and none of them are acceptable to you just WAIT. Once the refresh button becomes available tap it and 10 new people will show up. (TytalusWarden)
  20. Mana stones come by slowly early in game, use them sparingly. Your priorities in the early game should be
  • Buy Mystical Scroll from the shop (120k~) SO have some mana in the stash!
  • Summoning Mystical Scrolls that you get, Unknown scrolls can wait
  • Getting your first good monster (Water Howl / Wind Yeti/ Wind Pixie) in shop, they help you a long way.
  • New buildings (Not Fusion Hexagram, that’s late game building)
  • Levelling your 1/2* runes to +3, 3/4* runes to +9
  • Power Up/Skill Up your monster
  • Purchasing mobs from shop for skill ups
  • Purchasing mediocre (3/4*) Runes from Shop

NOTE: This is meant for beginners only, the priorities change when you advance to mid-late game.

More Tips by akiivah

I just thought I would add some comments for new players. Note I finish in conq each week as I don’t have time to get up to Guardian (I have all the monsters to do it but no time) So just my two cents here as a long time player. I have 11 nat 5s, every nat 4 (except 2) so I have had time to experiment with so many monsters.

Like everyone I would agree that Shannon, roaq (fire inu), ramagos and Bernard should be gotten right away.

Shannon is the most versatile support (other than she doesn’t heal) and can be used everywhere, even AO when you are just starting out. Bernard – amazing, though you will need decent runes for him to shine, He is unreal at 6 stars with 200+ spd etc. (that is a long way off) ramagos – just a beast – he is amazing at the start and end game – CAUTION he is virtually useless mid-game (perhaps could be a farmer) and shines again late game with amazing runes. In fact he is more powerful when fully runed than many nat 5s.

My advice is work with what you have – many people will tell you certain monsters are crap – that is not true – there may be better monsters but since you have no idea when you will pull a chloe, tyron, zaiross etc…. many “lower” tier monsters can be great.

don’t get caught up with other monsters you don’t have as even some of the best monsters don’t shine until late game – looking at you verde.

The light trio – Ahman (light beaman), belladeon (light inu) and Darion (light vagabond) all rock. BUT – unless you have great runes I wouldn’t bother with them for AD just yet. I see many ahman just sitting there on AD with low resistance and not enough HP – these are basically just pilons. Darion is gret but only when runed. The exception in my opinion is bella – in additiona to Roaq the fire inu – these two can really get you on your way.

Bella is a beast everywhere and will make your life much easier. Also, the rune requirements are easy (just use your best, focus, energy, swift whatever and she will work just fine for now)

Ahman once leveled up and 100% crit can be very useful as you progress in toa and dungeons.

Check out the other guides and use the search here in reditt to find more. Many 3 star units works very well.

My final point – you shouldn’t need to ask (who to 6 star or who to make on AD? – that just shows you are struggling to understand your own monsters. I will boil it down to three main styles (there are more of course) 1) Speed – try to be fast, use a buffer (bella, Bernard, megan) kill other team quickly. You need fast monsters to look at their base speeds. 2) tank – typically not viable for new players as you don’t have the runes or monsters but basically you want HP and defense monsters that can live, do some damage and hope your towers finish them off on AD (Ramagos, yetis, vagabonds etc) 3) rezzers – probably not viable but if you have a monster that can revive (michelle, briand etc…) this is viable – as you progress this becomes a more viable strategy.

For all teams I recommend a healer at the start – even your fairy will do.

Last comment – runes are what make the difference in monsters. Levelling and max skills help a lot – but runes are the difference maker. Make sure your AD and AO monsters are runed as best as you can. Even crappy energy runes or fatal runes at the beginning help a lot. Don’t worry so much about sets at the beginning just get and use what you have. They will be replaced so my rule of thumb is NEVER upgrade a rune further than 3 * its stars. i.e. a 3 star rune should not be raised past lvl 9, by then you will have higher tier runes to use.

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