Hearthstone Paladin Buffadin Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Paladin Buffadin Legendary Deck by lucaspb

This decklist: http://imgur.com/4XxXeb2 The proof: http://imgur.com/8MPqUfT http://imgur.com/DMuAw1f

Rank 5 to Legend Winrate (63% overall): http://imgur.com/gMOfqQd

First I would like to say that this deck is not entirely original. I got here on reddit (or somewhere else that I dont remember) and changed a few things (that improved my winrate).

Also I would like to share this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gduSA6AuWpI

This video has some interesting ideas that really improved my gameplay. Every time I tried to get to legend i always kept changing decks and felt very angry when I lost to bad match-ups.

Now about the deck:

Something I realized about this deck, despite being the first time I tracked my matches using hearthtracker, is that I got a fairly good win ratio, specially against aggros (hunter and zoos), while still managing to have a decent winrate against control decks. The weakest spot, though, are handlocks. Hardly winnable, at least for me. The video helped me to remain calm, as I knew it was a poor matchup and I would probably lose.

For those who want some instructions on how to play it, there you go:

General play guide:

vs hunter, zoos and paladins: Search for consecration, coghammer and minibots. Also, if you get muster or egg you should keep it, specially to buff it with blessing of might. Aggros in general are using almost 0 silences, and even if you get to bait one of them your tirion will be ready to roll over them once you survive to the turn 8. Also, don`t be afraid to kill your nerubian eggs with scarlet, because you need early board presence to survive until you use guardian of kings or the beautiful Lay on Hands which will save you A LOT

vs Control Warrior: I had around 50/50 win in this matchup, and I discovered that buffing eggs and divine shield can be really painful to them, and as they only have 1 or zero silences, if they use it your tirion will not be silenced. Don`t control the board too much, cuz CW is CW. Kill him in the middle game

vs Handlock:

Don`t expect to win this one. You are slower than the other aggros, and by the time you have board presence they will throw twilight drakes and mountain giants, and when you clear those you will need 2-3 turns to go lethal and he will molten you.


Don`t use this deck if the meta is towards Handlock or CW, but use it to get rid of those new XiXo aggros and boring hunters, while still being a relatively fast deck to be played with not so long matches as you would have with control decks.

At last, I would like to thank Jotto for the video and the person who first posted the former deck

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