Hearthstone Druid Ramp/Roar Deck Guide

Hearthstone Druid Ramp/Roar Deck Guide by TrainerDusk

Hi guys and girls. I’m Nick, but online I go by TrainerDusk. I recently started a youtube series about netdecking and some users asked for a written guide in parallel to the video portion of my guides.

For those of you who are interested, here is the video guide:

Youtube link to video guide.

It is roughly 17 minutes long and contains the function of every card in the deck, how the cards interact with one another, how to mulligan properly, high level ranked gameplay of the deck in action and a quick concise guide on how to successfully counter the druid deck with a popular decks on the ladder. I am waiting on a better microphone, so I apologise in advance for the rather variable audio quality. I cleaned it up the best I could.

A Ramp/Roar Druid Deck : Why wait to play the late game cards?

The Decklist shown in the video:

Hearthhead Imgur

The functions of each card and notable interactions:

NOTE: If two cards work well together, I will only mention it once, the first time it comes up.

Innervate (x2) – Use it to get out 4 drops early, like Chillwing Yeti or Keeper of the Grove for a strong board. Innervate into nourish is strong vs decks that don’t play many minions early.

Mark of the Wild (x2) – Combo with BGH or Black Knight to kill pretty much anything. Can be used defensively or aggressively on any minion.

Wild Growth (x2) – Ramp up to higher mana early. Coin Wild Growth turn 1 is only good if you have a harvest golem for turn 2. Late game this is a cantrip card.

Wrath (x2) – Removal/Card draw. Scales with spell damage.

Bloodmage Thalnos (x1) – Spell damage/cantrip. A deck thinner with a benefit.

Savage Roar (x2) – Game ending combo with Force of Nature. For 9 mana, you deal 14 (+2 per additional creature on the board) instantly. 2 are run so that a savage roar can be used to make favourable trades whilst still leaving your win condition combo available.

Big Game Hunter (x1) – Kill large creatures such as Ragnaros or a buffed savannah highmane.

Harvest Golem (x2) – Strong 3 Drop. Durable and can often survive a turn and become another body for savage roar.

Swipe (x2) – Strong single target removal. Strong board clear with additional spell damage.

Chillwind Yeti (x2) – Strong 4 drop. Durable and often trades 2 or 3 for 1.

Keeper of the Grove (x2) – Strong 4 drop. Silence big threats (e.g. tirion) or kill small threats (e.g. knife juggler).

Nourish (x1) – Early game it allows for incredible ramping. Late-game you can draw lots of cards.

Azure Drake (x2) – Spell damage/cantrip. A deck thinner with a benefit.

Druid of the Claw (x2) – 4 6 with taunt for 5. Durable 5 drop that can also be used as a 4 damage charge in a pinch.

Force of Nature (x1) – Either a win condition or a board clear.

Cairne Bloodhoof (x1) – Strong 6 Drop. Durable and can often survive a turn and become another body for savage roar.

The Black Knight (x1) – Kills any taunt. Kills any creature with mark of the wild on it.

Ancient of Lore (x2) – If you are ahead, this will refill your hand. If your enemy tries to rush you down, this will keep you alive for another turn. Very strong 7-drop. Coin, 2x innervate Ancient of Lore on turn 2 is a good play that wont empty your hand.

Mulligan Guide:

Always keep: Innervate, Harvest Golem, Wrath.

Never keep: Bloodmage Thalnos, Savage Roar, 5+ cost cards.

Keep if you want early game minions (vs zoo, rogue, warrior): Chillwind Yeti, Keeper of the Grove.

Keep if you want early game removal (vs druid): Swipe, Keeper of the Grove.

Keep if you are vs a late game control deck (vs paladin, handlock): Wild Growth, Nourish, Big Game Hunter.

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