Heroes Charge Raids and Normal Fighting Difference

Heroes Charge Raids and Normal Fighting Difference by joseph

There are two differences in “Raiding with tickets” and “Fighting normally”

First Difference
You can only use raid tickets when you have achieved 3 stars for that particular stage. This applies to both Normal and Elite Dungeon maps.

Second Difference
In a normal “fighting normally” stage, your exp gained is split among all the active heroes used in that particular fight. However, if you use raid tickets, you’ll notice that you won’t be getting hero exp. Your heroes do NOT level up this way, instead, you’ll be given exp potions. These exp potions can be used to boost a hero’s exp tremendously, instead of spreading out your exp points over your active heroes in the fight. Also take note that you can choose to use 5 or less heroes in any battle. You’ll definitely be getting more exp if you use less than your 5 hero’s in a fight, but it’ll depend if you can actually win the fight with less than 5 hero’s It’s a good way to boost your hero’s xp without the use of xp potions.

Here’s an analysis of this that I experimented with. Hope it helps you understand.

Normal Fighting a Stage with 5 Heroes
Exp gained – 47 per hero
Total exp gained – 47 x 5 = 235 xp

Normal Fighting a Stage with 4 Heroes
Exp gained – 59 per hero
Total exp gained – 59 * 4 = 236 xp

Normal Fighting a Stage with 3 Heroes
Exp gained – 79 per hero
Total exp gained – 79 * 3 = 237 xp

Raiding a stage
No exp gained
Exp potions received – 4 (60 xp per potion)
Total exp gained – 60 * 4 = 240 xp

Do take note that the lower levels would provide less exp, and the higher levels would provide more. The exp stated in this example was from Chapter V (Five) – Sack of Caralnoch:The beating of Shields.

Enjoy fellow leaders!

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