Heroes Charge Strategy from VIP 13

Heroes Charge Strategy from VIP 13 by xichotl

Hello all, here is a detailed review based on my strategy for arena, Raids, grand arena and crusade.


So, the arena consists of a tank, backside support, middle man support, middle-back healer preferred and a strength tank second to main tank.
Normally, in the arena, you will find people using either Iron Hoof or warchief as the front tanks or tank for that matter. However, some people use the warrior monk. Now, the good setup for purple + players are the following:

– Warchief/Iron Hoof/Drunken Master/Warrior Monk/Brute/Bear Warrior/Mountain/Psychopath/Shallows Keeper
– Old Curse/Vengeance Spirit/Depths Voice/Arcane Sapper/Silencer/Fallen Dominion
– Shadow Shaman/Lunar Guardian/Soulhunter/Master Mage/Succubus/Imperial Executioner/Tuseked Storm/Ice Mage/Wandering Spearman
– Emberstar/Ferryman/Machinist/Necromancer/Psychic Sword/Cloud Walker/Wind Master/Commando
– Professional Killer/Sniper/Mystic/ Leaves Shadow/Rifleman/Pilot

Now, I believe the best setups are the following given the order from front to back:

-Psychopath/Depths Voice/Arcane Sapper/Psychic Sword/Mystic – Because the blind helps nullify damage to sapper and allows sapper to have time to destroy back line while the depths voice webs the tank or cc character. THe PS will also switch with weakest member and psychopath tanks anything even the other sappers to prevent damage to back line aka mystic

-Drunken Master/Swordmaster/Silencer/Imperial Executioner/Leaves Shadow – Because the leaves shadow will slow/silence the tank and allows the drunken master to cc the tank while the swordmaster can whirl through the mid line. In addition, the executioner can turn enemy mid line to duck once tank dies. This allows silencer to silence the back line and cause the slow of leaves shadow to destroy the mid-back line person and end up winning trades.

You can agree with me or disagree but I think these two setups are best.


Now, there isnt a real strategy, but depending on who you face you should use the following setups:

Warchief/Lunar Guardian/Venegance Spirit/Leaves shadow/Pilot on bosses that only immune to magic spells
Savage One/Drunken Master/Depths Voice/Pilot/Rifleman on single target bosses for the most output
Only add Poisoned one if the enemy is single target but has tanky magic resist and armor like the ancient tree.


Setups vary but the most important thing to have are the two teams listed in slots 2 and 3 and adding a lousy team for slot 1 because people will use there best team against the slot 1 team.


Death knight/Death Mage/Occasianally if low on hp for sustain you can add in a tank like shallows keeper/bear warrior or iron hoof to soak up hits to gain energy for the back liners.

Old Curse/Lunar Guardian/CHaplain/Frost Mage for extra boost in magic damage and AOE.

Commando/MYSTIC (MUST)

This should be used to complete crusade or at least get to 13+ in crusade. It works wonders.

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