Destiny Crucible Tips

Destiny Crucible Tips by D3fault_High

Going to write a quick crucible guide to success. Before I get into it, I have the snipr kontrolfreaks for ps4 which I HIGHLY recommend.

  • Learn to read your motion sensor! It tells you when people are near you, above you, below you, and crouching in the corner by the used tampons. Remember: solid red = even footing, dark hollow red = below you, slightly brighter hollow red = above you, anything + blinking = crouched.
  • Watch your motion sensor constantly, it will give you an edge on figuring out exactly where enemies will appear from.
  • Practice with a higher sensitivity. Once you’re used to it, you will be able to win close range fights more often.
  • Use shotguns only if you can handle both sensitivity and can track targets quickly point – blank, or you will end up trading kill for kill (not what you want to get better).
  • Fusion rifles are amazing once you get a feel for a – specific – weapon. Each one handles differently in many ways. Just because you suck at one rifle doesn’t mean the next will suck. These are anti shotgun machines, you have an equal chance to one shot someone, except your range is triple at least.
  • Shoot for the head with primary weapons. Only shoot for the head, and you will win 1v1 gunfights now often. Scout rifles will win most gunfights at all ranges passed close range with headshots.
  • Don’t be afraid to back off when attacked, by giving yourself room, you can bottleneck multiple targets, giving yourself a great advantage.
  • Area denial grenades for control game type, and fast killing single target grenades for everything else. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten multi kills on control by throwing a single vortex / lightning grenade on a half captured enemy letter. Single enemy grenades accel in more tdm/ffa formats.
  • Get used to the sound of supers being activated, you can dodge people using a super by disengaging quickly once they pop a super. Crouching to momentarily disappear from the map will help sometimes.
  • On control, do not capture more than 2 flags! You want to keep the enemy coming from the same direction, so you can hold the line. If you close in on the last objective, that usually flips the spawn, and more times than I’d like to admit leans the game favor in the opposite direction.

Hope this helps! If people like this I can do more points for an advanced list!

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