Destiny Vault of Glass Guide

Destiny Vault of Glass Guide by CNDiviP

So this morning when the raid opened, I decided to pug the full raid. we formed a group of 6 total strangers and after about 5 hours and some tough work we managed to kill 3 bosses before calling the raid, these are the strategies we used.

BOSS 1: Opening the door. There are 3 zones one to the left, the right and directly below the big door. the object is to activate and defend all 3 zones at once to raise a spire with a lazer that shoots and activates the door.

STRATEGY: divide your fireteam into 3 groups of 2, make sure you try and spread out the levels equally, so a higher level with a lower level ect. when you are ready clear out the starting vex and move into position around the zones. when all 3 groups are ready step into the zones until a big white barrier appears, if all 3 zones are activated you will see a message “the spire is forming” Now comes the difficult part, groups of vex will spawn from 2 locations at each zone, the spawn with either be a very difficult Minotaur or about 3 hobgoblins and 3 goblins, the Minotaur are the difficult part of this fight, use fusion rifles with abyss damage to take down their shield, than use a heavy weapon to finish them off. The groups of hobgoblins and goblins aren’t very hard to kill. You must fend off wave after wave while keeping the zones in your control, if the vex enter the zone you will lose control and the progress on your spire will degrade. YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAND IN THE ZONE TO KEEP CONTROL. all you have to do is capture it once and you can freely leave but you must keep the vex out. If you manage to kill off enough waves until the spire is formed you will have gained entry to the vault of glass! enter the raid and continue forward to find a chest with your reward.

Boss 2: The second boss is actually a gauntlet type fight, this fight begins when you jump down from on a ledge onto a big square stone platform and the “templar” will spawn. your goal here is simple, there will be a big lazer that spawns directly underneath where you landed that you must protect from the oncoming vex, kill each wave until you have 2 machines to protect, one on the left and one on the right, when you kill enough waves you will get a message “a horde is coming” or something to that nature, a huge number of green slimy mobs will spawn and when killed will drop a large green puddle on the ground AVOID THIS PUDDLE, if you walk into it you will become marked. occasionally the boss “the templar” whom you cannot damage yet will caste a global nuke it will only damage you if you are marked, to clear this mark if you do step in the pool, there is a large fountain of light in the middle of the room, run into it to be cleansed. once you defend 2 of the machines, it will move onto 3 machines, one to each side and one in the back. defend all 3 from the waves of vex and you will be rewarded with a piece of loot or crafting materials. you fail this boss by allowing the vex to sacrifice themselves to the machines, simply kill them before they can and this part is not very difficult. after you defend the machines, you will tasked with “kill the oracles” the oracles are HUGE yellow balls of light, you will know they are spawning by a distinct musical note playing to alert you of their arrival. this phase is very simple, kill the oracles every time they spawn, it may seem like you are doing something wrong because this phase takes a long time, but you aren’t just kill the oracles and wait for the next checkpoint, if you fail at killing an oracle you will be marked by the boss, “same mark as the yellow pools” and promptly killed when the boss does his nuke. kill enough oracles to reach the next checkpoint.

BOSS 3: now the fight with the actual boss begins, the fight is pretty simple once you understand the mechanics. the boss is going to spawn an item in the middle of the room, called the relic this is extremely important and must be held by one member of you fireteam during the entire fight or you will wipe. assign one member to relic duty. When you pick up the relic you recieve a shield weapon, the relic does massive damage to enemies when you melee with it, so you want to use it to kill as many adds in the fight as possible. once you grab the relic, the boss will spawn. he doesn’t do anything crazy just shoots purple missles that do big damage and a 1 shot melee attack if you get to close. YOU CANNOT DAMAGE THE BOSSES SHIELD WITH CONVENTIONAL ATTACKS this is where the relic comes into play, the relic has a super ability that when shot at the boss instantly removes his shield allowing him to be attacked, when this happens every player has a chance to be trapped in a red globe, you must kill the globe before it kills you, its not a hard mechanic simply shoot it with your primary until its gone, and than promptly switch to the boss as your time to damage him is very limited. during the entire fight tons and tons of harpies will be spawning, there is an endless stream, just try to ignore them as best you can, unless you have the relic as killing them gives a large chunk of super energy. also spawning during the whole fight are oracles, it is only one at a time so it is not to complicated, but if you do happen to miss one and you become marked, the relic has another ability to cleanse the entire fireteam, if you become marked simply group on the relic holder have him use the cleanse and continue on with the fight. When the relic holder removes the bosses shield ALL dps MUST switch to the boss, the boss has a softcare enrage mechanic in which oraclles begin spawning at an alarming rate as well as minotaurs, if you hit this soft enrage your chances of success go to slim to none. this boss toke us about 2 hours to complete, but once you understand the mechanics and set up some coordination you should be collecting your loot in no time!


The Labyrinth, this zone has little white moves that float in the air that patrol the zone, if you are seen by one of these mobs your fireteam will be instantly killed and you must start over. the object is to go through the zone without being detected.

the strategy: from where you spawn run forward and wait for the white mob to patrol around a rock, you will than run left toward the middle of the zone but staying on the left side the entire time, you will find an area with 4 stone pillars and is very bright, directly infront of one of the pillars is a small cave opening that leads you out of the zone, not very difficult once you figure out where the cave is.

THE JUMPING PUZZLE: The next zone is a jumpin puzzle huge rock platforms spawn in the air and quickly despawn in a set pattern, watch the pattern until you realize where it leads, the object is to reach a small ledge on the far side of the canyon. you can die as many times as you need because you have a checkpoint right at the start of the puzzle

TIP: most classes only need to go about halfway across the canyon before you can simple jump off a rock platform and use your boost jump to get to the ledge.

Boss 4: this is where our raid decided to call it, you will open up into a huge room with lots of adds kill the gatekeeper and the hobgoblins, and there are 2 portals. to activate the portals there are zones the same ones from the door boss at the start, they are hidden on the ground. this is as far as we got. hopefully you all can get a little farther.

I hope this helps some groups, I know my for formatting is probably horrible, and there are probably some typos but I have been awake for a long time and am extremely tired, please let me know if this helped you with the vault. enjoy the raid guardians, hope you find tons of loot :)

EDIT: this raid is the most fun I have had in a game in a long time, I strongly encourage you find a group of friends, or strangers to take it on.

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