ArcheAge Silent Forest 14 Min Trade Run

ArcheAge Silent Forest to Austera Port 14 Min Trade Run by djentropy

Hello, everyone! I run into a lot of players who don’t have the faintest clue how to build up some gold via trade runs, and I thought I would write a little guide for a run that I have used as a newish player. I’m sure there are far better runs out there, but this one has served me well and can be done pretty early on without much in the way of requirements.

You will need:

  • All members of group need a donkey.
  • One member of group needs a clipper.
  • Materials (15 Puree and 10 Milk + 1 quality cert per run)
  • A max HP of at least 5,000 OR the “Drop Back” skill from Shadowplay or some other way of dealing with about 5k falling damage (the “Health Lift” buff from the Vitalism skill set can help those with lower amounts of max HP)

Getting started

Your first step is to get to Silent Forest. The best spot to teleport to is “Count Sebastian’s Retreat” – as it’s right next to the specialty workbench. Here’s where you want to go, if you have not already been here once before:

Map location of Count’s Retreat

Once you are there, set your recall point there as well. This will save you some hearafter stones by allowing you to use recall to port back after a run.

Trade Run Time!

Ok! Next, we need to get to the specility workbench. Lucky for us, it’s just a short walk from the Count’s retreat.

Workbench Location

Now, we create our trade pack. We are creating Silent Forest Dried Fruit – and are going to need 10 milk, 15 Orchard Puree, and 1 quality cert, as you can see. – depending on your commerce skill, this will use up to 60 labor points.

Now, if you do not already produce milk and puree (which I highly recommend you do if you end up running this route often!) – fear not. Right next to the workbench is a auction manager and a mailbox. Grab what you need from the market. Quality certs are also a few steps away from you and sold by the general merchant.

Now that we have our pack created, it’s time to get moving. Jump on the donkey,and get to the lake. – summon that clipper, and make for this landing point.

Once you land, jump on your donkey and follow the path west until you get to the west most carriage stop on the map. Once you get there, head off the path to a point I like to call “The Drop”. Here is the exact Map Location of the drop. Click here for a In-Game view of the spot you want to drop to the water from.

If you like/need, activate that “drop back” skill from the shadowplay line before you hit the water to nullify most of the falling damage. Not even needed if you can manage to have around 5,000 or more HP. The fall deals 4,500 damage to me as a Firran, your results may vary.

Now that you are in the water – get that clipper ready! All you need to do is follow the coast line on your left all the way to Austera port. You will never spend more then a few moments in any PVP area, and if you do spot hostiles – simply point your ship to the shore line on your left – and you will be just fine. Groups featuring characters under level 35-40 should avoid the patch of seabugs along the route, they are quite easy to not run into.

Just keep the shore to your left, and it’s clear sailing all the way into Austera Port.Gold trader is located right here, a few steps from your landing point. Turning in the pack will cost you up to 60 labor points, depending on your commerce skill.

Depending on value, this will net you anywhere from 6-7 gold. Once you have done this run a few times, you should be able to manage it in around 15 mins. It’s even faster if you have someone with the songcraft skill “Quick Step” in your group, +movement speed leggings for your donkey (cheap and able to be purchased from any stablehand), and even faster if you get that donkey to level 20 and carry a stack of carrots.

Once you turn in your pack, recall or teleport back to the Count’s retreat, and repeat. You’ll be looking at about 20-30 gold a hour on this run, depending on your speed.

I hope this helps someone out there, and of course – if you have any questions please let me know, I am happy to help! I started playing only about 2 weeks ago, and have already managed to get to nearly 30k commerce, stash about 10 APEX in my warehouse, get into nice crafted gear, and have money to burn using this method.

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