ArcheAge Underwater Treasure Hunting Guide

ArcheAge Underwater Treasure Hunting Guide by LlexX

Why to Hunt for Treasure?
In ArcheAge there are multiple ways of making money, such as: killing mobs, crafting items, gathering resources, farming, taxing houses… and of course treasure hunting.

Why would you go treasure hunting?

  • Profit – to earn some gold, find artefacts.
  • Adventure – its fun to do, and its unique not present in “other” MMO games.
  • Danger – pirates, underwater mobs, and of course the badass Kraken boss.

Getting a Ship Ready:
First you will need a ship. There are more ways getting a ship, for example you can ask someone who already has one to take you to the spot where you want to hunt for treasure, another way to get a ship is to just craft one, it will require some time and resources, but in the end you wont depend on others and go to treasure hunting whenever you want to.
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Getting the Scuba Gear Ready:
A character can stay underwater for a limited time, and without a diving gear this time wont be enough to perform the treasure “digging” process.
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Scuba Gear:

  • You can find it at the stairs on the ship, leading from the water to the upper deck.
  • Can be used for 10 minutes before the oxygen runs out, after that some minutes (5 minutes by some sources) needed to fully recharge it again, and during this process its not wearable.

Scuba Gear for the treasure hunting consists of 3 parts:
Posted Image Flippers – Increases swimming speed by 50%. Can be crafted from leather, point and ore.
Posted Image Diving Suit – Crowns stock 02 for 1 minute. Can be crafted from pearl, paint and ore.
Posted Image Air Bags – Disposable, expendable and compulsory subjects. Can be crafted.

Getting to the Diving Spot:
Sail or swim to the desired treasure hunting spot, treasures are scattered all around the ocean floor randomly, usually near ship wrecks, but according to a legend there is a Kraken boss which sank many ships with valuable cargo (good luck with him).
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Finding the Treasure Chests:
Studying the sea floor you can stumble upon a wreck, and next to it notice a couple of treasure chests, if you are lucky.
The search may take long time, depends how lucky you are and how good “eye” you have since you have to look around carefully.
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Rising up the Chest to the Surface:
Chests can’t be opened underwater, to open them you need to lift them up by attaching an Air Bags on them which will lift them up to the surface.
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Whats the Point of the Treasure Hunting?
Well about this is still hard to tell any concrete thing, its still a new feature and not much testing have been done. Koreans did some testing to compare the underwater treasure hunting with gathering, and they got to a conclusion that the treasure hunting is more profitable, but i wouldn’t take this too seriously yet, since resource prices may differ allot.
Rumor says that you can win a “jackpot”.

Scuba gear crafting and testing:

Underwater exploration (Korean):

Underwater treasure hunting (Russian):

Underwater treasure hunting (German):

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