ArcheAge Husbandry Guide

ArcheAge Husbandry Guide by GregThePlague

If you are looking to blow your labor points, this is not the vocation for you. But if you would like to make a profit and do not mind some upkeep on feeding and sheering your animals this is a fine trade.


I started out with a house and a 8×8 small farm, with these I massed the small animals (Chickens, Geese, Ducks) Make sure to have plenty of Ground grain. When you pluck or collect eggs its 6 labor total. (save your vocation points for Shatigon’s Blessing) When you achieve your 16×16 farm, I suggest slaughtering your animals and getting a Farmers Workstation (making one will consume your 8×8 farm recipe). This is completly worth itSince this is how you make basically everything you need ( I’m talking about the pens, and combined feed)

An easy way to gain levels is to make your own Combined feed using the farmers work station, 10 labor, 6x clover, 3x pumpkins, 2x hay bale = 10x Combined feed. Making these in mass quantities will save you money, plus gain quick levels.


When you hit 10k you can now make small bamboo pens, Cheap to make from what I’ve seen on different servers including the % the auctioneer will take from you. You’ll make about double your profit. If you want to make quick cash I suggest planting these. Every 2 hours you harvest them, and they will give you Roughly 32 eggs, and 1-4 fresh fertilizer.

I don’t suggest Another type of pen until you hit 40k the sheep pen. The duck, and goose take double the time between harvests for the same ammount of profit.

What to grow:

  • What kind of Husbandry would you like to go, polar bear mount (artic climate),
  • Yata mounts (Arid Climate).
  • Or just collect crafting items, very quick gold (Temperate Climate).

I do not suggest going outside your animals Climate! Its makes a big difference over time (takes 4 hours off the yatas every sheer).

Over all:

I just hit 60k I figured maybe this would help some people out, it’s a fun way to make some easy money. Any questions I’ll do my best to answer. Something that I’m about to try is, seeing if I can breed with my yata and bear pens. I’ll get back to you guys if there is any interest.

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  1. shades says:

    hey could u please give more info about how u make money with husbandry ?

    which animals best for money making?
    what do i get from high husbandry?
    how much gold to u make a day?

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