PSO2 Lillipa TA Guide

PSO2 Lillipa TA Guide by TianSixsmith

I noticed lately now that I don’t have my friends to play with anymore that there are a lot of high level new players who don’t know how Lillipa TA works. They’re not obliged to know. In fact, I wouldn’t watch YouTube tutorials myself. An important part of MMOs is to bring people together and coming up to someone who seemingly doesn’t know what they’re doing and helping (really helping, showing what they can do, how this and that works, not stating what you think is right) them is a really good way to make friends. I know, that’s how I made some of my friends in the first place – yup, by being a smart ass. However, since it’s not often you find a benevolent soul, I’m here to try and help those newbs who are always lost on their team mates TA runs!

FIRST you need to set yourself a role. It’s really helpful on Naberius I and Lillipa when everyone knows what they can do. But, I’ll let you learn your role on your TAs by suggesting you try to solo them, to understand what each one demands, to understand your limits. When you’re familiarized with them, your own objectives to benefit the whole party will be revelaed naturally as you run with different parties. Some intuition to act fast when needed is required and you’ll learn to step forward first in the case of an emergency as you practice.

Now let’s get to how you can run Lillipa by yourself:

Area 1

This is simple, it just takes a little time for all the ground you have to cover. When you get down to the planet, go up the ramp in front of you and eliminate the mechs. Careful with the barrels! [When I’m alone I stand before the last way up and shoot the center barrel until all of them explode] Now, after the mechs are gone a barrier will open east of that walkway. [Please refer to the bigger map or overall mini map] You’ll see a switch on the other side of the “room”, which will open the purple barrier down on the other side of the walkway, but DON’T GO INSIDE to activate it unless you have no long-range attacks. A ranger’s launcher or force/techer’s Il Grants should do the trick. Just stand on the line right before the room, lock on the switch and fire/cast fast spells on it. Turning around, you’ll go down the ramp you se to the right. Don’t go west of the walkway, for that is a trap! Just make your way to the second dome normally. Now, on the second dome there are two things you can do. One of them is fairly hard and I’ve never done it -I only know the theory. The other is what most people do.

Method 1: Kill the mechs around the dome that spawns, then turn north. In front of you you’ll see another dome structure. There’s also a tower right beside it. To your left, there’s a switch on the wall of this tower. You can either do the same that you did with the first switch or get closer (getting closer would be better for these mobs will spawn later even if you activate the switch before and as long as they’re there, the terminal on the other side of the walkway will be locked), but careful not to go to the west side. There’s also a switch to the west, but you won’t need to worry about it at all! If you look to the ground, near its limit, you’ll see some sort of slabs. Those mark morre or less where the red barrier will come up once you’re inside the trap. Moving forward, after you activate the switch, go south to the walkway. On it, kill the mechs to east but after that, go west instead. Keep going until you reach the blue barrier, then open it with the terminar right next to it. DON’T GO FURTHER! Instead, make your way back the walkway, down the ramp and run past that area to north, where the white barrier will no longer be. If you simply go further and run down the closer ramp, the mobs WILL follow you and you’ll also spawn extra ones, which will lock the termina up north if they get too close to the northern dome. Now just make haste to Area 2.

Method 2: If you have a strong and fast force, techer or braver on your party (or if you’re one yourself, that’s even better!), here’s how it works: A guardine (or a guardinane, idr… Let’s stick with guardine) spawns on the dome structures before the dome closes. The closing of the dome is what makes the other mobs spawn and they lock the terminals that open the blue barrier (you must have noticed already). On this second one you can open the terminal earlier by killing the guardine and working in the gap between the guardine’s death and the other mobs spawn (fast, strong and long-ranged techniques or braver’s strongest and faster PAs will do the trick). Simply charge as you get closer (auto-aim is recommended) and shoot it as soon as the guardine spawns. WASTE NO TIME! After you do that, make haste to the terminal to open the yellow barrier. [I’m not quite sure of te next sentence, so you’ll have to experiment yourself] Activate the terminal that was inside the yellow barrier and make haste north (I mean, I know you have to run north, so RUN NORTH)! Theoretically the white barrier won’t be there and the mobs won’t spawn. It’s supposed to be easier in a full party, but EVERYONE have to be in sync of what they’ll do here for everything to happen as fast as possible. Might not work at first, but don’t be frustrated. Practice leads to perfection! If you don’t cross the northern dome before the second dome’s mobs spawn, you’ll be stuck and will have to do method 1.

Area 1 Tip: On the last open area, right before the exit to Area 2, it’s faster if you know the mobs’ spawn order. The first mobs you see are Spardan A. After them, Sparguns will spawn at F-3. After them, four mobs will spawn at once, two on each side of the map – E-3 and F-2/3. After these mobs, six others will spawn, three on each side where the other four spawned. After them, there’s the gilnas. If you’re in a party of two and each one of you take a side (E-3 and F-2/3) and then a gilnas, you’ll open the red barrier before you know it.

Area 2

Here’s quite simple, just takes a little to understand. Becareful with all the traps, by the way! They’re all avoidable, you just have to practice!!! First, go up the ramp and take east on the walkway. After you eliminate the mobs on E-6, go around that structure and spot the switch. Activate it then make your way north. On the middle of the walkway you’ll notice an open space to your right ad a smaller closer one by your left. There’s a switch on each of them. Now, I’m not sure if there’s an order in which they should be activated to stop all the traps on the other way, but the last ones are easily avoidable. What I usually do is first activate the left switch (on the ceiling), then I go to the open space. The switch in here is in a far away wall on F-5. Stand on the northeast edge, face east and you’ll see it. You can only activate it with longe-ranged attacks/techs/PAs, though. That done, keep going north until you reach the gilnach and the gilnas. Simple, just kill them. Now, after you do that, there will be a teleporter to west, which will lead you back to C-6 (don’t forget to press E/circle/B/Joy2 or w/e your command is to be teleported!). Now you’re gonna take the northern path. Simply just kill the enemies until you reach the gilnas and the gilnach. The switches you activated on the eastern path shutted down the traps on this side, as you can see. They’re avoidable, but not as easy as the ones east. Now, after you kill the gilnas and the gilnach, head to the series of barriers and take left. As soon as you get down the ramp, turn left and get behind the wall of the ramp (western edge of D-3). There you’ll see a switch, which shuts off the traps on E-2/3, which are even harder to avoid. At the center of C-3 there’s a blue button. Step on it and make haste to the other side, BUT NOT INTO THE TELEPORTER! Run the lower way between D-3 and E-3 (when you’re down there facing east, you’ll notice some crates behind the ramp. You can use them to get up there faster). Once back up on the walkway, run north and step on the green button. Now run as fast as you can back to E-3. To your left (assuming you’re facing south), there’s a ramp. Go down and spot the blue and green button in the middle of the way. step on them quickly and go up the ramp again. Use the catapult to get to the shortcut – a teleporter on F-3 that will take you straight to Area 3 exit.

Area 2 Tips: You don’t have to have step advance or any other kind of dashing to run from the blue to the green button. Just know where you’re going, don’t waste time.

That’s it! One more tutorial and I hope it was helpful, cos sure it was easy to find. Now show those demanding not-helpful team mates who’s the boss!

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