PSO2 Crafting Guide

by theuberelite

Table of Contents

Note: codes such as “#9999” are provided so that you can Ctrl+F to a section of the guide easily.  First 2 numbers are chapter and second two are subsection.

  1. Introduction to Crafting (#0100)
  2. What you Should Know Before Crafting (#0200)
  3. The Crafting Menu (#0300)
  4. Item Desynthesis (#0400)
  5. Crafting Lines (#0500)
  6. Weapon Crafting (#0600)
  7. Unit Crafting (#0700)
    1. What Unit Crafting does (#0701)
  8. Customize Photon Arts (#0800)
    1. What a Custom Photon Art Does (#0801)
    2. Creating a Custom Photon Art (#0802)
    3. Getting Better Rolled Photon Arts (#0803)
    4. Getting rid of a Photon Art Customization (#0804)
  9. Technique Customization (#0900)
    1. What Custom Techniques do (#0901)
    2. Translation Table for Cross-Referencing (#0902)
    3. Creating a Custom Technique (#0903)
    4. Unlocking Custom Techniques (#0904)
    5. Fast Paths for Unlocking Techniques (#0905)
    6. Buying Custom Techniques (WIP) (#0906)
    7. Getting rid of the Customization on a Technique (#0907)
  10. Timed Abilities (#1000)
    1. What Timed Abilities Do (#1001)
    2. Creating a Data Drive (#1002)
    3. Saving Backup Data Drives (#1003)
    4. Load Backup Data Drive & Running Services (#1004)
    5. Creating Timed Abilities (#1005)
    6. Areas of Relevance for Timed Abilities (#1006)
    7. Probable Main Ability Chart (#1007)
    8. What each Main Ability does (#1008)
  11. Using Room Decorations (#1100)
  12. Crafting Services – Requesting and Running (#1200)

1. Introduction to Crafting


Crafting is a system that was introduced long before Episode 4, but NA is getting it in Episode 4.  This system provides users with new means of min-maxing gear and PAs, causing many to actually become usable and better with very few being arguably “optional.”  This also allows people to make techniques more powerful through a rather grindy system.  However, as grindy as the system can be, those that opt to make their way through that grind can offer their services to others to prevent them from needing to grind as much.  Currently unknown at the time of writing is if these techniques will be tradable or not as well.

Target farming specific locations can also be min-maxed thanks to Timed Abilities, which allow you to add an ability to a unit which does not replace any of the abilities already on the unit — it has its own slot.  These work in specific areas only, but will provide additional bonus stats as well as effects such as a percentage chance to negate damage, small amounts of rare drop rate or experience bonus, negating freeze effects, and more.  These are arguably minor but they exist.

For those that aren’t interested in grinding the crafts and such themselves, crafting as a whole is still beneficial!  This allows you to desynthesize things for materials to sell for those that are crafting, and so it adds new markets for everyone to participate in.  On top of this, no matter who you are, crafts will more than likely improve your class and it’s gameplay, but you don’t need to delve deep into crafting in order to get the benefits.

All crafting takes place inside of your Personal Quarters.  When requesting a craft from someone else, you have to go to their Personal Quarters to request it, and when it is done you will be able to claim the craft at the Visiphone.  This also results in a new way to farm Personal Quarter visits for those rankings (no more of this “VISIT MY ROOM PLEASE” begging!)

2. What you Should Know Before Deciding to Level Crafting


  • Players can offer services for crafts so you don’t have to level the crafts in order to get what you need.  This means you don’t need to put in the work and can opt to get the things you need from others instead.  If you are only looking to request crafts, you can skip towards the end of the guide.
  • Premium users will be able to level crafting way faster due to having more crafting lines available to start.  Each craft you do puts the crafting line you used on cooldown.  You can also buy 3 extra crafting lines for 300 AC each which are permanent, but these crafting lines are ONLY UNLOCKED ON THE CHARACTER YOU UNLOCKED THEM ON.
  • All Type-0 Crafts are available for all players immediately.  Also means you don’t have to grind for various Type-0 crafts.  This is especially useful for those that are playing melee/ranged builds, as all Melee and Ranged PAs are Type-0s.
  • Crafting levels, crafting unlocks, and crafting line cooldowns are on a per-character basis.  Alts are powerful.  What else is new.  This also helps bridge the gap between paying players and free-to-play players.
  • Cooldowns on crafting lines can be lowered with Lillipariums.  These are gotten through in game drops (mining base and Ultimate Lillipa Granz boss assuming they remember to add that to the drop table), daily craft rewards, and titles.  These will look similar to mate items or atomizers on the ground (green box).  There’s also an AC item that generally isn’t worth getting.  The more Lillipariums you have, the less a Premium player has an advantage over you.
  • Daily Crafts are available per character and are the same for everyone.  Doing these has various rewards, a few of which can be marketed.  Rewards are based on the number of crafts you do, not which ones.  Certain days will have Daily Crafts where only high leveled crafters will be able to do them, others will have days where anyone can do all of them.
  • All the materials used in crafting can also be marketed to other players, and most of these are received through desynthesizing which has no level progression or cooldowns on being used.  This gives you the option to just sell the things you get and also more options for loot to look out for.
  • People with multiple characters can hold even more crafting services, as your advertisements for crafting are PER CHARACTER.  This means that, as an example, you could be running tech crafting services on 2 characters, timed ability services for different areas on 5 characters, and more!
  • Various Furnishing items can be added to your room to either lower cooldowns or raise the Great Success rate of various crafts.  If you designed your PQ down to the brim you might want to go find some place to put/hide these large hunks of machinery before crafting comes out.

3. The Crafting Menu


When you enter your room and use the terminal, you should see an option called “Craft” which pulls up this menu.

  • My Crafts: Lets you access your crafting options.  This includes Weapon Extension (not confirmed to be in NA yet), Equipment Extension for units, PA Customization, Technique Customization, Timed Ability Installation, and Item Desynthesis.  Item Desynthesis will not require you to use a crafting line.
  • Crafting Requests: Shows any pending requests you have from other people.  There will be a Red ! over the terminal if you have a request that hasn’t been seen yet.
  • Daily Craft: A list of crafts you can complete for NPCs each day without spending any of your own resources — all it does is put the crafting line you used on cooldown.  These give various crafting rewards each day based on the number you complete, and there are also achievements for doing these requests which contribute towards crafting levels.  These can be completed on each character you have.
  • Signboard Settings: This is basically your “My Shop” for crafting, which allows people to request crafting for you.  You can have 3 options listed for craft services at a time.  People will be able to find your listed craft services while searching on the visiphone.
  • Achievements: Shows your various crafting achievements as well as your current crafting level for that crafting type, and the amount of achievements needed to be completed for the next crafting level.  Fair warning — this screen is a goddamn mess and there’s no way to really organize it well with the options they give.
  • View Craft Recipe: Allows you to view all of your available crafts.
  • View Craft License: Shows all the boosts you are gaining for each crafting type based off your crafting level.

4. Item Desynthesis

Because going in order on the menu is dumb when this is the core thing for people to know first and foremost. #0400

Item Desynthesis is something that does not require any crafting line usage, and so can be done without a cooldown.  This is done in order to receive stackable crafting materials (which also fit in your material storage) for crafting — and in the future may also be used as part of making higher rarity weapons.  This is also the primary reason people have been saying to stock up on certain items for crafting which are probably filling your storage up.

There is nothing you can do to boost the great success rates of desynthesizing items.

Items that can be desynthesized are 7* or higher weapons, 7*-12* units, and level 11+ skill discs.  The received rewards are as follows:

Item TypeNormal rewardGreat Success Reward
7*-9* weapons4-36 Iro 9-49 Iro + 1-9 Rubiard
10* weapons16-49 Stee25-64 Stee + 4-16 Rubiard
11* weapons36-64 Silve + 4-9 Rubiard49-81 Silve + 9-25 Saphard
12* weapons64-81 Silve + 6-9 Saphard81-99 Silve + 25-36 Saphard
13* weapons36 Gold + 36 Saphard63 Gold + 63 Saphard
14* weapons3 Plat + 1 Emerard9 Plat + 3 Emerard
15* weapons4 Plat + 1 Diard16 Plat + 3 Diard
7*-9* units (non sub)4-36 Iro9-49 Iro + 1-9 Neodit
10* Units (non sub)16-49 Stee25-64 Stee + 4-16 Neodit
11* Units (non sub)36-64 Silve + 4-9 Neodit49-81 Silve + 9-25 Promethit
12* Units (non sub)64-81 Silve + 6-9 Promechit81-99 Silve + 25-36 Promethit
Level 11-15 Skill Discs1 PA Fragment3 PA Fragments
Level 16-17 Skill Discs2 PA Fragments6 PA Fragments

Note: All NA names pending on materials.  These are likely to be shortened — for example, “Plamia” is the Platinum material for Melee weapons.

Certain listings have variance — REPORTEDLY, this is because it depends on where you found the item.  Apparently there’s hidden item levels in the game.  Who woulda thought.  I don’t have the time to test this but this is based off of what the JP Swiki says and it was doing my head in trying to understand what the hell was happening causing a 9* unit to desynth for more than a 7* unit.

It should be noted that the material types, such as iron, steel, silver, and gold are specific to each weapon or unit type.  So Leg units give materials specific to legs, melee weapons give materials specific to melee, so on and so forth.  The additional bit (Saphard, Neojit, etc) is not specific to a damage type.

The same goes for PA fragments.  Melee weapon PAs (as well as Gunblade PAs) give Melee PA Fragments.  The same goes for Ranged and Techniques.  Jet Boot PAs are considered Technique, and so give Technique Fragments.  And of course, techniques… well it’s in the name.

Sub units give only the Neojits or Promechits, and honestly should be ignored.  Only bother desynthesizing them if you’re title hunting.  Also none of the subs that can be desynthed should be desynthed right now in my opinion on NA — not until you have the 11* Solid Barriers that randomly drop.

Also worth noting is a lot of the materials can be traded up at the Swap Shop (under Crafting Shop), but only to a certain point — except for units, which have a material only obtainable through trading instead.  The limits for the tradables are Gold materials, whereas the limits for the secondary materials are Promechits and Saphards.  10 of the lower material will trade into 1 of the higher material.

5. Crafting Lines


When selecting a craft to do that isn’t Desynthesis you’ll get a menu that looks something like this:

However, your crafting lines 2 and 3 won’t be unlocked immediately.  So here’s how you unlock them.

  • Craft Line 02: Level 5 in any crafting type.
  • Craft Line 03: Level 15 in any crafting type.
  • Premium Craft Line 04-06: Gained by having premium.
  • Extended Craft Line 07-09: Each one is a permanent unlock for that character only.  Costs 300 AC to unlock one of the three lines.  900 AC for all three lines.

This means that Premium players will be able to do more crafts at a time without the usage of Lillipariums.  However, the more lillipariums you have and use, the less of an advantage premium players have over you.

Lillipariums can be used to lower the cooldowns of a Craft Line that has been used.  These are gotten through in-game drops, title rewards, and the AC shop.  Some of these item names are pending on NA.

  • Lilliparium (Mini): Lowers the cooldown of a single crafting line by 15 minutes.
    • Drop locations: Ultimate Lillipa (Granz), various Mining Base wave rewards..
      WARNING: These will look like a Mate/Atomizer item on the ground!
    • Also available from Daily Crafts sometimes, as well as title rewards.
    • More drop locations for the above will show up over time, including one of the best quests for leveling new characters in general.
  • Lilliparium (Small): Lowers the cooldown of a single crafting line by 30 minutes.
    • Drop locations: Random Mining Base wave reward.
    • Also available from Daily Crafts sometimes and various title rewards.
  • Lilliparium Full Charge: Takes all crafting lines off cooldown.
    • Available from crafting related titles and days where it’s hard to complete daily crafts.
  • Lilliparium (Max): Lowers the cooldown of a single craft line by 12 hours.
    • Costs 150 AC.  Don’t buy this trash even if you’re whaling.
  • Lilliparium All (Max): Lowers the cooldown of all craft lines on a character by 12 hours.
    • Costs 600 AC for 1, or 2700 AC for 5.  This really is not recommended to be bought unless you seriously know what you’re getting into.  At most it’s 2700 AC for an instant 45 extra crafts.

Naturally if you’re grinding craft bonuses as fast as possible, Lillipariums will play a gigantic part in speeding this up.

Cooldowns of Crafting Lines can be lowered by having the relevant furnishing item that lowers the cooldown of a craft placed when you do said craft.  Furnishings will be explained in another section.

6. Weapon Crafting (NOT IMPLEMENTED)


Update: The patch adding crafting did not implement this.  It will remain empty.

Currently not being covered in this guide.  It is largely irrelevant right now and NA doesn’t really have the tools to make it good, as it raises your damage variance on the weapon itself from 10% to 90%, requiring high crit to make use of — and it also wants Ripper and Slayer affixes to abuse against Infection cores or specific enemy types.  Said affixes don’t exist yet.  It’s also the one type of crafting that wasn’t confirmed for NA and it’s very understandable why, as it wasn’t until recently that JP got crafting for New-Type weapons.  To top it all off, the costs of NT weapon crafts are disgusting.

7. Unit Crafting (BROKEN RIGHT NOW)


Unit Crafting will not really be relevant on NA at all but I can at least sum up why you don’t really need to worry about this.  AUGUST 8: CRAFTING SHOP BEING MISSING MAKES THE SITUATION EVEN WORSE AS YOU CAN’T FINISH THE SPECIAL EXTENSIONS THAT ARE GOOD LOL

What Unit Crafting Does


Unit crafts are for any units between rarity 1 and 11.  Rarity 12 units can not use unit crafting at all.  This gets rid of the base stats on the units, meaning the only units that are worth “crafting” on are ones with a good set bonus.  This also removes the ability to market the unit until you use an ownership cancel pass, which will get rid of the Extend level on the unit.  Each unit can be extended to a maximum of level 10, and some will need to be grinded out to unlock.

This also means you can not slot Left rings into your units, as ring slotting can only be done on Rarity 12 or higher units.  As such this doesn’t see much use except for very, very specific scenarios that over 99% of players will not see themselves in.

The bonuses for unit extends are as follows:

  • Attribute Craft: 30 HP, 3 PP, 336 MEL Def, 308 RNG Def, 308 TEC Def,  +4 Resistance to all elements, +4 TEC resistance.  Requires 500 TEC Def to wear.
  • PP Craft: 10 PP, 336 MEL Def, 308 RNG Def, 308 TEC Def, +4 RNG Resistance.  Requires 500 RNG Def to wear.
  • HP Craft: 100 HP, 336 MEL Def, 308 RNG Def, 308 TEC Def, +4 MEL Resistance.  Requires 500 MEL Def to wear.

Items called “Relax Equipment Conditions” can also be used to lower the requirements of crafted units guaranteed without a great success roll.

Remember that these stats are completely replacing the base stats on your unit.  A 1* unit with Extend level 10 will have the exact same stats/requirements as an 11* unit with Extend level 10.

With that said, very few units ever use this and almost no one in the playerbase will ever find an actual serious use for this.  Saiki can use it for a set that has 60 atk 55 pp for wearing all 3 units, but this is beaten by 12* units which are introduced in Episode 4 that are received from Title Rewards (Whiteal), and you don’t lose rings by using them.

If Bouncer gets the skill “Craft Mastery” and you opt to use it, you shouldn’t be looking at this as a way to gain a bonus from that.  Timed Abilities work for that just fine.  Timed Abilities will be covered later in the guide.  I also don’t think you actually want this skill if it comes out in Episode 4 anyways.  It shouldn’t really be relevant until Phantom subclass.

8. Customize Photon Arts


What a Custom Photon Art Does


Forward warning: Because of the awkwardness of the naming, I will refer to these crafts as Type-0’s a lot.  The name of a Photon Art craft in NA is called “[PA Name] Zero” which is a bit weird for me to call it a “zero craft.”  I understand calling it something like, “Divine Launcher Zero” but the generic name of “Zero Photon Arts” is far too weird for me.

Custom Photon Arts create a Custom disk which, when used, changes the functionality of a Photon Art, turning it into a Type-0.  Not all Photon Arts have a Type-0 — as a matter of fact, there’s generally only two per weapon.  However, most of these crafts become a part of your core kit on the respective class that you use it on, drastically changing the way the skill works.

Additionally, the customization of a photon art takes up it’s own “slot” which is separate from the photon art’s level.  This means that you don’t need the level 17 version of the PA in order to have a craft modifying it, and learning a higher level version of the PA will not get rid of the Type-0 craft you have.  So if you are a new player who is low level, crafting a type-0 for your PA’s is still something you can do — and you probably want to as well.

Creating a Custom Photon Art


Creating a Custom Photon Art requires 15 PA fragments of that type.  Melee PAs will use PA Fragment (Melee) which are gained from desynthesizing Melee Skill Discs.  Ranged PAs will use PA Fragment (Ranged) which are gained from desynthesizing Ranged Skill Discs.  The singular Technique PA uses PA Fragment (Technique) which is gained from desynthesizing Technique Skill Discs.

It is worth noting that all Type-0 crafts are available regardless of crafting level.  This means you can make them all yourself and the only reason to request crafts from someone else is if you are aiming for higher rolls due to them having higher level crafts, especially if you don’t have premium.

When you create a custom Photon Art disc, it will go into your inventory with the rolls that it has.  These generally have a fairly wide range of rolls, and there are always two different rolls.  Generally this is a change in power and pp cost.  For example, Divine Launcher will roll with a power of +0% to +87%, and a pp cost of -10 to +0.  And generally speaking, no matter what the roll is, the first one you make is almost always just going to make the skill stronger — but you can choose to come back later to try to get a better roll.  This also provides a new source of “gambling” for good rolls to sell on the market if we are able to market these on EP4 release.

Here is the result of the Divine Launcher I created while writing this up.  Screenshot is from JP server.

Above average on both rolls, very usable.  But I already made a Divine Launcher and am using it!  No worries, you can click to use it and it will pop up a confirmation screen before it actually consumes the item asking if you’re sure you want to, and comparing the before and after.

So it’s the same PP cost reduction while being lower power than the one I already have.  Well then it’s shit for me.  What do I do with it now?

You have three options:

  1. Throw it out
  2. Feed it to a DEX Mag (this gives SUBSTANTIALLY higher exp than normal discs!)
  3. Sell it on the market.

Because of point number 2, even a trash tier custom craft (kinda like the +0 power -1 pp cost Divine Launcher I saw once — literally 1 off the lowest possible) will sell for at least a bit of meseta.  This is slightly more applicable to Technique crafts which will be explained in the next section, however, due to the nature of unlocking Technique crafts.

Getting better rolled Photon Arts


Having higher level Photon Art Customizations will lower the cooldown timer after making a Custom Photon Art as well as improve the lowest possible roll you can get (but not raising the maximum).

This is what my Craft License shows at Level 26 PA Customization on JP servers, as an example:

You can also use support items that boost your chances of getting higher crafts by similarly increasing the minimum rolls .  These are called “Custom Type 1 +x%” and “Custom Type 2 +x%” where x is a number.  These come in 10s, 20s, 30s, and more!  Some of them are marketable but not all of them, and come from various places such as FUN Scratch (which gives +10%s).  It’ll even show you the changed roll ranges if you select the item (although this preview does not include your craft license bonuses)

Here is an example using one of the highest boosts in JP available on the market, +60% (which probably won’t be on NA anytime soon?)

Now even with those ranges you aren’t guaranteed a great success.  My roll ended up being JUST short of a “great success” which is the top 75% of rolls (rounded up).  I got +65% and -7, which is literally… the best you can get without a great success — and honestly still probably sellable, it just means it won’t have the “green thumbs up icon” on it when you post it on the market.  Game sucks though why do I even play this garbage

That said, even just using +10% will improve your average roll — so as long as it’s not overly expensive, you might as well use them unless you’re just trying to level your crafting.

Getting rid of a Photon Art Customization



In the extremely rare case where you have a Photon Art Customization and wish to get rid of it, the person that runs the Swap Shop in the shopping area offers a Crafting exchange where you can buy a Reset Disc.  The price is 4 excubes.  Or 2 AC exchange items I guess, but I don’t know why you’d ever do that instead of 4 excubes other than memes.

Using one of these will get rid of the Customization and only the customization on that PA.  It will not require you to get another level 17 version of the disc.  You will also not get the “custom craft” that you had on it back — it will be destroyed, so BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE A GOOD CRAFT!

9. Technique Customization


Alternate title: Achievement grind hell

Wow, that Photon Art Customization section sure was short and simple.  Should be fairly easy to get into tech customization then, right?

Wait, what do you mean I have to unlock the techniques?  And why the hell do I suddenly need thousands of Technique fragments to unlock them?  WTF IS THIS?

Yes, Technique Customization (outside of the Type-0s, which are all good) is its own hell.  Should you choose to walk this path instead of requesting crafts or buying them off the market, you should prepare for one hell of a grind.  It’s also going to force you to look through the garbage that is the achievement screen’s organization for techniques in order to figure out what you’re missing and need to craft for achievements.  Even worse — those good Type-0s aren’t going to help you get your crafting achievements at all.  Fun.  Oh and even more worse?  Not every technique can be customized right off the bat.

That said, even shitty crafts can be upgrades over the base versions of the techniques until the higher level ones become available.  In some cases, the higher level versions can even roll worse than a lower level version.

What Custom Techniques do


Custom Techniques that aren’t Type-0s will not really alter the behaviour of the technique substantially.  In some cases the projectiles will have higher speed or better tracking but that isn’t the same level of change as the majority of the Type-0 Photon Art crafts.  On top of this, there are 2 options of crafts for each Technique, unless there is a Type-0 which you more than likely want to be using instead of one of the two options.  Due to the fact that JP has been out for a while, it’s pretty much known which ones are the best already, though there are cases where arguments can be made in the other direction — and even arguments for not having a craft at all in very rare cases such as Ilfoie.

Translation Table for Cross-Referencing Guides


Almost every guide right now uses JP Terminology.  I’ve taken the liberty to find what the translations are before we get them, but keep in mind these are datamined names and so could change when Episode 4 actually drops.  Also, by saying I’ve taken the liberty to find these, I mean Aida Enna did all the hard work of getting them from the files, bless her heart.

NA NamesJP Names
GlacialIce Fang

If you’re reading a guide that isn’t updated with NA terminology that is also recommending certain technique crafts to get, this should help you figure out which one you’re looking for when requesting.  It unfortunately will not help with buying them because sorting through the market can be completely obnoxious, which I will get into later.

Creating Techniques


Creating a Technique is easy enough as well, but having the Technique craft that you want might not be so easy.  We’ll get into that hellhole later.  Similar to PA Customization, however, is that all Type-0 crafts will be available from the start.  

For non type-0 crafts, the ranges of rolls are generally tighter in comparison to PA crafting, with 1 of the rolls often not mattering as much as the other one.  For example, status rate down vs power up on Gizonde.  The difference between a +120/-13 gizonde and a +120/-19 gizonde is basically nothing for most people.

To sum up the costs of Creating Techniques alongside their cooldowns:

  • Level 1 crafts cost 5 PA Fragment (Technique) + 5000 meseta with a cooldown of 1 hr.
  • Level 2 crafts cost 8 PA Fragment (Technique) + 10000 meseta with a cooldown of 2 hr
  • Level 3 crafts cost 10 PA Fragment (Technique) + 15000 meseta with cooldown of 3 hr
  • Type-0 crafts cost 15 PA Fragment (Technique) + 20000 meseta with cooldown of 3 hr

Similar to PA crafting, items can be used to boost your minimum rolls.  And the same thing with crafting levels — having higher level technique crafting will boost your rolls.  Finally, having furnishing items in your room can both raise Great Success Rates and lower cooldown timers.

The items that can be used to boost your minimum rolls are called “Merit Value +x%” and “Demerit Value -x%” where x is a number.  These are received through title rewards, FUN scratch, and sometimes daily orders.  Most common one you’ll see is the +10% ones which come from the FUN scratch.  They are not required to get a good roll, but will help by minimizing the ranges and increasing your average roll.

Crafting level bonuses can be viewed under the techniques tab in “View Craft License.”

So let’s say we want to make a Concentrated Zanverse 3 and have it unlocked.  Simple enough, going to the wind tab and selecting Zanverse, then picking “Concentrated Zanverse 3.”  This will pop up this window:

Using a Merit Value +10% and a Demerit Value -10%, it will look like this: 

The Demerit Value -10% has no effect.  And here’s the good news — PSO2 actually will not consume that Demerit Value -10% and instead say “Cannot use item that will have no effect” or something along those lines.  The craft will still go through though.

Hey, that charge time is nice!  But that PP cost is REALLY bad.  Regardless, if you’re not going to use it you might be able to sell it to someone who values the better charge time over the PP cost.

In that same regard, a Great Success roll does not necessarily mean you will find the roll better for you.  I personally am willing to sacrifice some charge time on my Zanverse in exchange for a MUCH better PP cost.

Charge time improves from -0.44s to -0.47s, but the PP cost goes up by 5.  I don’t think I’m willing to replace mine, so I’d rather sell it.

Unlocking Custom Techniques


So as mentioned before, you probably don’t have the custom technique that you want to craft right away.  

Not only will you not be able to craft level 3 custom techniques right away, but you’ll only have 1 of the 2 types of technique crafts for that technique.  On top of this, only half the techniques will be able to be crafted at level 1 or 2 at first.  These are the techs that start with either no prefix, gi-, ra-, and il-.  So for fire, that would be Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie, and Ilfoie.  Safoie will be available as well, but that’s because it has a Type-0.  You will need to do specific achievements in order to unlock specific techniques. 

To simply this into a list:

  • Each element has achievements for doing any tech craft of that element at specific levels.  These must be done in order — you cannot progress the achievements requiring level 2 crafts before the ones that require level 1 crafts are complete.
    • Element Customization 1 – 1 craft of that element at level 1.
    • Element Customization 2 – 5 crafts of that element at level 1.
    • Element Customization 3 – 25 crafts of that element at level 1.
      • Unlocks the base version of the techs starting with na-, sa-, and the special version (such as Shifta) at level 1.
    • Element Customization 4 – 10 crafts of that element at level 2.
      • Unlocks the base version of the techs starting with na-, sa-, and the special version (such as Shifta) at level 2.
    • Element Customization 5 – 25 crafts of that element at level 2.
    • Element Customization 6 – 25 crafts of that element at level 2.
      • Unlocks the base version of the techs starting with ra-, gi-, and the no prefix version at level 3.
    • Element Customization 7 – 50 crafts of that element at level 3.
      • Unlocks the base version of the remaining techs (special version & prefixes na-, sa-, and il-) at level 3.
  • Each specific technique has achievements that unlock the other version of the technique
    • Technique Customization 1 – 5 crafts of a specific technique at ANY level.
      • Unlocks the other version of the technique at level 1.
    • Technique Customization 2 – 10 crafts of a specific technique at level 2.
      • Unlocks the other version of the technique at level 2.
    • Technique Customization 3 – 15 crafts of a specific technique at level 3.
      • Unlocks the other version of the technique at level 3.

Sidenote: Instead of a Sa- tech, Light element has 2 “special version” techs – Anti and Resta.

Even shorter list to sum things up:

  • Element Customization 3: Unlocks 3 missing techs at level 1 (31 lvl 1 crafts)
  • Element Customization 4: Unlocks same techs as previous at level 2 (10 lvl 2 crafts)
  • Element Customization 6: Unlocks no prefix, gi-, and ra- techs at level 3 (50 lvl 2 crafts)
  • Element Customization 7: Unlocks remaining techs at level 3 (50 lvl 3 crafts)
  • Specific Tech Customization 1: Unlocks other level 1 version of a tech (5 lvl 1 crafts)
  • Specific Tech Customization 2: Unlocks other level 2 version of a tech (10 lvl 2 crafts)
  • Specific Tech Customization 3: Unlocks other level 3 version of a tech (15 lvl 3 crafts)

There are further achievements to the general element customization but I won’t get into that.

With some basic math utilizing the numbers from earlier, we can see how much crafting is necessary to unlock the crafts of a technique.

  • Element Customization 3: 31 level 1 crafts
    • 155 Technique Fragments + 165,000 meseta
  • Element Customization 4: 10 level 2 crafts
    • 80 Technique Fragments + 100,000 meseta
  • Element Customization 6: 50 level 2 crafts
    • 400 Technique Fragments + 500,000 meseta
  • Element Customization 7: 50 level 3 crafts
    • 500 technique fragments + 750,000 meseta

This will give you every single technique’s base craft of an element at level 3.  The total to reach this is 1,135 technique fragments + 1,505,000 meseta, with 141 crafts being done.  THIS IS FOR A SINGLE ELEMENT.  This also will not unlock all level 1 and level 2 versions of some techniques, and the last techniques you get will still need the other version unlocked at level 3 if that’s the technique you want.  Assuming you have the level 1 and 2 achievements finished, you’ll need to do an additional 15 crafts for any na-, sa-, il-, or special version of techniques to unlock the other level 3 version of the technique — adding an additional 150 technique fragments and 225,000 meseta.  None of this even gets into the amount of cooldown timer that you’ll have either.

To get every single technique crafting option of a single element, the lowest amount you can spend is 1,880 fragments in a total of 224 crafts (44 level 1, 70 level 2, 110 level 3).  Not that you need to, but for the achievement hunters out there.

Generally speaking there’s usually at least 1 or 2 techniques which don’t really need a craft as it sees very little use.  Others will have the best version unlocked by default.  As such, I personally believe getting to the level 3 crafts faster is better, and just focusing on crafting level 2s of the techs that are either important or where the other version of the technique is better.  But your goal might differ from mine, so that’s up to you to decide.

For the most part, everyone tends to agree on what the best version of techniques are.  There are some where there are multiple versions that are both good in their own right, as well as some that are competitive depending on their usage.  The only debatable one is fire, which doesn’t see much use by most people anyways due to extremely low PP efficiency — and as time goes on, less and less things have fire weakness.  For more information on optimal tech crafts, I’d highly recommend checking out Ace’s Force guide:

Fast Paths for Unlocking Important Techniques


I have moved this section to a different guide entirely as I don’t want to potentially mislead people down the wrong path.  On top of this, the Force guide already covers a lot of what you need to know and what techs are something to aim for.  And this section was taking over 5 pages of the guide which doesn’t need to be there.

The basic thing is that with the knowledge of how achievements are laid out you can plan based off of the techs you want to unlock.  Skipping lesser used techs, or techs which have their better version unlocked by default, allows you to save resources and get the best versions — although you’re sacrificing bonuses from crafting levels for it.

These are the paths that I’m following to unlock the best versions of techs.  Do not follow this as if it is the only way to do this.  I’m simply providing it as an example as to how I am doing it, NOT as a “do it this way or you’re stupid.” 

Buying Custom Techniques (WIP)


So if you don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling for high roll custom techniques, there’s always the option of buying them.  Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the easiest market to navigate in the world due to a lack of search options.  You will need to cross-reference a website with the roll ranges on the techniques you want to make sure you’re buying the right version.

PSO2JP Visiphone with Tech Craft data:

JP Swiki with Tech Craft data (just in case arks-visiphone won’t load):

More information coming soon with images and examples.  This section will be deleted if customs are not marketable. Similarly, the PSO2JP visiphone site will be replaced with PSO2NA’s when updated.

Getting Rid of the Customization on a Technique



Due to cases like Ilfoie where uncrafted can be better than either of the crafted options, you’re actually a lot more likely to potentially want to do this.  Same deal as the PA customization removal: 4 excubes to remove.  Or 2 AC items if you’re insane.

Again similar to PA’s, this will only remove the bonuses that the craft was adding on to the technique.  You will not need to get another level 17 technique after using this.  Remember that this DESTROYS the customization on the technique with no refunds — and there is no way to get a craft back once you have used it, even temporarily.

10. Timed Abilities


AKA: How to make something more complicated than Technique crafting, but thankfully isn’t anywhere close to a necessity.  Also known as “how to inflate the stats on your units to make them look better than they actually are”

Timed Abilities are complicated as hell and I really wouldn’t recommend diving into making them unless you are either looking to run a service for other people OR if you’re looking to grab a specific effect that people don’t have listed.  On top of this, the data creation comes with some of the longest cooldown timers of any craft available, and a massive meseta sink.  Requesting them from others is a much more simple process that costs almost nothing at least!

What Timed Abilities Do


Timed Abilities are an additional thing that can be added onto units.  They provide bonuses while you are in certain areas that last 7 or 14 days.  These give a bonus stat in said area, as well as also providing an effect such as Rare Drop Rate, randomly negating damage, negating Freeze effects, and more.

While the Timed Ability is applied to the unit, it will look very similar to a weapon with the potential unlocked, with the Timed Ability showing up at the top of the unit similar to a potential as well.  When this Timed Ability runs out, the name of the Timed Ability turns red, as does the background of the unit in your inventory.  This doesn’t mean the unit is unusable or dead however!  It just means you had a timed ability on it, and that timed ability ran out.

Pictured: Top has an active Timed Ability, bottom has a timed ability that expired.  Units with no timed ability will continue having a normal blue background.

Timed Abilities can also be used to make your units look even better, as the stats they give will show up in the unit stats regardless of if you’re in the relevant area or not.  So basically if you’re someone who’s affixed a ton but feels like being a lobby warrior that flexes, you may want to look into some +70 attack timed abilities.

Hell yeah!  I haven’t even done Divide Quest in ages but LOOK AT HOW MUCH BETTER I AM NOW!  And this isn’t even a +70 attack Timed Ability!

Creating a Data Drive

Wait, I thought we were making Timed Abilities, what the hell is a Data Drive. #1002

Data Drives are what are needed before you can make a Timed Ability for a unit.  These store “data” of the roll that you get when creating a Timed Ability, determining everything except the duration of the Timed Ability that will be created.  This means that once you have a decent roll of data, you can repeatedly make that roll over and over again!  You can even put it up for a service for other people to grab and use!

Unfortunately due to area limitations and specific roll types, this gets insanely complicated.  On top of this, the timed ability only works on a specific unit type.  Data created for a Rear will not work on a Leg.  On top of all of this, it’s not always clear if a craft will work in a specific area.  Even worse is the bonus effects such as “Randomly negate tech damage” aren’t very clear in their chances as well.

To make matters worse: not all options are available at the baseline.  Once again you’re looking to grind to get things unlocked.  Thankfully, Photon Boosters help a ton with this process, completing multiple achievements at once by making Advance Quest specific timed abilities and completing a bunch of different achievements at once.  I may make a guide for unlocking these later, but most of it comes down to Advanced Quest Timed Abilities being one of the most efficient ways to progress your achievements.

With that said, it’s pretty clear what most people are looking for when it comes to Timed Abilities.  People generally want more damage, as well as either more Rare Drop Rate or Quality of Life.  By quality of life, I mean timed abilities that Negate Status Effects such as Freeze, Panic, or Shock in the area that you are in — things that are generally considered extremely annoying to deal with.  Rare Drop Rate is usually the most in demand, and Status Negation is usually meant for people going for challenging content — especially solo.

So let’s check out what the data creation screen looks like.

Oh god there’s a lot of information to take in.

Probable Main Ability: This is the Main Effect that is the most likely to happen when you make a Timed Ability, and this changes on a daily basis based on the NUMBER OF THE DAY.  Today’s effect is Randomly Negating Physical Damage.  It will change when it is 23:00 where I live.

Swiki thankfully has a calendar that displays the different days and what the Main Effect is most likely to be.  I have a chart below that shows this as well.  THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE MAIN EFFECT HOWEVER UNLESS YOU’RE USING CERTAIN ITEMS.

Main Effect: This will tell you what level the effect will be.  Note that the negation of status effects is the same regardless of level.

Sub Effect & Bonus Effect: The bonus stats you’ll get in this area.  A great success can either give you a maxed sub effect, a bonus effect, or both.  The sub effect and bonus effect will only boost 1 thing, and the bonus effect will not necessarily be the same thing boosted as the sub effect.  This means getting a +50 Pwr isn’t too bad, getting something higher is quite rare, and getting a +70 Pwr is extremely rare.

Required Materials: Depending on the level of the craft this will have different costs and materials needed.  Many crafts for certain planets will require “Crystals” from said planet, which should randomly drop from locations on that planet, such as Expeditions, Advance Quests, Ultimate Quests, and Urgent Quests.  These can also be marketed, and some crystals can be received through daily crafts (but not all of them).  Later on some crystals for Timed Abilities will need to be obtained by doing certain content and exchanging for the crystals.

When trying to update the Data drive you’ll get a screen like this:

Holy crap that cooldown time.


Support Item 1 can be used for Main Effect (Fixed) which will guarantee the “Probable Main Effect” for the day.  Support Item 2 and 3 do not have any use and seem to be like they were accidentally left in and never removed.  At least as far as I can tell, there is no use for them.

Meh. It will ask us after this if we want to keep this roll or not, overwriting the currently active Data Drive.  Note that you should always make sure to save your best rolls, which I’ll get into in a moment.  If you do not have a roll saved and you overwrite it you cannot get it back.

You can opt to discard it and it will still count towards all the achievements just as much as if you saved it.  We’re gonna discard this one.  But let’s say I want to save it and keep rolling — this is where Save to Backup Data Drive comes in.

Note that you have 3 active data drives at one time — one for rear, one for arm, and one for leg.  You can’t have 3 active arms at once.

Saving Backup Data Drives


You can actually keep multiple sets of Data Drives backed up by saving them, and load them from your backup data drives in order to make a different set!  This allows you to save 9 different data drives at once.  Conveniently, this allows you to make MEL, RNG, and TEC sets while rolling for a specific zone!

Selecting “Save to Backup Data Drive” will give you the option of picking either the Rear, Arm, or Leg Data to put into your backup drive slots.

Selecting one will then show you the 9 slots of your backed up data drives and allow you to save, or overwrite, another Data Drive.

I have 3 sets of Mining Base timed abilities here.  One with MEL, one with TEC, and one with RNG.  This means I can load different ones up to craft for people, however there are some nuances to deal with when it comes to loading data drives for services.

Load Backup Data Drive & Running Services


Loading Backup Data Drive is pretty simple.  You pick a Data Drive you saved to and it will replace the data in your active drive.  Make sure you don’t replace the data in the active drive without saving it if it’s a good roll!

When running a Timed Ability service, you’ll be able to let people see your Data Drives you have up for request.  If advertising multiple attack types, you’ll need to put your other rolls in the description.  On top of this, if people need to request an attack type that you don’t have up, you need to put it up AND change your advertisement before they request it.  If you have TEC up for order, and someone wants MEL and requests with the 3 TEC still up, you will need to refuse the requests, put up the MEL Data Drives, and tell them to request again.

While running a service on JP, my advertisement looked something like this for Mining Base (as Mining Base VR Training had just gotten an Ultra Hard mode and could drop leg units with one of the most sought after abilities on it)

I usually had the TEC power timeds set up but would rotate them out sometimes and would have a message telling people to either:

  1. Leave a request and a message on my room board for what attack type you need
  2. Whisper by searching my Player ID name and clicking “send whisper” (note that this doesn’t tell you if the player is offline however)

I would then set up the requested timed abilities and message them that it had been changed.  If they were offline I’d usually just leave a Kudos telling them to do another craft request for the Timed Abilities.

Creating Timed Abilities


Okay so you have a Data Drive, it can’t get more complicated anymore right? … Actually, correct!  Making the actual Timed Ability once you have a Data Drive setup is insanely simple, and also doesn’t have a long cooldown!

When you select to create a Timed Ability this window will pop up with your three active data drives showing.

We’re gonna make a rear.  So we select rear.

The Support Item that can be used is called “Timed Effect Extension +7 Days” and it guarantees a great success by extending the duration to 14 days.  This can happen even without a great success though, and these items aren’t the most common — but they are very useful to the OCD players that hate potentially getting 1 timed ability with 14 days and the other 2 with 7 days.  And to prevent spamming crafters too much.

Once you create the item, you’ll have this in your inventory.

Simply select the item, press use, and it will prompt you to add it to your unit.  

And then you’re done once you press confirm!  Now while in mining base Urgent Quests you’ll be rocking extra attack, a small bit of rare drop bonus, and as an extremely important part: your units look +60 TEC Pwr stronger even in the lobby when people inspect you!  Because that’s obviously super important.  Also remember – this doesn’t replace any affixes on your unit!  Timed Abilities have their own slot entirely.

Area Terminology

Due to there being a bit of confusion going around about what each Timed Ability supports in terms of areas, I wanted to clarify a few things for people.

A more fleshed out reference for where timed abilities work will be linked to in the future here.

As a forward note, if you ever want to check if a timed ability works in a specific area, you can put it on your unit and then compare the stats you would lose based on where you are by taking that unit off.  So for example, when I was checking if general Lillipa timed abilities worked in Mining Base, taking off my unit in the campship only would have lowered my MEL Pwr by 145 which is what it gives without the timed ability.  However, taking it off while in the last mission of Episode 3 (which is basically mining base 4) would have lowered it by 195 (and my MEL Pwr was 50 higher in there as well).

[Planet] – Works in ALL QUESTS on that planet.  Includes Expeditions, Advanced Quests, Urgent Quests, Ultimate Quests, ARKS Quests, anything you can think of.  Basically, if you look at an area and the location lists that Planet, the Timed Ability works.

Basically, this combines all the AD, UL, ARKS, Exploration, and Area timed abilities into one — and can only roll bonuses to MEL/RNG/TEC Pwr.

Example: Back – Naverius will apply to Forest Expeditions, Running Maneuvers: Naverius I, Corruption Survey: Naverius, Ruins Advanced Quests, and more.

Area (such as Forest 3, Tundra 3, etc) – Works in quests for a specific area of that planet.  Can apply to more than just expeditions.

Example: Back – Ruins 3 will work in Ruins Expeditions, Ruins Advanced Quests, and the third area of Running Maneuvers: Naverius I.  Forest 3 actually applies to Corruption Survey: Naverius.

[Area] ARKS – Only works in ARKS Quests of that area.  Pretty much ignore this lol.

[Area] Exploration – Only works in Expeditions of that area.  Can pretty much be ignored as well.

[Planet] AD – Works ONLY in Advanced Quests for that planet.  Can roll offensive or defensive bonuses.  Commonly made to level timed abilities as it hits multiple achievements at once and saves on the lower supply resources.

Example: Back – Wopal AD3 will work in the Advanced Quests for Floating Facility, Coast, and Seabed.

[Planet] UL – Works ONLY in the Ultimate Quest for that planet.  Only rolls defensive bonuses.

Example: Naverius UL3 will work only in Corruption Survey: Naverius.

Arks Fleet – Works for missions where the fight takes place on the ARKS Ship.  This is a bit more complicated to describe.  Examples include Elder, Profound Darkness, Corrupted Mothership (Luther).

Extreme – Works in all extreme quests.

[Quest] EX – Works only in that extreme quest.

EP# Story – Works in story missions of the episode of that story.  Only available for Episodes 1-3.  Literally sees no use.

More timed ability options will be available in the future when they are relevant — but SEGA did away with the subcategories of Planets.  This is probably due to the generic planet timed abilities covering everything.  Which should answer any of your questions regarding “why does ARKS/AD/UL/Exploration/etc even exist?” — it’s just a relic of old game design that has been done away with when it comes to future content.

AD timed abilities still being there helps tons for leveling Timed Abilities due to Photon Boosters being much more available than planet crystals.  But for the most part, the general planet timed abilities and Arks Fleet are the only ones you need to care about when it comes to actually putting Timed Abilities on your units.

Areas of Relevance for Timed Ability Crafts


This is a list of Timed Ability Crafts that most players would care for in my opinion in terms of EP4 content.  Nothing for EP5 or EP6 content will be listed here due to spoilers and needing crystals from that content which we can’t get right now anyways.  It will include good effects for the timed abilities as well, which all include Rare Drop Rate for obvious reasons — but for those that want to worry less about annoying status ailments such as Shock and Panic, those are included as well.

Naverius (general): Rare Drop Rate, Shock Nullified (ultimate), EXP Gain (future EP4 recommended quest)

This applies to all areas of Naverius, including Expeditions, Time Attacks, and most importantly, Ultimate Naverius.  EXP Gain Timed Abilities will also apply to the bulk of the exp gained from a future Featured Quest that is commonly used for leveling.  Does not apply to Profound Darkness even though the loot area is technically in Ruins.

Visual example as people were having trouble finding this while requesting.

Lillipa (general): Rare Drop Rate

Same as the above, and same deal.  Applies to Ultimate Lillipa, as well as also applying to Tower Defense/Mining Base urgent quests, which now have some 14* drops!  Mining Base 3 timed abilities also work for the urgents, and don’t be confused – “Mining Base #” applies to all Mining Base urgents/triggers.

Amduskia (general): Rare Drop Rate, Panic Nullified (ultimate)

Soon to be a new Ultimate Quest that will be introduced in EP4 which can drop both Slave AND Nemesis weapons.  Outside of that, same deal as Naverius.  A “Panic Nullified” timed ability can be extremely useful here as well for Ultimate Quest, as some of the bosses inflict it and it can be very annoying.

ARKS Fleet: Rare Drop Rate

This is a “location” that is extremely vague.  It applies to the Urgent Quests for Elder, Luther, Corrupted Mothership, and Profound Darkness.  It also applies to City Area Advanced Quests.  It also applies to Time Attack Abduction events, as well as the one remaining Time Attack we don’t have yet (final area only though).

Profound Darkness is currently dropping units that can be best in slot for a very, very long time (Ofze- series, arm + rear combined, need both for set effect).

Earth & Moon: Rare Drop Rate, Increased EXP Gain (Bonus Keys), Shock Nullification (Train Gidran, random zombies, and more to come), Panic Nullification (Laplace and more)

Welcome to EP4!  Most of the urgent quests (such as the Yamato trigger from the story) will take place here.  Bonus mention for EXP Gain timed abilities due to Bonus Keys!  Obnoxious enemies that status you are everywhere as well and I can’t even begin to explain how many enemies there are that can status you in this episode.

Unfortunately, this can be hard to grind and get good rolls on for yourself or for services as there’s not much content you can get Earth Crystals in – or maintain a PSE burst in for the fastest possible Earth Crystal drops.  This results in extremely high Earth Crystal prices — even on JP servers.  I’d highly recommend checking for Earth Crystals and selling them if you have them if you don’t plan on using them yourself.

Wopal (general): Rare Drop Rate, Increased EXP Gain

Low priority now as Beach Wars really doesn’t have much of interest dropping from it that you can’t just get elsewhere.  Can drop a few 13* weapons, but you can get most of them in Ultimate Naverius as well.  Experience gain may also be relevant for people leveling — although this is also available from Wopal AD3, exp gain will cover Beach Wars too.

Dates for Easily Selected Main Effect


Day of the MonthMain EffectDay of the MonthMain Effect
1E-Trial Stat Boost17Blind Nullified
2Recovery Medicine Effect Increase18Rate of Phys Resist Increases
3Rate of Phys Resist Increases19Partner Stat Boost
4Shock Nullified20Rare Drop Rate Increases
5Rare Drop Rate Increases21Burn Nullified
6Panic Nullified22Recovery Medicine Effect Increase
7Recovery Medicine Effect Increase23Rate of Phys Resist Increases
8E-Trial PP Recovery24Rate of Magic Resist Increases
9Rate of Magic Resist Increases25Increased EXP Gain
10Increased EXP Gain26E-Trial HP Recovery
11Auto HP Recovery27Freeze Nullified
12Recovery Medicine Effect Increase28Rate of Phys Resist Increases
13Poison Nullified29Rate of Magic Resist Increases
14Rate of Magic Resist Increases30Rare Drop Rate Increases
15Increased EXP Gain31Auto HP Recovery and special rules for this day
16Auto HP Recovery

There is also a rule where only 1 status type removal roll can happen each day.  For example, on the 2nd of the month, only burn negation can roll — no other status removals can roll.  However on the 31st, all status removals can roll, and many other rolls simply can’t happen or are heavily reduced in roll chance.  I won’t include this right now as if you want certain status removals you’d probably just roll on the day where it’s likely anyways.

What each Main Ability does

Note — values in parentheses are used for level 1 to level 5 effects, and are sourced from JP Swiki. #1008

HP Automatic Recovery: Recovers 1% of your maximum HP every x seconds.  (15/14/?/10/7)

Boost consumable HP Recovery: Increases the effect of healing items by x%. (6/7/8/9/10)

It is worth noting the above bonus is multiplicative and stacking it will give even more boost.  Two level 5s of this will boost a Monomate from 30% to 36.3% as opposed to just 36%.

Randomly negate phys dmg: Chance to negate (or lower?) Melee or Ranged attacks that hit you.  Further details unknown.  The details of how this exactly works are not clear unfortunately.

Rate of Magic Resist Increases: Same as above but for tech attacks.

Rare Drop Rate: Boosts Rare Drop Rate by x%.  (1/2/3/4/5)

This effect is additive according to Collection Files but i still swear by it.

Increased EXP gain: Increases Experience gained by x%. (5/6/7/8/9)

[status effect] Nullified: Prevents the status effect from happening.  This is the same regardless of level.  As such, these can provide IMMENSE quality of life while farming certain things.

Emergency Trial HP Recovery: Potential to recover 33% HP at Emergency Trial start

Emergency Trial PP Recovery: Potential to recover an unknown amount of PP at Emergency Trial start.

Emergency Trial Stat Boost: Potential to activate Shifta and Deband at Emergency Trial start.

Partner Stat Boost: NPC stats increase by x%? (?/?/15/18/20) This one is super unclear to me to translate and I’ve never used it so I have no idea how this works.  Not that it should ever be actually relevant…

11. Using Room Decorations to Boost Crafts



Certain Furnishing items you can get for your room can boost your Great Success rates or lower crafting line cooldowns by certain percentages.  However, you can only have one or the other as a boost for a crafting type.  As such, most people tend to do Great Success Rate.  These can either be purchased FUN or with Star Gems.

The free machines come in 4 different levels, but due to the Crafting Shop not existing in NA, only level 1 is available for makers, with level 3 also being available for builder without paying Star Gems.  The level 4 version does the same thing as the Star Gem reward — so eventually, people that don’t want to spend Star Gems will be able to get the same boosts as those that pay Star Gems.

The advantage of paying star gems is that the machines will take up much less space in your room as well as have a lower “placement cost.”  They give a higher boost, but only for now.

Simple quick list of what each does.  Future machines are crossed out for now.

  • Type of Craft (1 machine allowed per type)
    • EX – used for Unit and Weapon Extensions
    • Tech – used for Technique Customization
    • Time – used for Timed Abilities (data + creation)
    • Arts – used for Photon Art Customization
  • Type of Machine (you can only have 1 of the 2 for a craft type)
    • Builder – lowers cooldown
      • Level 1 = 2% reduction — Available from FUNporium for 2000 FUN
      • Level 3 = 6% reduction — Available from title (200 crafts of that type)
      • “S” version = 8% reduction — Available for 230 sg
      • Level 2 = 4% reduction (unavailable)
      • Level 4 = 8% reduction (unavailable)
    • Maker – raises Great Success rate
      • Level 1 = 1% increase — Available from FUNporium for 4000 FUN
      • “S” version = 2.5% increase — Available for 460 SG
      • Level 2 = 1.5% increase (unavailable)
      • Level 3 = 2% increase (unavailable)
      • Level 4 = 2.5% increase (unavailable)

Example: A “Craft EX Builder 3” will lower the cooldown of unit and weapon extensions by 6%.

12. Crafting Services – Requesting and Running


So you might be like, holy hell this crafting thing seems terrible I’m just going to request.  What’s the cost, and better yet, what are they gaining out of me requesting from them?

The cost of requesting crafts basically just adds a 5% meseta fee to give to the person doing the craft for you.  That usually amounts to about 1,000 meseta.  Man, that sounds bad.  However, you had to go to their room for the craft.  This means they gain room visits for the Personal Quarters Visitor ranking rewards that get handed out per week.  This means they can get Star Gems if they are the highest visited room!

That said, requesting a craft from someone really doesn’t cost much especially considering it can skip the entire grind of unlocking crafts yourself.

You can search for crafts through the Visiphone under the crafts section in the “crafter search.”  When you click on a craft that you want, a list of names will pop up.  Mousing over their name will pull up their advertisement, and clicking on them will bring up a prompt to move to their room.  Note that many people will have additional info on available crafts in their descriptions which allow you to contact them for additional services that aren’t listed!

Once you’re in their Personal Quarters, you can go to the Room Terminal and select Craft.  You will see six different terminal requests that you can put in.  I would highly suggest only doing 1 request of a technique from someone at a time early on in NA — chances are a lot of people are going to want crafts from the people hosting services, and getting ANY upgrade is about the best you can ask for.

Once you click on an open crafting slot, you will see a list of their characters that have crafting requests available.  Yes, this means people can have multiple characters with different crafting options available!

Sorry airoh, I just needed to find someone to use as an example

Once you request, the crafter will receive a mail in-game saying that they have a request for x item on y character from you.  This means even if they are offline, they will have a mail notification when they log in.  When they go to their room there will be a red ! over the terminal saying there’s new crafting requests if they are logged into the character with the said crafting request.

When the crafter completes your request, you will receive mail telling you the craft has been completed.  You’ll be able to go to the Visiphone and pick up your Craft by going to Crafts -> Pending, which will bring up the original 6 slot request screen.

Additionally, if you wish to CANCEL a request, you can do this in the same location.
For crafters, it’s recommended to let people know that you have been logging in recently through your advertisement or by changing your welcome mat message.

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