Phantasy Star Online 2 Rush TACO Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 Rush TACO (Time Attack Client Order) Guide by Extrone550

1.Naberius 1

Area 1

legend: Star – Teleporter | Line – Wall | Dot – Switche

You start at the bottom:

1.Hit the switches at E5
–Hit the switches at D5, F5

2.Kill the enemies at E4 to unlock the teleporters(If the party is not very powerful kill only the Oodan and Za Oodan and spread in 2 instead of 4)

3.Use the teleporter to arrive at the square area (A2, B2, A3, B3)
–Enemies are the following:
A2 – Oodan
B2 – Aginis
A3 – Gulf
B3 – Za Oodan

4.Kill the enemies in the square area to unlock teleporters to E3

5.Destroy the first set of rocks

6.Use the teleporter to go back to E4

7.Use the left and right teleporters to goto D4 and F4
–a.Cut the grass to reveal switch below
–b.Hit the switches and take the teleporters to E3

8.Proceed up and kill the Rockbear to finish area
–a.You can follow the line to avoid traps

Area 2

legend: Star – Teleporter | Line – Wall | Dot – Switche | Triangle – Jump Pad

You start at the bottom:

1.Hit the switches at C5

2.One player goes right to hit switch at D3

3.One player goes left
–1.Kill the wolves in B5 and then hit the switch
–2.Kill the wolves in A5 and then hit the switch
–3.Switches are hidden in snow, but can be used without breaking the snow piles
–4.The switches will enable the jump pads at A3 and A2

4.Remaining players stay and kill all the enemies at C5 to unlock teleporters at A5 and D3
–1.Kill the enemies and hit switch at C4

5.Take the teleporter to C3, kill enemies and hit switch

6.Take teleporter to A4, kill enemies and hit switch

7.Meet up at B3

8.Go to A1 and take the teleporter to area exit

Area 3
1.Kill the Snow Banther to complete the TA.

Misc Notes:

*(Area 1) Casters can destroy the first set of rocks through the wall using third person Grants
* Doing this allows you to essentially skip the square area
* One person must kill the Aginis in the square area for the TA to finish


Area 1

legend: Line – Wall | Dot – Switch | Crossed Circle – Enemy Spawner | Red Area – Enemy Trap

You Start at bottom right:

1.Go up the ramp, kill bots and hit the purple switch
–1.Don’t step into the red marked area as it’ll trap you in the area and spawn enemies
–2.Rangers should use Concentrate One and Forces Ra-Zan

2.Go E4 to hit the switch, break enemy spawner and kill all enemies to hit second switch

3.Go D4 and kill bots

4.Repeat step 3 in C4, have one person hit blue switch with ranged attacks

5.Go C5 and follow the bridge north, killing bots and hitting switch along the way

6.Repeat step 3 in C3 and C2

7.Go towards the exit, kill enemies along the way

Area 2 (Party Mode)

legend: Line – Wall | Dot – Switch | Star – Teleporter

You start from the bottom left:

1.Go up the ramp and kill the enemies

2.Split into 2 Groups
–1.One group goes east towards E3, killing enemies along to remove walls along the way
–2.One group goes north towards D3, doing the same
–3.Ranged characters can hit the purple switches along the way to disable traps for the other side

3.Both groups splits again
–1.One player gets the switch on E2 while the other stays at E3
–2.One player gets the switch at C3 while the other heads towards E3

4.Hit the 2 switches in E3 to make the jumppad spawn, use it to goto map exit

Area 2 (Solo Mode)

Basically the north D3 lane is same with party mode.
1.Follow the yellow road (North D3 lane) and go to point A and hit the switch (Clear Traps in C6~E6)2.After kill the 2 bots at the 1st star symbol, move to 2nd star symbol and kill the bots.

3.Follow the white road and go point E and hit the switch.(Clear traps in E3~E4)

4.Go point F and hit the switch. (Clear traps in E6~E4)

5.Then go to the 3rd star symbol and kill the 2 bots.

6.Go 4th star symbol and kill bots.

7.Go point B and hit the switch. (Clear traps near point D, E3~E2)

8.After opening switch at point B, do not press the blue switch at this moment. Use the teleporter and go back to the starting point, then follow the green road (East E3 road).
–1.The traps on the east road are cleared if you had hit the switches stated before.
–2.The explosives at the east road had been unlocked, use it at your own risk.

9.Then is the Important steps during solo mode:
–1.Then follow green road go to point C and step on the blue switch.
–2.Immediately follow the road back to point D and step on the green switch.
–3.Go downhill to point E and step both green and blue switches.
–**PS: When you see the switches, please step the right one (blue switch) only the left one (green switch), due to the switch will disappear.
–4.Go back up and there’s a jumper, use it to jump like the party mode.

Area 3

1.Kill the boss to clear the quest.

Misc Notes:
*(Area 1) There’s numerous switches that enables explosives.
*(Area 2) The switches in E3 (point E in solo mode guide map) will only appear for a limited time after hitting previous switches
*(Area 2) If you failed to get the E3 switches, then you need to get the yellow marked switches (in the party mode guide map) as well to reach the exit.

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