Dawngate Desecrator Tactician Support Guide

Dawngate Desecrator Tactician Support Guide by kyamazuki

To me, Desecrator is one of the best tanky support to have. His kit is great, and he’ll be able to complement almost any carry.

His kit(abilities), can be found here:

For the most part I pick up his E and Q for the first 2 levels. Doesn’t matter which order if you’re laning with a carry. I’d then max out W because I play an aggressive support. Every point that goes into W reduces the attack speed more, it allows you a higher chance to win damage trades with the opposing shaper. In addition by leveling W it increases the movement reduction you can do on enemy shapers so chasing them would be easier.

I’ll always max out Deathfog every time I get the chance. It’s a great tool to use to zone out enemy shapers to give more opportunities to cc them with your Q or E abilities. It also does great damage if enemy shapers get caught in the aoe.

I always pick up Deflect, Wither, Tailwind for my spells. Depending on the lane match up I’ll pick accordingly.
For the most part I start out with either Deflect/Wither as my first spell to give more sustain to my carry that i’m supporting. The second would be Tailwind, because by the time I’m able to choose it, it’s already Mid game. It’s great to use either chasing enemy shapers, or disengaging from them.

My load out for him is always Force Bubble. Since I build him so tanky, he’s a great initiator and this load out will be great for late game becuase the shield scales with the amount of health you have. It also gives you the ability to harass safely.

Item Build
For his item build, I generally start out with life, and buy health pots. From there on I’ll build him as tanky as possible. So far I’ve been using the recommended items list for what items I’d want to buy. I haven’t strayed far at all from it. In terms of what to buy I’d either get core items, or if I notice they enemy team has strong physical, or magic damage I’ll pick items accordingly to counter it. Remember if you die, the death stats is a great tool to look at. I’ll look at what majority of damage I took, and will build the resistance to counter that damage.

Laning Phase
During laning phase, I feel that the best time to use abilities is if you can catch the opponent out, and your laning partner can follow up on damage. It gives tremendous pressure if you do that a couple of times. The best way I’ve seen so far to really capitalize on this is with a couple of key things:

A) Enemy shapers are split because they have bad positioning
B) Your laning partner can follow up with burst damage
C) Your force bubble is up so you can take free damage

Also it’s important to keep in mind the minion wave. Minions do deal damage, no matter how small, and if your wave is bigger by a bit, that extra damage that they put on the enemy shaper can go a long way.

You can combo Desecrator abilities however you want. I personally try to feel out the enemy shaper. Sometimes it feels good to use Desecrated Ground to cc the enemy shaper, sometimes it good to use Forgotten Tombs. For the most part I use these abilities the most. I’ll use Chilling Presence if I can either A) Slow the shaper we are chasing or B) Reduce the attack speed of the carry shaper, so we get a higher chance of winning the trade.

It’s also important to note, with this setup I’ve chosen I can solo a lane if my team mates wish to use 2 junglers. Having tactician I’m not completely gimped in not gaining VIM. If I miss a last hit on a minion, my passive as a tactician still allows me to recover some of the gold I missed from last hitting. In additional with the Force Bubble loadout it allows me to sustain in lane.

As long as you try your best to acquire VIM so you can stay relevant in late game, going in a lane 1v2 is fine. The objective playing Desecrator this way is to be your teams initiator.

Mid to Late Game
During this phase, this is where Desecrator shines the most. He has the ability to start a fight, and go in due to his tankiness, and kit. Also if your team needs to disengage, he can stay in the front lines still and peel for the carries of the team. Since we’re a tactician its okay if we die for our carries. The longer the carries are alive, the more time they have potentially to gain more VIM and/or experience.

Some Final Thoughts
If there is a guide on where to ward, I recommend you read it. Warding key ambush areas will turn the game tide. As a support I’m the one that usually look out for ganks from the enemy shaper. I shoulder the bulk of the responsibilities during laning phase so my carry will have an easier time late game.

As a support you are the base foundation for your carry. We are the crucial part for our lane to win. The more responsibilities you put on yourself so the carry can concentrate on csing, the higher chance of success you’ll have to win that lane, and evetually winning the game.

However the biggest thing to note: Stay positive, have fun, and try your best! As long as you keep that mind set, you’ll become a better player, and person.


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