WildStar Speed Leveling Guide

WildStar Speed Leveling Guide by Aefyn

It’s not for everyone but for those who have been in the beta already and seen the lore, or for those that just want the challenge of a race to the elder game there are some tricks.

First and foremost skip all task quests. I know it seems odd since most other MMOs you need to to run through the entire quest hub to level up and get to the next one. However in Wildstar just doing the main quest line, usually called the world story or regional story is the fastest way. If you do all the quests at each hub you will be doing quests that are your level or a level below. In your quest list on your HUD it will say “Tasks” these quests are the optional ones and you can just skip them and move on. If you can’t find the next quest accept everything around you and then abandon the ones under “Tasks” Stay 2 levels ahead of your level if you can.

Follow this map a bit if you get lost on where you could be . This not only has a guide on where to level it also has maps you can click on that show you the levels of each area inside the map. http://www.tentonhammer.com/wildstar/guides/wildstar-exile-leveling-zones

Don’t overstay in a zone just to get all the world story done. Go to Galeras at 14. Go to Whitevale at 21-22. Farside at 29.

Skip all gathering

Skip all crafting

Skip all Path quests

Bind at the nearest transmat and any time you need to go back use that rather then running Don’t salvage, just sell everything. The items you get from salvaging like cores and mats can be bought for cheap off the AH. The time spent at 50 to make 1g to buy a bunch of cores is way less then the time spent salvaging and not being able to buy your mount at 15 and 25. Like all MMOs you get way more gold at max level then you can ever get by gathering, salvaging, etc.

get an addon called instantquestaccept. Note: This skips all dialogue, you will just turn in and accept all quests stopping only for a reward choice. You will lose all lore and if that’s your thing skip this.

Skip all Challenges unless you are already in the area. If you finish your quest and are over 80% maybe finish the challenge. Otherwise just let it fail and move on.

Skip all adventures, shiphands, and dungeons. They made the adventures a little bit harder and while they are good experience. Nothing beats racing through quests. All three items are still rough when you have a wipe or delay from groupmates.

Don’t group up, some quests you can get dual credit. about 30% you can’t It seems if it’s a pickup quests you have to do your own. If it’s a kill you can share credit. If you do group up get the addon GroupRadar. This lets you see where people are and will make it easier to find each other. If I group up I’ll be in a channel with the group as we level. Being able to chat and say where quest completion items can help speed it up.

Get 2-factor authentication from google auth. It will give you 2% bonus to exp, renown, prestige(PvP currency).

Know where the settlers are building their buffs. Especially the runspeed and exp ones. Always rebuff when in town.

Wait until 15 to get your house. Then you can go to Thayd and get your mount and house at the same time. When you are logging out for the night port to your house for some better rested exp.

Get items for your house. You can buy right off the bat around 12 items that will give small-medium rested exp bonuses for your character.

I won’t be following this guide exactly. Neither should you unless you are going for world first or just want to race for your own enjoyment. I will be gathering, I will be doing some challenges. I will be crafting. I definitely will be grouping with anyone from my guild that wants to. I’m not racing to 50 but I’ve done the 1-30 so many times I could scratch my eyes out. I’ll be leveling fast, but I still want to enjoy many parts of Wildstar.

TL;DR there are many things you can do to speed up leveling. Think of this list as a mix n’ match and pick the items that will let you enjoy the game the best. Above all have some fun!

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