WildStar Spellslinger In-Depth Guide

WildStar Spellslinger In-Depth Guide by Spythe

This is a general guide to help new to advance space cowboys that like gunslinging and everything it involves…. Mainly slinging guns…… and doing some healing on the side. Currently the general consensuses among a lot of active players are that Spellslinger is the highest skill cap class in the game. Now with that said the game still has a low skill cap when it comes to basic combat/rotations but because of the Spellslinger innate this gives the class an “extra” resource to manage over other classes. Instead of having an innate with a longer cooldown Spellsliner actually have to manage their innate since it’s essential their class resource.

Table of Contents

Spell Surge
Raid Consumables


A – Affinity
AI – Astral Infusion
AM – Arcane Missile
AS – Arcane Shock
CS – Charged Shot
C – Chill
FF – Flash Freeze
FB – Flame Burst
GF –Gathering Focus
I – Ignite
P – Purify
PS – Phase Shift
RoP – Runes of Protection
RF – Rapid Fire
SS – Spatial Shift
TS – True Shot
QD – Quick Draw
WB – Wild Barrage
AP – Assault Power
SP – Support Power
MOO – Moment of Opportunity
IA – Interrupt Armor
CC – Anything that removes interrupt armor
LAS – Limited Action Set




What is the only weapon a space cowboy would rock? That’s right, dual (Mag) Pistols. Spell slingers also wear light armor, one of the two classes that use light armor. Light armor has the least amount of armor in the game so this makes light armor wearer a bit squishier than medium and heavy armor wearers


Race has no effect on character aside from its physical appearance. Unlike a lot of other MMOs that link racials, abilities, or possible stat increases.

Spellslinger have plenty of options when it comes to picking the perfect race for your space cowboy. CASIAN

Exile(not sure why anyone would go exile) – Human, Aurin, and Mordesh

Dominion –  Cassian, Draken, and Chua(GOD RACE)

Paths currently have no effect on your character in terms of DPS or Healing so just chose the one you think you’ll enjoy the most. The current paths in the game are Explorer, Soldier, Settler, and Scientist.

Professions also don’t have any unique buffs/abilities that will benefit your character in terms of DPS or Healing. Now wearing light armor may make certain professions more appealing than



Spellslinger only have 1 resource to worry about which is their Innate Spell Surge. Spell Surge gives certain spells additional affects other than base description/damage. More about that later in the guide. SS has seen a lot of different changes since early beta but I feel it’s finally in a good place. Spell Surge regenerates rapidly out of combat but is reduced while in combat. In additional to the passive regeneration, Spellslingers have an amp(Critical Surge) that generates 6 Spell Surge when you deal critical damage, but can only occur once every 6 secs. On the healing side they have Burst Power amp that generates 6 spell power whenever you land a critical heal.

Spell Surge has a maximum of 100 spell power and each Spell Surge cost 25 spell spower.

Spell Surge really separates the Spellslinger from the other classes since it operates like an on demand spender. This allows Spellslingers to have more options when it comes to choosing their LAS since they don’t have a typical 1 builder and 1 spender requirement. With that said it is highly unlikely that any Spellslinger wouldn’t have Quick Draw on their LAS since it doesn’t have a cooldown and essential it’s their basic attack. The same goes for healing but Runic Healing isn’t a MUST like QD is.



The attribute system in Wildstar is a bit confusing at first but is easy once you understand it. Instead of going with the typical attribute names Carbine decided to switch it up and went with Brutality, Finesse, Moxie, Tech, Insight, Grit(increases Health Points for all classes).  Each of these stats do different things for each classes, however melee(Warrior/Stalker) attributes do the exact same thing which is fine since their armor is separated by Medium and Heavy.

Now that is the basics but in additional to raw increases the attribute system also has milestones that give additional bonuses to hitting a certain number. For example once a Spellslinger hits 375 Finesse the character gains an additional 24 assault power. The amount of Finesse it takes to reach the next milestone is 75 more Finesse. Once you pass 600 that number jumps up and continues to do so the more Finesse you get/milestones you hit. However the additional Assault Power you gain from reaching higher milestones stays the exact same at 24. Now this may seem like nothing but it helps the meta game when it comes to gearing a bit, more of that later in the guide.

Assault SS has 3 raw attributes to focus on which are slightly different from the other light armor class Esp’er. Their main stat is Moxie while Spellslinger focus on Finesse, this prevents same armor type for fighting over the same gear. However some stats are still relatively close in some gear that it can be good for both Spellsinger and Esp’er

Finesse – Increases Assault Power which increases your damage output for Assault abilities and Utility abilities that do damage.

Moxie – Increases your Critical Hit Chance rating and Critical Hit Severity rating (how much damage your critical hits are multiplied by)

Brutality – Increases your Striketrhough(reduces the chance of being deflected aka miss) rating and Critical Hit Severity rating.

Support SS has 2 raw stats to focus on

Insight – Increase Support Power which increases your healing output from Support abilities and Utility abilities that can heal

Moxie – Increases your Critical Hit rating and Critical Hit Severity(how much extra healing your critical heals are multiplied by) rating

Focus(mana) Recovery Rare – increases the amount of focus you regenerate each second while in combat

Focus Cost Reduction – reduces the focus cost of your abilities, this only effects support abilities since their the only ones that cost focus

General stats

Tech – Increases your deflect rating and deflect critical hit rating

Grit – Increases your base Health

General character sheet stats, this is the same for all classes

Max Health – increases your HP

Max Shield – Increases your shield value which marriages 50% of all incoming damage until it is depleted.

For example

Player A has 2000 HP with 1000 Shield.

Mob A hits Player A for 600 damage

Player A takes 600 damage however Player A HP is reduced by 300 points while Player A Shield is reduced by 300 points

Player A now has 1700 HP and 700 Shield

There are certain abilities that can increase the shield mitigation %. Medic’s T4 Shield Surge and Engineer’s T4 Repair Bot/T4 Disruptive Module but only for the Engineer,

Armor Pierce – All damage you deal ignores this  % of Mob A’s Armor
Shield Pierce – All damage you deal ignores this % of Mob A’s Shield. This one is sorta out dated since the shield mitigation has been changed
Lifesteal – This % of damage you deal is restored to you as health
Cooldown Reduction – reduces the cooldown of all class abilities(excluding Innates)
Shield Regan Rate – This % of your maximum shield capacity that will be restored each Shield regeneration interval
Shield Reboot time – This is the number of seconds that must elapse before your shield will begin to regenerate.  Taking damage will reset the Shield Reboot Time.
Physical Resistance – All incoming Physical damage is reduced by this amount. This mitigation percentage assumes combat against an equal level for and is based on your Armor Value and your Physical Resistance Rating

Technology Resistance – All incoming Physical damage is reduced by this amount. This mitigation percentage assumes combat against an equal level for and is based on your Armor Value and your Technology Resistance Rating
Magic Resistance – All incoming Physical damage is reduced by this amount. This mitigation percentage assumes combat against an equal level for and is based on your Armor Value and your Magic Resistance RatingAbilities AssaultSkills ranged 1(bad), 2(slightly bad), 3(solid), 4(good) to 5(good/GOTTA HAVE IT). In additional to number ratings an * means the ability is bugged/over tuned.Instead of writing out each and every abilities I will be just using the Wildstar Wiki format and give my opinions on how useful/non useful each abilities is.

You can check out the site for all the classes, it has great enough and its always nice to support a website helping out a game.


Additional effects is when its spell surged.


Quick Draw(5) – This ability is pretty much your bread and butter so it will be used in ALL DPS LAS. This is essential your auto attack and on top of that the T8 is just too good not to use atm. Now this comes with good and bad, the good is you have a basic attack that dumps out A LOT of damage which can lead to more spamming than a lackluster basic attack. The bad is the T8 is sooo good that most specs will have this as a party of their LAS.

I think the beginning of the cone telegraph is a bit too small

T4 – Each hit grants 1 sec of Swiftness. Swiftness increases your movement speed by 20%

T8 – On channel end, grants an Empower for 6s. Empower increases Assault Power by 10%. You only get the effect if ALL 3 hits land so you don’t want to cut off this channel EVER.

Charged Shot(4.5) – One of the core abilities for the SS class. The only downside to CS is that without Spell Surge the charge time can be pretty daunting. The T4 makes the able mobile so the stationary requirement pretty much ends once you hit level 25. The T8 is also needed if you plan on having this ability on your LAS. This ability is currently used in one of the top DPS LAS.

T4 – Expands telegraph width by 1m and can now be cast while moving.

The increased width seems pretty lackluster but it’s just a bonus to making the move mobile.

T8 – Increases the Spell Surge damage by a shit ton, I think that is the correct wording.

This T8 is a must have if you plan on using CS at all once you hit max level. The damage increase is just too good not to have it.

Ignite(3) – Hmmmm, pretty much sums up this ability. It’s not completely horrible but needs a damage increase and some slight adjustments. I personally don’t like the ability because the dot(damage over time) doesn’t last long enough and the finally tick is also extremely lackluster. One way that Carbine can improve this ability is by allowing the final tick to hit all foes within 5 to 10 yards and just make the scaling of the ability a lot better.

T4 – Cast time and GCD reduced to .5s

Makes it less annoying to keep up but the damage output still doesn’t justify actually putting points in it

T8 – Normal and Spell Surged version can affect a target simultaneously

Now this sounds cool on paper but it requires you to fire 2 Ignites, one surged and one un surged. I love the idea behind this Tier but it makes trying to keep up 2 separate ignites a bit clunky and there is no real payoff.

Wild Barrage(4) – I personally love this ability, especially when its spell surged. The armor piece is amazing for heavy targets in PvP and surging it adds a lot of damage. This move works well with one of the first Spellslinger’s combos. Open with surged CS to WB, most of the time this is enough damage to drop any group of mobs low then finish them off with Flame Burst and QD

T4 – Now affects 10 foes

This T4 is completely situational since it’s pretty rare to run into 10 foes while level and even in dungeons.  I really wish it had an additional effect but it can be worth grabbing depending on what boss you’re fighting.

T8 – Snares foes by 50% for .5s

Clearly a PvP Tier bonus that works well, the target is snared for the entire cast so it can work nicely following a Charged Shot and setting up burst with a PvP partner or just snaring an entire group of players in a zerg off.

Chill(2) – Not a bad ability in PvP but with only 8 abilities there are just better options to put on your LAS. In PvE its completely situational there are some fights where this can be extremely useful but you won’t run into those for a very long time.

T4 – Reduces cooldown to 1

Useful if you use this ability as a snare in PvP, decent in PvE but there is A LOT better options

T8 – Normal: Snare increased by 50%. Surged: Snare increased by 65%

PvP Tier bonus but I honestly don’t see any SS grabbing this T8 over another T4 or T8. Great if you like to snare targets

Rapid Fire(4.5)  – I actually hated this ability at the beginning but it grew on me mainly because it does A TON of damage when you spell surge it. Spell Surged CS to Rapid Fire just melts mobs while leveling and does amazing AoE damage in dungeons as well.

T4 – Restores 25% of a Dash Counter

Pretty lackluster hopefully it gets changed or adjusted.  The Tier bonus seems more like an additional instead of the actually Tier bonus.

T8 – Each tap reduces the True Shot’s cooldown by 1s

This is the first Tier that plays well into another Assault ability. So you can kinda see how Carbine intended this ability to be grouped with True Shot.

Flame Burst(5) – Should always be on your LAS in PvE, questionable PvP(more so for the low levels when you don’t have access to your entire LAS). This ability is completely off the GCD so it can help burst down targets in PvP and is just a flat damage increase in PvE. I enjoy this ability but wish it worked like the Engineer’s Quick Burst that allows you to use it while doing other abilities. BUT FB doesn’t work like that and will interrupt/cut off your channeled/charged abilities. However on casted abilities like True Shot, you can spam FB and it won’t fire til TS goes off.

T4* – Landing a magic attack reduces Flame Burst’s CD by .5s

Currently bugged and just doesn’t work at all, I was screwing around with this ability and I think it can shine once it gets fixed.

T8 – Landing a hit on foes that are under the effects of your Ignite deals an additional 35% magic damage every 1s for 2s.

Cool tier bonus and you can see another Tier synergizing well with another ability. Currently you don’t have enough Tier points at max level to make a build like this work but once people unlock more ability points cooler and more interesting builds can work out for the Spellsinger.

Assassinate(4.5) – Dope ability and works well for finishing off mobs… who would of guessed? But this ability comes with some downsides. It only does full damage on targets at 30% or below unless its surged then it does the full bonus damage no matter what HP the target is it. And it only hits 1 target so it’s not great for AoE packs but still worth grabbing for leveling. This is your go to move for PvP especially when surged. It also works well combo’d with a surged CS.

Surge on > CS > to CS and Assassinate at the same time.

In PvP this should never leave your LAS

T4 – Ability Charges increased to 3

Great for PvP but has no actually benefit in PvE since each one has its own recharge time. Being able to get off 3 Assassinates in a row is nice for burst damage and finishing someone off. However it can be hard to land unless someone is rooted or snared

T8 – Landing killing blows with Assassinate restores all of its abilities charges.

Can be decent for PvE while leveling but will be amazing in PvP at 50. You normally use an Assassinate to finish someone off so in a BG you will constantly be getting all 3 charges back. I wouldn’t say this is a must half since there are better T8 but it will be worth considering especially when more abilities point open up.

True Shot(3/4) – I love the design and concept of this ability but it can be a bit lackluster at times. The cast time is a bit long unless spell surged and for how narrow the telegraph is the damage output is pretty

lackluster in PvP. It has a lot cooldown when compared to CS, how the Spellslinger LAS is set up you end up picking True Shot or Charged Shot. Currently Charged Shot wins out, more on that later.

T4 – Increases Armor Pierce to 50%

Really lackluster for a T4 needs to have an additional effect or be pushed to 100% armor pen. You don’t even notice the difference with the additional armor pen you gain from this tier.

T8 – Can cast True Shot an additional time and is instant

Not a bad bonus but the instant True Shot still triggers a GCD(I think its really shot). If  you’re going a physical SS build this T8 is worth considering.

Arcane Missle(3) – Solid ability but lackluster when it comes to damage output. But the main reason for this ability is the debuff that it brings. It really buffs Charged Shot damage output and helps all your other magic spells as well. The problems with this ability is the damage is split with 3 foes if their in the telegraph. So this move is terrible for AoE but good for single target… Mainly for the debuff it brings

T4 –  Can now be cast while moving

This Tier bonus is disappointing and really should an base part of the ability. It feels really bad spending all those ability points just to make an ability mobile…. As a spellslinger hopefully this gets adjusted.

T8 – Apply full damage to all foes whilte Spell Surged

Now this sounds good but all foes is 3 targets…. And you have to spell surge for it to even apply…. Yeah this T8 is just bad no other way to say it. This Tier bonus needs to be combined with the T4 to make the T4 decent. Then their needs to be a new T8 maybe make Arcane Missile not have a limit cap when Spell Surged if they want to keep that theme going.



Gate(4, I just think the ability is cool but its probably really a 3) –  This is your movement cooldown AND your stun. A bit annoying at first but can be really cool once you get the hang of it. I’ve seen a few threads complaining that the time to rotation your camera takes too long, my advice to them Is just practice more.  As soon as you hit gate you should already be casting(normally its followed up by a charged shot or true shot in PvP) an ability and panning your camera around at the same thing. Now this ability comes with some cons, but not a lot of pros. The one pro is that its unique….

Cons , none of these are really bad but they should just be noted.

It can get you killed in PvE mainly in veterans by gating to bad telegraphs. Like gating to stop a channeled cast and ending up in that channeled cast. This just means you should always gate from side to side or front to back

Can’t be used while tethered, this one should be clear but I learned the hard way.

Objects can block how far you get

T4 – Destroys 2 Interrupt Amor

Typical CC T4 that all ranged classes have expect a Medic. This is really nice for Veterans and Dungeons, being able stun a 1 and 2 interrupt armor target alone is great for the entire group and speeding up kills.

T8 – If a foe is interrupted, cooldown is reduced by  5secs

Cool concept, I can see it being useful in PvP once more ability tiers become available but don’t see a use for it in PvE atm. You would lose too much DPS to get it.

Flash Freeze(4)  – Great ability for both PvE and PvP. It’s a root that last a long time, pretty simple stuff and just works well with lining up narrow shots.

T4 – Cooldown reduced by 3s

Solid Tier bonus worth consider for leveling and PvP just not needed

T8 – When the root ends foes are snared by 45% for 3s

Solid Tier bonus but it may be over kill, I can see it being useful in Arena though

Void Slip(3) – Works as an escape and CC break, currently this is the only CC breaks for Spellslingers in the game and it’s the worse one imo. As an escape or oh shit move its amazing in PvP and PvE BUT as a CC break its bad for a few reasons. Long CD and entering the void makes all the enemies and their telegraphs disappear until you exit the void.

The tier upgrades are pointless, I don’t see any decent SS putting a single point in this ability solely for the tier bonus.

T4 – Removes all dispellable debuffs

PvP tier bonus, in PvE you will have a healer that can cleanse every 6s or you can just grab the cleanse yourself that has a 6sec CD. This tier bonus is mediocore at best don’t see it being useful in PvP or PvE

T8 – Restores 2% Health every 1s for 4s

Interesting but just not worth the abilities points, this would have been great for a T4 but just not worth it at the T8. Also the tier bonuses only increase the duration you’re in the void…. Really serves no point

Arcane Shock(3.5) –  I have a love/hate relationship with this ability. It can be really good when a mob only cast on a MoO ability but some mobs have a self cast no one can see. Its hard to explain but if you cast it on a mob and you see interrupt pop up but nothing happens that is the mobs self cast. It won’t MoO them but will still stop the cast and take away the debuff.  I noticed it the most on humanoids.

This ability works by doing damage and putting a debuff on the target so when they cast with the debuff up they instantly get interrupted. You can do some really cool thing with this spell. On top of that Arcane Shock removes 1 interrupt armor. Combined with T4 Gate a single Spellslinger can remove 3 Interrupt Armor. Most mobs in veteran have 1 to 2 so its perfect for veteran content.

This ability blows in PvP since the player can just continue casting the small spell right away. If they spam their buttons they wouldn’t even notice it.

Tier –  increases damage and debuff duration by .5s

T4 – cooldown reduced to 15s

Nice Tier bonus but it may be over kill for group content, worth consider for leveling or doing daily quest. The damage on the ability is high so it may be worth tiering just to increase the damage.

T8 – Purges 2 buff

Interesting may be useful in PvP but don’t think its worth the ability points and serves no purpose in PvE content at least for the 5 out of 6 bosses in GA

Purify(3 for Assault LAS) – this is your standard cleanse that most healer have access to but its in the utility tree. I don’t see it being useful with an assault LAS but there are some encounter where having someone in the group with an extra cleanses can be very useful.

Tier – increases health restored

T4 – Breaks Root and Snare CC types

Really cool tier bonus for PvP, having done all the veterans and GA don’t see a purpose for having it in PvE content. Now that I think about it most of the PvE snares are debuffs that can be cleansed off anyway. I can see Assault SS rocking this in their PvP LAS

T8 – Cleanses 3 debuffs

Just seems like over kill since the ability has a really short cooldown at 6s to begin with. Don’t see any assault or support SS grabbing this in their LAS

Gather Focus(1) – I don’t see an Assault SS every using this on their LAS, it may be possible for regen spell power with it but the cooldown is too long and aside from that has no other benefit for an assault SS.

Tier – increase focus by 4 each point

T4 – When focus is below 200, increases focus restore by 15%

Doesn’t seem worth it and focus isn’t an issue once you start putting rune sets in your gear

T8 – No longer applies Diminish

Doesn’t seem worth it as well, the Diminish only last 6s and the amount of ability points for such a lackluster bonus….. yeah don’t see any support Spellslinger grabbing this tier bonus.

Void Pact(3) – Cool group utility ability and can be useful in group PvP but don’t see a lot of SS grabbing it for solo gameplay. For support SS this is a must have to help buff the raid damage, for assault SS its worth considering once you get more Amp points but right at 50 I don’t see any assault SS grabbing this because they would lose soooo many good  amps

Tier – increases aura, empowerment, and swiftness

T4 – creates a 12m field

Lackluster since the SS that uses it will most likely run it to every in the group so the extra radius doesn’t provide anything extra

T8 – If under Spell Surge, increases Assault Power Bonus to 16%

Cool bonus and worth consider but the amount of points required to get this over a support or assault ability doesn’t make it worth it. Will be worth consider when more ability points are acquired.

Spatial Shift(3) – cool ability to play around with in PvP and can be a good interrupt in PvE situations. In veteran content having multiply abilities that interrupt or remove interrupt armor is good but I don’t see many SS grabbing this over Arcane Shot and definitely not over T4 Gate. With that said this is really a PvP ability and can lead to do some cool stuff defensively and offensively. I personally think the cooldown is too long at 35sec, 30sec seems more fitting for this ability. Possible let the Tier upgrades reduce the cooldown as well

Tier – increases the disorient

T4 – Maximum range increased to 25m

Not a bad bonus since it replaces your position with the target and I can see players maxing this out just to for the tier bonus. So this is just a plus to go along with that

T8 – On a successful Spatial Shift, grants yourself CC immunity for 2.25s

Another interesting Tier bonus but I don’t think it works well with the spell. If everything works as intended you spatial shift the target then their disoriented so the odds of them landing a CC right back are fairly low. I can see this being useful in an arena situation where you can spatial shift(switching positions) with an opponent then being immune to his/her group CCs and running back to your group.

Phase Shift*(5 for PvP, 1 for assault/support) –  PvP skill hands down, there is little to no reason to every rock this ability in PvE. MAYBE in solo content but I honestly don’t think its worth the LAS. This ability is currently over tuned for PvP and makes SS a lot more durable than they should be for a class that wears light amor. The T4 bonus combined with Trigger Fingers makes this ability have insane uptime in PvP. Also having on demand Interrupt Armor that can be casted at any time is pretty amazing.

Tier – increases duration

T4 – On your next Deflect, reduce the cooldown of Phase Shift by 5s. Can only trigger 1 time.

This maybe the best Tier bonus in the entire Utility tree for PvP and really takes this move over the top.

T8 – On your next Deflect, restore health to you

Good tier bonus but maybe over kill. I would suggest if Carbine doesn’t touch the ability at least switch the T8 with the T4 which would make the spell more reasonable.

Affinity(1 for assault, 3 for support) – this ability is completely situational. Its worthless for an Assault SS but can be useful for a support SS. Now with that said it still really situational, I only see a  SS that is tank healing grabbing this ability since it will increase all heals the target receives. Other than that I don’t see for it on their LAS

Tier – increases duration

T4 – Cooldown reduced to 9s

Not much to say but if you’re gonna use this ability having close to 90% uptime is nice

T8 – Grant XX absorb

Once again for tank healing and if you’re gonna use this ability giving out an absorb every 9s is a plus.



The icons for Runic Healer and Rune of Protection are wrong, also their spots should be swapped. This section will get updated later but just mentioning the ones that can be useful for an Assault Spellslinger in PvP.

Runes of Protection(3 for assault) – Can be very useful  in PvP especially with a hybrid LAS, as well as PvE to help mitigate some damage. This ability is cool since its completely off of GCD and the spell surge makes it a lot more useful. So in PvP great to toss out when you see someone “power up”

Tier –  increases the absorb amount

T4 – On spell end, reduce cooldown by 1s

Pretty basic stuff but I like how Carbine switched it up on spell end instead of just reducing the cooldown by 1s. Fairly lackluster overall but the actually tiering is decent so I can see people grabbing it just to tier it more.

T8 – Grants 1 interrupt Armor

Interesting bonus but completely situational, probably more useful in PvP over PvE.

Astral Infusion (3 for assault) – solid ability but has a long cooldown. I only see this ability being useful in PvP as heal. However I would only use it with spell surge up, other than that it’s a waste of a CD.

Tier –  increases health and hot

T4 – Cooldown reduced to 25s

Cool bonus worth considering for a cool hybrid PvP spec

T8 – Grants Defense. Defense: Reduces damage taken by 5% for 6s

Not worth the points, that is all. Needs some adjustment



In Wildstar, your character is able to choose 8 of their class specific abilities to have on their action bar at a time. This system is known as a Limited Action Set or LAS. You are not limited in any way as to which abilities you choose to put on your action bar, but some combinations of abilities are more effective than others. Once you reach level 50 you will begin to earn Elder Gems that can be spent to acquire an additional 10 amp points and 7 skill tier points. As of now, these will most likely be a top priority so avoid buy anying gear until you acquired all your extra points.

Here is a website that has access to all the amps and their locations


since this information is already posted all over the internet I will just highlight Assault ones and a few others that may be useful for an Assault SS. Will be updated later for PvP and Support.

Assault T2

Critical Surge – Landing a critical hit generates 6 spell power. Can only occur every 6s

Trigger Fingers – Using Quick Draw Reduces your cooldowns by .5s… GOTTA HAVE IT

Withering Magic – Landing a hit while Spell Surged applies an Expose for 8s. Expose: Reduces magic Resistance by XX amount

Vengeance – When your attack is deflected it grants an Empower for 5s. Empower: Increases Striketrhough Chance by 6%

Deadly Chain – Landing a physical or magical attack grants 1 stack of Empower based on damage type.

Physical assault empower – Increases physical damage by 1.5% for 15s. Stacks 3 times

Magical attack empower – increases magical damage by 1.5% for 15s. Stacks 3 times

Assault T3

Surge Damage  Using a Spell Surged ability grants an Empower for 4s. Empower increases damage dealt by 10%

Assassinate – Unlocks the Assassinate ability

Gunslinger – Using an ability with a cooldown grants an empower. Stacks 3 times. Empower: Increases Critical Hit Chance by 2.5% per stack.

Hybird A/S T2

Power Surge – While under the effects of Spell Surge, increases assault and support power by 8.6% of current maximum.

Great for PvP, PvE, and leveling

Preparation – While entering combat  your cooldows reduce by 2s and gain 11 Spell Power

Can be useful for leveling


One of the really cool thing about the Spellslingers is they have a lot of options when it comes to picking what abilities to use, especially for Assault. Since they don’t have a traditional spender and builder this open ups their choices a lot more than the 5 other classes.

Sub 25 just experiment with all the different abilities and see which skills you like the best. Once you hit 25 I suggest using these core abilities but really any lay out can work well. This LAS is assuming you don’t any T2 amps


This would be a good way of amping as you level, the main thing is don’t rush to get the Assault Power amp because your AP is soo low at early levels it just not worth it.

Hybird A/S T1 Critical Hit > Assault T1 Strikethrough > Assault T1 Assault Power or Utility T1 Cooldowns > Critical Hit Severity

Quick Draw – your basic attack, will always be on your bar

Charged Shot –  really good once you get access to the T4 and the extra width surprisingly helps

Wild Barrage – this one is a toss up but I personally like it, I normally use WB or Rapid Fire in this slot. You’re pretty much want 1 of the 2 spells on your LAS. Rapid Fire may be a bit better because it’s a shorter CD and benefits more from Spell Surge but the downside is the channel is stationary.

Flame Burst – should be a given but this should never leave your LAS  as soon as you get it for leveling. Its off GCD and does good damage

Gate –  great for movement and the stun, not needed for leveling but nice to have. If you don’t have gate on your bar you will need Arcane Shock.

Flash Freeze – I personally like it and helps for keeping mobs at distance.

I have a few solo Spellslinger shiphands on my youtube channel you can check out for the gameplay style and how the abilities work with each other.

Level 32 Spellslinger Shiphand – Space Station Venture


Level 33 Spellslinger Shiphand – Deep Space Exploration


Once you get 45 you get access to T8 abilities and I would suggest grabbing Charged Shot T8 or Quick Draw T8 both will increase your damage output by a lot. But leaning more towards CS T8 since its perfect for opening on packs of mobs BUT QD is perfect for grouping them up then hitting them with a spell surged CS.

Elder Game Content

DPS Rotation

This is pretty much the million dollar topic atm. There is a general understanding that the best LAS and rotation for a Spellslinger is focusing only on Spell Surging 2 abilities which I completely agree with.

The 1 out of the 2 abilities is normally T8 Charged Shot or T7 to T8 True Shot both get a reduced charged/cast time when spell surged.

Now what do you spell surge next?

That is completely up to you, however if you’re using a magic based LAS. Spell surging Arcane Missile is a good option, it bumps up the damage output by a lot.

If you’re going a physical build then you have the option of going with Rapid Fire or Wild Barrage, both should always be spell surged and kept on CD.

Why can’t I surge 3 abilities?

You can, you can spell surge 4 QD if you want as well it just not optimal in a rotation and spell surging a 3rd ability depending on the LAS will cause you to lose out on spell surging something that has more potential damage output. With that said some LAS open up the possibility to spell surge 3 abilities. When i was doing a dungeon on my Spellslinger I noticed that with Rapid Fire, it has a long uptime since its a tab ability with channeled cast, you can spell surge 3 abilities fine for the most part. I will still suggest focusing on 2 main ones then a 3rd one when you have access spell surge.

Enough with all the talk what is the rotation?

Most builds with have T8 QD for the assault power increase so you want to open every fight with a QD. You may even want to open with a spell surged QD to get the Surged Damage(10% damage increase for 5 after using a surged ability) amp buff up as well. If you’re using the magic based LAS your next ability should be a spell surged Magic Missile to get the debuff up. Then Spell Surged Charged Shot, with T8 Charged Shot you should never cast charged shot unless its spell surged. Now both Magic Missile and Charged Shot are on CD you toss in another QD to get back the assault buff. If you have another damage ability use that then back to QD spamming til Magic Missle and Charged Shot are both off cooldown. Always Magic Missile before a Charged Shot to make sure that debuff is on before you hit with a Charged Shot. Of course during all this use Flame Burst whenever it procs but don’t cut off QD because all 3 ticks of damage need to land to receive the buff.

SS?(optional if you want the 10% damage increase for Arcane Missile)QD > SS on AM > CS > SS off > QD > ?random assault ability if you have it on your LAS? > QD > QD > SS on AM > CS ….

repeat that is how the typical rotation should look. Of course toss in Flame Burst and Assassinate but only use Assassinate when you have 2 charges back to back. Even above 30% its a damage increase and OF COURSE sub 30% its a massive damage increase. For burst damage Spell Surging Assassinate is always a good choice.

I hate magic, what about a physical rotation?

The physical build is pretty similar but your subbing CS for True Shot. You still want to open with a s spell surge QD but instead of going into something else use Spell Surged True Shot once you have the QD buff. Since there is no buff that will increase TS damage and if you have T8 Rapid Fire(reduces TS cooldown by .5sec every tap) you only want to use Rapid Fire when TS is on cooldown.So now that TS is on cooldown and SS is active use Rapid Fire and toss in a QD in between taps to keep up the QD buff. Now if you have Wild Barrage on your LAS spell surging that next is a good option then turning off spell surge. Since TS and Rapid Fire that a bit more time than CS and AM with this build its possible to spell surge 3 abilities and never worry about running dry. I still need to do more testing to make sure but in dungeons during trash packs this wasn’t a problem at all.

SS on QD > TS > Rapid Fire, QD in between taps > ?Wild Barrage? if this is on your LAS > SS off > QD til TS is coodlown > SS on QD > TS > Rapid Fire……..

Repeat, if you want to always have Surged Damage(10% damage increase for 5 secs after using a surged ability) it looks like trying to spell surge WB would be too draining for your spell power. So I would suggest just not using WB or simply not SS it unless you have extra SS. Once again of course use Flame Burst whenever it pops up but don’t cut off QD, you only have to worry about cutting off QD and WB in this spec.

Random rotation tips

This is all personally opinion and tips from a few things I noticed with the help of Shuun, you can check out his Warrior guide here https://forums.wilds…-warrior-guide/

1. QD all 3 ticks have to land before the buff is applied, so cutting of QD is bad unless you already have the buff up and it has a good duration left.

2. Arcane Missile is terrible for AoE and the T8 is not worth getting. So if you’re using the Magic based LAS its better to spell surge QD during AoE packs than AM

3. Flame Burst can be annoying to use with the magic based spec since it cuts off Arcane Missile, QD, and Charged Shot channel. So you’re best bet is using it after any one of these spells

3a. Flame Burst is less annoying in a physical LAS, you can spam FB hot key while casting TS and it won’t fire until TS goes off… it doesn’t cancel the cast of TS.

3b. As long as 1 tick of Rapid Fire lands you can cancel the rest of the channel and still get the damage of all 3 ticks.

Random opinion – if you want to be lazy and not have to toggle on and off spell surge you can “dump” your spell surge at the beginning of the fight and just keep it at 1 to 2 so you don’t have to keep constantly turning it on and off. You would just have to turn it on then it will automatically turn off when you’re out/don’t have enough to spell surge an ability. However, after testing this a few times it not exactly optimal since you end up waiting for spell surge on your 2 main abilities at times. WITH THAT SAID, its not horrible as well, it makes dealing with spell surge a lot less annoying.

Veteran Dungeons

For veteran dungeons I suggest grabbing T4 Gate so it breaks 2 interrupt armor instead of 1. This allows you to Gate stun a target that has 1 interrupt armor without the help of anyone else in your group.

Gate Tips

1. Always try to gate from side to side in a boss fight or front to back. This is for if someone misses an interrupt you don’t end up right in the front a cleave telegraph or frontal attack.

2. Remember your movement cooldown is also your stun/cc. For fights like the 2nd boss in STL using Gate to run the twister phase may end up screwing up you’re party since your interrupt is down.

3. Remember even though it looks like a blink you can’t blink pass environment.  Learned that the hard way trying to Gate pass the 1st boss in SC stew pot.

I also suggest using Arcane Shock on your LAS, not for the debuff but for the Interrupt Armor removal. The actually debuff can be useful once you get use to mob cast timing but the debuff will only trigger if the mob doesn’t have any interrupt armor up when their casting a spell.

So you cast Arcane Shock and remove 1 interrupt armor and apply the Arcane Shock debuff that last 5s assuming the ability is base. The debuff is only useful while the mob doesn’t have any interrupt armor so if he regens Interrupt armor within 3 secs. The actually debuff time is 3s not 5s(if a mob has IA), so this making tiering up Arcane Shock for the debuff duration worthless but I think the T4 is still worth consider since that drops 5s off of the CD. If you don’t want to use Arcane Shock you can use Spatial shift but you switch places with the target, this can be annoying for random trash packs. In a boss fight you normally stay put and just interrupt the cast or remove the interrupt armor. BUT depending on the boss sometimes you end up teleporting to the boss.

Here is a LAS I would suggest for veteran dungeon and adventures


Now this Is more for trash/cleave bosses and this spec comes with different options. You have 1 free LAS to do whatever you want with it. You can toss in Rapid Fire for more AoE damage on the trash. You can grab Arcane Missile for boss fights and the debuff for small groups of trash packs. You can even sub out Wild Barrage for those 2 abilities I just mentioned. However I suggest grabbing Void Slip if your group is going for a gold run for those oh shit moments. Or even purify to help cleanse in certain situations.

You can also go the physical build which is


I would suggest something like this, typically you can only focus on spell surging 2 abilities but since Rapid Fire takes a bit longer than other spells to use all the taps this helps regenerate additional spell power so the rotation is a bit different. Also you don’t have to spell surge True Shot on pulls since it only reduces the cast time unlike CS T8 that gives a massive damage increase when Spell Surged at charge 4. This spec would shine for AoE packs while be relatively weaker in ST boss fights. Of course if you need it drop the points out of Rapid Fire to get T4 gate for interrupts.

All the dungeons are basically the same so choose which ever LAS you prefer but I suggest having these Utility skills to help with interrupts and possible a CC break for a few encounters.

T4 Gate to remove 2 interrupt armor/interrupt a cast

Arcane Shock or Spatial Shift to remove/interrupt a cast

Void Slip since its Spellslinger only CC break atm

Stormtalon Lair, Engineer PoV


Runes of Kel Voreth, Engineer PoV


Skullcano, Engineer PoV


Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden – sorry no footage of this dungeon, got a new external hard drive and lost most of the footage when it decided to not work a day later. I only have 4 out of the 6 bosses, and a few mini bosses.

Veterans Adventures

These are a lot easier than dungeons so dropping the T4 Gate for more damage isn’t a bad idea. And depending on your group is probably a smart move.  The 2 things to note for Veteran Adventures is Flash Freeze is really nice for Siege of Temptest Refuge since you can root the Bunker Busters and can be useful in War of the Wilds for holding the exiles/dominions in place.

War of the Wilds

This one is the quickest adventure(10 to 25min) and grabbing some extra CC ability is a solid move for this adventure. It plays out more like a MOBA style game which is different from every other adventure currently in the game. For a gold run, I think you must have a certain amount of totems before finishing the adventure. Any deaths lowers your medal standing.

WotW Veteran Gold Run Video, Engineer PoV


Siege of Tempest Refuge

This adventure is a set up and defend  type of match. Done right it takes 20 to 30min to complete, done wrong it can take up to an 60min. For this adventure I suggest grabbing Flash Freeze since the root effects Bunker Busters which can be really annoying to kill. Other than that it’s just set up guards and defend, I suggest putting the hard hitting guards in the middle point since that is where the bosses spawn at. For a gold run, you have to complete the Adventure with the generate shield at 90% or above. Any deaths lowers your medal standing

Siege of Tempest Refuge Veteran Gold Run, Engineer PoV


Crimelords of Whitevale

This adventure is a bit heavy on the RP and my less favorite out of all the adventures. A typical run takes about 30 to 60min to complete. With that said this adventure has a lot of choices to pick from so you can run this adventure for a few hrs and do something different every time. For a gold run you have to just finish this adventure in a timely manner. Any deaths lowers your medal standing

Crimelords of Whitevale Veteran Gold Run, Engineer PoV


Malgrave Trail 

By far the longest adventure, it can take up to 40 to 120min. Even with that I actually enjoy this adventure but can’t get anyone else to do it because this adventure has had constant problems since its been in the beta. Nothing worse than wasting an hr then having the adventure bug out. This adventure is similar to the old school game Oregon Trail which is really cool concept. If you plan on getting a gold medal for this Adventure I suggest setting up your LAS with more movement abilities since you will be running around looking for supplies.To get a gold medal in this adventure you have to complete it with all the caravan members being alive so 30/30. This makes it the harder adventure in the game to gold, and even luck based. Since you can get bad a bad path with barely any resources or your caravan just doesn’t give the option to take a break til its too late. Any deaths lowers your medal standing.

Malgrave Trail Veteran Gold Run? Engineer PoV



Wildstar has a few different forms of player v player combat.

They have small scale in the form of arena which can be played in a 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 setting. Unlike pervious MMOs Wildstar decided to go with a death match style arena game so instead of 1 death each team has a set number of spawns. The team that uses up all their spawns then die is the team that loses the arena match.

For mid scale PvP they have BGs which are 10v10 atm and you have the option of doing 2 different BGs.

Check out this site the author does a great write up for each BG

Walatiki Temple


Halls of the Bloodsworn


For large scale PvP they have Warplots which are 40v40 massive battles. Warplots are a really cool concept but I haven’t spent enough time in them to give an honest opinion but I love the idea behind them just not a fan of huge battles when it comes to PvP. You can check out Carbine’s devspeak on Warplots



For this section I’m not gonna tell anyone what spec to use or not use. I will just voice my opinions and share my PvP videos using different LAS. At the end of the day playing a game is about fun and if you create a LAS that you have fun with then use it. Screw what anyone else says, just have fun.

Spellslinger Highlight 1 to 4, links + video description

#1 https://www.youtube….h?v=ViuSu-32T64


#2 https://www.youtube….h?v=zEYdwwibaMY

“These clips are highlights from 2 matches and the clips are a lot longer than my previous one. I really wanted to highlight how defensive a SS can be depending on your LAS. Also some abilities I don’t see a lot of SS using like Spatial Shift which I show off at the beginning.”

This one was before I realized how broken Phase Shift was and started avoiding it in my future videos.

#3 https://www.youtube….h?v=ctuIYiOtPt4

“These clips are from mutli matches, just showing off how successful a SS can be once he gets down the TS telegraph aiming.”

#4 https://www.youtube….h?v=0x-Ib4TuJ4s

“More True Shot, its pretty much just continued from #3. I got one cool clip at the beginning where I follow another SS into the Void to finish him off. I’m pretty sure Assassinate will get nerfed in the future, its just too strong but hopefully they counter it by buffing TS or Charged shot. Possible Wild Barrage, Flame Burst and Ignite as well.”

Assassinate is still strong but its toned down at max level.

Spellslinger Raw BG 1 and 2

#1 https://www.youtube….h?v=_HKpmk1FJfk

#2 https://www.youtube….h?v=Rxv-MEiDyGk

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