Grand Chase User Interface Guide

Grand Chase User Interface Guide by Ley


Each character is different, these are just the basics

Pressing Z: 
Pressing Z on all the characters will perform their basic combos.

Pressing ^ or v:
Pressing the up key will allow the character to jump. Pressing the down key will allow the character to fall through a platform.

Pressing ^x2
Pressing the up arrow key will allow Lire, Lass, and Amy double jump.

Pressing < or >:
Pressing the left arrow key will allow the player to move left. Pressing right will allow the character to move right.

Pressing <x2 or >x2:
Pressing the arrow keys will allow the character to dash in the direction pressed.

Holding Z on: Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, Ronan, Ryan, Jin, Amy, Sieghart, Mari, Rin, Asin, and Lime will perform a skill.

Pressing A,S,D,F,G:
Pressing A,S,D,F, or G, on every character will perform a skill.

Pressing X: 
Pressing X on certain characters will perform a special attack, switch from two different sets of skills, or enter a special character-excusive mode.

Pressing LALT: 
Pressing the left alt key will consume an item located in the top left corner.

Pressing Ctrl+2/3:
Pressing Ctrl and 2 will activate GC’s in-game recording feature. Pressing Ctrl and 3 will stop recording.

Pressing the Function keys
F1 – Lowers Graphics
F2 – Improves Graphics
F6 – Shows/Hides the FPS in the lower right corner
F7 – Mutes/Plays the BGM
F8 – Mutes/Plays the SFX

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