Grand Chase Ley Guide

Grand Chase Ley Guide by Snail

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Skill Tree
III. Leveling
IV. Dungeons
V. PvP
VII. Advanced PvP
VIII. Conclusion
IX. Questions and Answers

Snail’s Introduction
Hi everyone, I’m Snail. You’re, obviously, here to learn how to play Ley, or just learn more about her. That’s what this guide is for you becoming a better Ley! I’ve been playing Ley since I pre-ordered her on my first account and loved her ever since, I think I have competent knowledge on how to educate others on how to be a better Ley. Welcome to my Ley Guide.

Ley, the Pride of the Crimson River Tribe
Power and influence had always been shared by a few powerful families in the demon world. The more extreme tribe of demons who desire Kounat’s complete destruction realized after their defeat that they needed to grow their own power by seizing it from the more moderate demons who did not desire all-out destruction. The extremists, thus, began to quietly cultivate their power. One day, the strength of the extremists suddenly overwhelmed that of the moderates, and the chief of the moderate demons went missing. Ley is the daughter of one of the more powerful moderate families, the Crimson Rivers. Peter von Crimson River, the blood red ruler, began sensing that something was amiss in the demon world and put a stop to suspicious activities on the part of the Burning Canyon family, and to secure their allegiance, sent his daughter Ley to Ernas to find Dio, chief of the Burning Canyon family.
Ley is the haughty and coldly aloof daughter of the powerful Crimson River family, whose faithful servants run ragged trying to please her. Although she dislikes to be directly involved in fighting, she quite enjoys being a spectator, though her enjoyment is not betrayed outwardly by her emotions. There have been times when those around her became dragged into fighting because of her.

Having being praised as the young lady of the powerful Crimson River family, Ley grew up to be sophisticated and cultured. She does not like hands-on fights, preferring to spectate rather than participate. People around her have the tendency to get into fights because of her.

To unlock Ley, you either need to buy the cash mission or do the following GP mission.

1Go to King Guang’s Fen and collect 50 of Ley’s Lesser Orbs1Worn Out Ley Mission: Part 2
2Go to Primeval Island and collect 50 of Ley’s Greater Orbs1Ley is unlocked.

1The orbs have an extremely low drop rate

Ley only has 1 Extreme Skill, which can be unlocked at level 73 after completing the 4th bar mission, or can be unlocked with an Extreme Skill Key at levels 15 and 10 respectively.

Ley grew up alongside Dio, whom which she considered her best friend. In the eyes of the girl, no one could mess with the “pushover” except herself, so her favorite pastime was harassing the young asmodian, which was a normal friendship to the standards of Elyos, but Ley’s illness continued to separate the two when she tried to hide her weakness. Her illness had seemed to be related to her family’s magical heritage. Ley had inherited the arcane power of the von Crimson River family, but the power was absorbing her life force.

As the girl grew weaker and weaker, her father had performed a forbidden ritual that fused her soul with the warrior Edna, who had fallen in combat. Those who paid attention to the growth of Ley in the centuries that followed saw subtle changes in her behavior. Some preferences had changed and the the Asmodian went on to demonstrate an unexpected taste in fights, which is something that was not shown before the soul fusing, she had began to study magic. However, as Ley was in her teenage years, this was seen as growth. In the eyes of all, Ley was slowly cured of her illness and was increasingly powerful.

After the war, Duel worked began seeking to ally with the families of the Magic Tribes, which in the past attacked Kounat. But recently, the leader of the most violent faction disappeared and some portals to the world of the mortals were reopened. Shortly after, Dio, the current leader of the Burning Canyon family also disappeared. Suspicious of the situation, Peter von Crimson River decided to send Ley on a mission: to go to the human world with Dio and restore the old alliance between the two families.

With Ley’s power of the summoner as powerful as ever and armed with the gauntlet, the mystical Ultima, Ley went to the mortal world, disguising the joy to search of her childhood friend, unaware that the first people who find him are the heroes of the Grand Chase, and that on the way, Dio will return to his “other half”, the lady of the Crimson River tribe, Ley.

The Summoner is Ley’s base job and does not need to be unlocked.

While searching high and low all over Bermesiah and Silver Land for Dio, Ley sensed a distortion coming from the farthest reaches of the world. Feeling that the distortion and Dio were somehow connected, Ley decided to go and investigate, believing that she would find Dio there. What she did not expect is that the Ultima ended up absorbing a strange power.

The glove, which has been a powerful weapon in the Crimson River family for several generations, has the main characteristic of facilitating the summoning of magic and creatures without having the need to draw spell glyphs, in fact, the glyphs are already drawn on the gauntlet. The magic gem allows the creation of portals, which the creatures can travel through.

When the Ultima absorbed the new energy, it’s power reached a new high, which allowed Ley to become stronger. While testing her new powers, the first thing Ley noticed she can Summon is her pet dog, Bastion Mary, who appears as a small, nervous puppy. It is hard to imagine that she can take on a second form that is geared for combat, like a wolf of darkness, Mary has a real bloodthirsty instinct, but is totally and completely loyal to her master Ley.

Excited about her new company, Ley realized that she had finally reached the title of Harbinger, a powerful summoner with wider and greater knowledge of the arcane arts. Jeeves was wondering if she would use her powers against her enemies, or against Dio because of all the hard work he was giving her.

To unlock Harbinger, you must take part in a 4-part mission that becomes available at level 20. You can buy this mission in the Academy tab in the shop as well as the cash mission.

1Run the Marsh of Oblivion once.Worn Out Harbinger Mission 2
2Slay 8 Zombie Stone Orcs in the Forsaken BarrowsWorn Out Harbinger Mission 3
3Slay the Paradom in Forgotten City and collect 3 Harbinger’s orbs.Worn Out Harbinger Mission 4
4Slay 100 monsters within the range of 2 levels above or below you.Harbinger Unlocked, Inventory Bag, Harbinger Armor (Skin) (7 days)

Ley had finally found her most important clue about the whereabouts of Dio. She felt that the boy had increased the strength of his powers. Focused on finding her “worthless” childhood friend, Ley headed toward the Relics of Kounat. Unfortunately, when she arrived in Kounat, the portal had already been destroyed and that Dio was no longer nearby. There were signs of battle, showing that the Demonic Tribes have been there. To the surprise of Ley, she was attacked by numerous magical creatures coming from Elyos, clearly indicating that the barriers between the dimension had reopened and were increasingly weak. Upon seeing the horde of magical creatures, Ley realized she had little chance of victory. Still, she was a Crimson River and would never surrender.

Her pride and her majestic appearance in combat eventually caught the attention of one of the creatures from Elyos. His name was Haunt and he was a mischievous spirit that had a large amount of power. Haunt approached Ley and offered his help in exchange for a contract. If the girl failed, she would die. Little did Haunt know, Ley was not a common Asmodian. Besides having more arcane energy than normal Asmodians, she also has the lifeblood of two souls and easily managed to complete the pact with Haunt and absorbed his energy into the Ultima.

Immediately, Ley felt her powers increasing and that other portals between Elyos and Ernas were being opened in different regions of the world, and the the barrier between dimension were weakening.Determined to face the horde of monsters, Ley summoned her creatures Bastion Mary, Garoullie, Haunt and ordered that they ended their enemies.

No enemy could oppose Ley, the new Princess of Elyos. Looking down upon the remains of the fallen enemies, Ley ordered that Mary to sniff the trail of Dio and go after him. Now, there was little that could stand in her way in finding her childhood friend.

To unlock Evoker, you must take part in a 5-part mission that becomes available at level 40. You can buy this mission in the Academy tab in the shop as well as the cash mission.

1Clear Partusay’s Sea 3 times on Very Hard difficultyWorn Out Evoker Mission 2
2Slay Kamiki at Kamiki’s Castle and collect 5 Evoker’s Lesser Orbs on any difficulty.Worn Out Evoker Mission 3
3Slay Basilisk at the Temple of Fire and collect 5 Evoker’s Greater Orbs on any difficulty.Worn Out Evoker Mission 4
4Slay 180 monsters within the range of 2 levels above or below you.Worn Out Evoker Mission 5
5Enter the Crucible (The Hero Dungeon on Silver Land) 2 times.2Evoker Unlocked, Inventory Bag, EvokerArmor (Skin) (7 days)

2You do not have to clear it, nor can you enter and leave, you must either finish the dungeon or fail it

Dark Matriarch
Dio was becoming stronger and Ley was convinced that she would locate him on Archaemedia. Ley followed her hellish asmodian puppy, Mary, and suddenly, Ley found herself teleported to a dimension of some sort of ghostly magic. Ley felt the anger growing in her chest. Who would dare take away time from her journey when she is so close to concluding it? None other than Grandiel, the mysterious elf who had survived the destruction of Kounat. Determined to defeat his former friend Bardinar, now known as Astaroth.

Grandiel knew the heroes of the Grand Chase were no match against the new powers of Astaroth. Grandiel used his spiritual magic to create an illusionary dimension and named it Wizard’s Labyrinth. To Grandiel, Ley and Zero, although directly involved with the Chase, were not known as allies or enemies, which is why he le led Ley to the Wizard’s Labyrinth.

Faced with new and formidable enemies, Jeeves, Ley’s butler, saw no other alternative but to free his powers that have been sealed inside the Ultima when he entered Ernas beside his mistress. But in doing so, he released all the powers of darkness that were sealed in the glove, leading the Ultima trying to dominate its user. Luckily for Ley, her body was possessed by two spirits and, with the help of the soul of Edna, she overcame the darkness.

Ley has finally reached her full potential, turning into a true Empress of Darkness, able to use more powerful spells and achieving mastery in her summons. Jeeves is stronger and is now able to fight alongside his master too. With the help of Zero, Ley and Jeeves finally managed to defeat their enemies and continue their journey through the tower. Soon, Ley would finally be reunited with her old childhood friend, Dio, and would join the Grand Chase with Zero.

Dark Matriarch, commonly referred to as DM, is Ley’s 4th job and can be unlocked at level 60 through a 5-part GP mission or through Cash.

1Clear The Wyrm’s Maw 6 times in Champion Mode.Worn Out Darl Matriarch Mission 2
2Slay Yamini at the Alter of Judgment and collect 6 Dark Matriarch’s Lesser Orbs on any difficultyWorn Out Darl Matriarch Mission 3
3Slay Perseo at the Temple of Destruction and collect 6 Dark Matriarch’s Greater Orbs on any difficultyWorn Out Darl Matriarch Mission 4
4Slay 350 monsters within the range of 2 levels above or below you.Worn Out Darl Matriarch Mission 5
5Clear Sanctum of Destruction (The Hero Dungeon on Ellia) 4 times.3/4Dark Matriarch Unlocked, Inventory Bag, Dark Matriarch Armor (Skin) (7 days)

You must finish the dungeon
4 You cannot finish the mission in one day.

Note: This is my skill tree, there are definitly better ones out there, but I find this helpful in both Dungeons and PvP. Copy it if you wish, but as mentioned, there are definitely better ones out there.

Summoner– First Job – Ultima – 30 SP

Summon:To call for the presence of, as by command, mesage, or signal; to call

“There was something awesome in the thought of the solitary mortal standing by the open window and summoning in from the gloom outside the spirits of the nether world”
– Arthur Conan Doyle –

Note: You do not need to max Speed or Time+ to advance to the next skill, you also do not need to max breakthrough or bless. Keep this in mind while assigning skill points. At the moment, Garo. is the weakest summon and defeated easily while not doing a good amount of damage.

Skill NameWhat Does it Do?Practice Mode DamageDungeon RatePvP Rate
Jeeves EtiquetteLevel 1 – 261
Level 2 – 268
Level 3 – 274
Garouille: Increased Dash Speed1N/A
Garouille Extended1N/A
Bless1Level 1 – 136
Level 2 – 159
Bless: Fire1Level 1 – 127 + Burn Effect
Bless: Ice1Level 1 – 0 + Freezing Effect
Break Through1Level 1 – 127
Level 2 – 127*3 = 381
Jeeves Power BombLevel 1 – 86*13 = 1118
Level 2 – 93*13 = 1196
Level 3 – 101*13 = 1313
Gravity BallLevel 1 – 56*2 = 112
Gravity Ball Hit CountLevel 1 – 56*3 = 168
Level 2 – 56*4 = 224
Level 3 – 56*5 = 280
Flame RollLevel 1 – 11*17 = 187
Level 2 – 21*17 = 357
Level 3 – 27*17 = 459
Flame Roll: Increased Area of AttackN/A
Secret PassageLevel 1 – 73*19 = 1387
Level 2 – 77*19 = 1463
Level 3 – 81*19 = 1539
Secret Passage Hit CountN/A
Charge Attack99
Reduced Counterattack Cooldown TimeN/A
Amount of AP at StartN/A
Increased Critical Strike ChanceN/A

1.This is rated so high in regards to it’s usefulness to Garoullie, not how it fares on it’s own, this will go for all summon skills on all 4 jobs.

Harbinger – Second Job – Ultima – 60 SP

Harbinger: A person who goes ahead and makes the approach of another; herald

“Man’s disobedience brought into this world a world of woe, sin and her shadow death, and misery, Death’s Harbinger
– John Milton –

Note: Mary is a melee summon. She can be controlled using X and the arrow keys. 
Note: As with Garo., you do not need Mary’s Speed or HP Bonuses, you also do not need to max her special abilities. Mary is a great summon that you can control and I suggest getting at least level 1 of Speed and or HP

Evoker – Third Job – Ultima – 90 SP

Evoke: To elicit, produce, or draw forth; cause to appear; summon
this one’s for shel
“All of us have wonders hidden in our breasts, only needing circumstances to evoke them”
– Charles Dickens –

Note: Not unlike Garo and Mary, you do not need to spend AP on their Speed or HP passives or their special abilities. Haunt is a reletivly useful summon in both dungeons and AP, so spending SP on their special abilities would be wise
Note: Haunt is a magic summoning, meaning they fly over the map and do what they want, they cannot be controlled.
Note: Evoker is mostly a PvP oriented job
Note: The two new skills for Mary are an excellent addition to Mary’s dungeon skills
Note: To activate the lightning effect on the combo, the third orb needs to hit your target


Dark Matriarch – Fourth Job – Ultima – 120 SP

Matriarch: The female head of a family or tribal line, a woman who is the founder or dominant member of a community or group

“She was the cook, the hostess, the comforter, and the keeper of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about anything.”
– S. Kelley Harrell –

Note: Along with the other summons, Jeeves does not require the speed and time buffs. His special abilities do not have to be maxed

General Leveling
In my experience, following missions and using Rare, Epic and Relic drops (as well as event armor such as Nightmare Circus and Monster Train 301) with Crit, MP Recovery, and Crit Damage will be ideal for a starting Ley. Do not use high propping cards like Talin until you have a set you’re going to be using for awhile. Grinding is a must when you reach the level 77 range. Then you can start doing Wizards Labyrinth stage 22, which gives the most EXP. Also playing during exp boosts will be extremely beneficial.

“Crit Chance and Crit damage in a 1:8 ratio, MP Recovery up to 70% for Aps, more if you can for MPs, However use cards only at first for MP Regen (easy 70% with the best cards like Talin). Special Attack up to 5k tops, any more is useless. Leftovers should go into attack”
– HotStuven –

Recommended Items

– Ring of Beefiness

– GC Club

– Playhouse Berry

– Set Effect: EXP +

General Dungeoning

Although Ley has an extremely safe range and many invinci-frames, she is a very squishy character and one mistake can lead to her downfall. For difficult enemies, use a hit and run tactic and try to do as much damage in a short amount of time as possible without putting yourself at risk. Inspire is an excellent dungeon tech because of its short cooldown and large amount of AP which it gains. When used with a large MP Recovery, Inspire can be an extremely useful part of your dungeoning experience. I also suggest using Harbinger’s jump attack, rather than Summoner’s, so you have a higher chance of Critting or proccing Hell Spear

Dungeon Videos

(Updating to Season Five)

General PvP Information
Ley is a highly mobile character used to get out of sticky situations and do massive amounts of damage. Right now, many (including me) believe that Ley is the most overpowered character in Grand Chase. This statement is true, but with some effort you can prove to others that Ley can kick some major **** without having to use all of the things that make her intolerable to PvP against. Here are the basics to get you started

(→,←,↑,↓, →→, ←←, →↑, ←↑,←←→, →→←, →→↓, ←←↓)

Basic Movement

(Z Z Z)

Basic Combo

Basic Skill Cast

Catch Grab

Movement With Ether

Skill Combo

Skill Cancel With Ether

Juggle Example

General Advanced PvP Information
Ley has a humongus skill pool giving her many unique playstyles. (will be expanded upon)Videos
(Updating to Season Five)

Thanks for Reading!
Thank you for reading my Ley guide. I hope it helped you become a better Ley, or help you just learn more about my favorite character!

You may ask questions here, and I will answer them in this section. Questions will be in bold.

Hyuske (from the old forums), for the banners.

GC Wikia and GC Brazil Wikia for the general Ley information

HotStuven for the Eternal Prop Priorities

All of those who have been supporting my guide since the beginning

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