Grand Chase Lime Guide

Grand Chase Lime Guide by DeSora

Table of Contents:
1.Lime Introduction, Statistics
2.Basic control
3.Holy Knight ST
4.Saint ST
5.Basic Special
6.Aura vs Self Aura
7.Dungeon Lime
8.PvP Lime
9.Miscellaneous Stuff

1.Lime Introduction, Statistics

Well there isn’t much things you have to know about her, just remember she was an adorable loli <3, you can ignore this if you don’t think she is one ._. but you should at least agree with me that she has a loli face
If you wish to learn more about Lime info, you can paid a visit on Grand Chase Wikia

Lime Serenity. Grand Chase 17th playable character. An Amp type character with Linear ST like Rin & Asin . Lies on defensive category. Using a dash movement system like Druid. Her weapon was known as gavel, a somewhat giant size of hammer. A little girl who carry (more like drag, lol) a weapon that was as heavy as herself, make herself look stupidy but who care? She look more cute with that

Lime suppose to be the hardest to lv-up character in low level, mainly because her mobility is limited without ST. Unlike Asin or Rin, this little girl using dash system instead of running system, with Air-Dash as a part of her ST, cause her unable to step until Lv 12.
Not just that, her basic combo is worst among all character, slow , weak and unreliable, combo speed is still slow even with [Effect] Increased Combo Attack Speed. Much worser than a non-ST druid

In other to get different combo, you have to reach Lv 24 (combo from Self-Attack Aura)
Lime is a support and defensive type role character, although she can do some insane DPS later when she get higher lv , with more ST, but offensive isn’t her main role, although she can be godly OP on some of the time.

With my stalking skill I can tell you there are about 100 Lime who reach lv cap at now (27 March 2014)
But no one care these thing much anyway, I’ve just have weird hobby on doing some research and stalking job, pardon me.

It is up to you to train her till that high level (80) or not, but Lime need to be at least 30+ level to be reliable to use. She will be very useful for dungeon after you get her to higher level, though you really need some patient to get her to high level, she isn’t a out-damage class like Geas or WF-Dio, so grind for level is much harder for her. Train her to 80 might take you double, triple or even more effort than train out-damage class to 80. So think carefully If you really want to train her. But things might change after lv 80, it is very possible for a Saint to out-damage all other class in game

2.Basic control

I added the passive in shared tab of ST into this section, since these passive are apart of Lime control. Read note for special information

Combo: Z Z Z
5 hit base combo , initial hit has a slow start-up frame, make it unreliable. After smack with Gavel for the 1st hit, Lime whack her Gavel in front of her, deal a 2nd hit with knock-up effect, and follow by 3rd-5th hit by has her gavel ramming to the front, and waiting for the combo ending frame to launch another combo.

  1. You can terminate the combo at anytime, by press down key dropping from platform
  2. As soon as the combo hit a target, you can always end the combo frame immediately by press down key. This is pretty useful to cancel the ending frame of the 5hits combo
  3. During anytime between the start-up frame of 1st hit combo till the start-up frame of 2nd hit, you can press up down (^ v) , with correct timing, it will cancel your combo and Lime launch a jump immediately. You can chain a jump attack with this. If you fail you will launch a Smash Up instead.
  4. A few frame between 3rd-5th provide Lime hyper armor.

Dash Attack or Critical, Double Attack : > > Z or > > During Combo
Whirlwind : Spam Z after Dash Attack or Critical, Double Attack
Lime swing her Gavel 360 degree once, smash and knocking up + knock back enemies who contact with it. Whirlwind enable Lime to spin additional 11 times, however the additional spin dealing very low damage, and consume 3Mp for each additional spin. Lime gain Hyper Armor during these spinning frame from the Whirlwind .
Enhancement [Choice], Extra Spins allow Lime to spin 21 times instead of 11 times, Reduce Mana Consumption reduce mana cost of each spin from 3 to 1.5mp, while Add Jump allow Lime to jump if she whirlwinded in a platform, or floor.

  1. You can hold arrow key to move your position, or press down to drop from a platform while whirlwinded. Holding “down” {v} arrow key while whirlwinded in Mid-air will make the drop speed become much slower
  2. You gain zero collision ability during Whirlwind, you can pass through something like Partusay Spear with it. Or even bodies of boss.

Jump Attack : Press Z while in Mid-Air
Lime summon 3 Holy Orb in mid-air. In dungeon it damage mobs for thrice without any side effect, while in PvP it knock down anyone who contact with it. Like most of the character jump attack, once you launch a jump attack in mid-air, the only things you can do is holding arrow key to move your position.
Well, Lime jump attack cast frame is short, you can simply just up z down z (^ z)(v z) between 2 platform to spam jump attack, or with holding down arrow key while jump + doing a jump attack, until you drop from the upper platform, then press z , command: {v} ^ z z

  1. Lime jump attack deal 10 hits to demon core on both hero dungeon, well, this was fixed lately and it no longer deal additional hit to these ore ._.

Nature Attack : Z after knocked down
Lime wake up from fall, simply spin gavel in her front head, knock down nearby enemies.

Smash Up : Press up during a combo
Work on Both Self-Attack Aura combo and normal combo. However perform Smash Up in self-attack Aura combo will have an additional frame (Lime have to withdraw her gavel to backward slowly 1st before launch a Smash Up). While in normal combo, you can chain Smash Up initially by z ^.

  1. Smash Up has a hit box that can cover both in front and behind you.
  2. You can dash immediately before the final frame of Smash Up, which allow you to chain dash attack. Or even better , chain >> ^ z for jump attack.
  3. Somehow you can chain a jump backward smash up, I did try this huh, a somewhat input

[>] (Z<) (ZV<^)

Credit to 4Shammy and higgy for this

Run : Click and hold > or < (your dash direction) after a dash
Use step instead if possible, Lime’s heavy looking gavel make her run slow.

Acrobatics : Press opposite direction arrow key twice during a combo, dash attack or whirlwind.
An evasive combo that work as good as Asin Coursing Step, and work pretty much the same, Lime gain invincible frame while performing Acrobatics, Acrobatics will move herself backward. You can also press z to whack the aera where you start performing Acrobatics, knocking up victims in the aera.

  1. While Lime whacking , Lime loss invincible frame, but she gain hyper armor in the process of it.
  2. Lime can perform Acrobatics in mid-air


Step with (>>^)(>>)(>>)
just basically spam > , and press ^ in end frame of a dashing.

Air-Dash Attack with (>^>)z or with double tab arrow key + up key then z : (>^)(>^)z
Note that Air-Dash attack can’t be launch immediately after the Smash Up since you force to dash >> in floor/platform 1st before you can jump.

Fake Dash Attack : z during the right frame in mid-air before you contact the floor/platform. This will cancel dash attack frame immediately, without doing any damage and combo, use this for the tricking purpose, i guess.

Taunt : Press V key
Taunt only for PvP purpose, deplete other’s mp/ap while camping, or to show off ur +17 aura. It is also one of Lime magic, she make her gavel disappear immediately without delay when start taunting. But as soon as the taunting frame end the gavel will come back to her ~.~

3.Holy Knight ST

Holy Knight ST simply is a defensive + supportive type ST, make Lime somewhat useful for a party. Unlike Saint ST, Holy Knight ST is pretty much passive and don’t have too much things to come with
There are mp recovery passive (believe to be 10% recovery, 20% on lv2), grabbed damage reduce (not sure the amount, but suppose to be 5-10%), and counterattack cooldown reduced (a second reduce for each level), bless 1 that restore 5% of your maximum hp if you do a final blow to an hostile unit (bloodseeker?lol), bless 2 that raise your stat for certain % according to number of your party.

[Technique] Momentary Enhancement
The tech provide you hyper armor, please aware that the skill may cause glitch that Lime get stuck if Lime was stunned at the moment she active the tech. While in duration, you are free to do any combo without much interrupt like a stance zero do. However the buff only last for 5s. Consume half block of Mp bar, 15s cooldown.

[Technique] Aggressive
An exclusive tech on Holy Knight ST. This tech is basically work like an aura, all foes that lies within the aura will change their currently target (if any) to you. It will not affect mobs with super armor. 10seconds duration, 20s cooldown.
There are 3 Aggressive enhancement choice which cost no SP to learn in Aura tab, Increase Duration by 5 seconds, increase the AoE(Aera of Effect), or apply damage. Add Damage apply slight damage to any opponent who influence in the aura for 10s with 1hit per second rate, also cause a light stun to them (as well as in PvP). I not sure if Aggressive will still do 10 hit to Demon Cores, but in before it does.
Since Add Damage will cause super armor mobs to take damage, there is a chance to cause the mobs change their currently target to you

4.Saint ST

Saint ST is more focus in single player combat mode, a more Offensive type ST. With 6 active skill and 2 passive (A 1/2% critical chance bonus and Start the game with half/one bar of Mp)

[Technique] Tornado
Lime spin her gavel and suck up anyone in nearby, deal up to 9 hits. Lime gain super armor during the frame. Note that this technique only have stun and suction effect, it doesn’t knock up or knock down opponent, so it will only left them Fatal, but not killed. Cost half block of mp to cast, with 10s cooldown

[Special] Oracle
Lime do a slight quake by smashing gavel in front of her and summon 3 holy orb (look similar to his jump attack), and use gavel to smash them forward into 3 directions, about 30 degree , straight infront and 330 degree. Saint 1 Bar Special

[Technique] Berserker
An exclusive technique in Saint ST, it provide Lime a 50% increase damage buff (You have to test without GC club buff and fruit,cause it will mess up your calculation) and 10% critical chance buff for 10s. However Lime can’t use any tech/specials in skill set while having this buff, hold z cast specials didn’t work either, but you still can hold z to get counterattacked though. Recommend to chain Berserker with tech cancel method immediately after casting a special, special will have their damage increase as well. It work on Oracle , Nemesis, Holy Smash and Redemption.
20s cooldown, cost half of a mp bar.
There are 3 choice of Berserker enhancement, gain super armor while in duration (something like Ryan Neph transform, still can be knocked), Increase duration by 5 seconds, or additional 20% damage increase (with a total of 70%)

[Special] Nemesis
Saint 2 Bar Special. When cast, system finding 3 nearest hostile unit within your screen and summon a lightning bolt to shock victims for 6 hits after half a second later the delay frame. Work exactly same as Zero Domain though, but with smaller vertical AoE. Damage stack is possible if 2 or 3 victims contact with each other. Well, cause there is a short amount of time before system summon lightning bolt and damage the victims, Nemesis a good chain with Berserker.

[Technique] Crash
Lime whack aera in front of her very fiercely for 4times (1st to 3rd hit even hit thoses behind her), 3 hit stun and final hit with a knock up effect. Lime is Super armored while this technique is on duration. Cost half bar Mp , 10s cooldown

[Special] Holy Smash
Saint 3bar special. Well this might be one of the reason for player to level up Lime to 80. Lime enlarge her gavel and whack the aera in front of her with gigantic size hammer, deal decent amount of damage to a small area in front of her. It also cause an earthquake that knock everything up in your screen and damage them. Like Power Strike, using this Special continuous will cancel the delay frame of the skill itself.

5.Basic Special

Basic Special are specials that cost no SP to learn. However some of them have a level requirement so you have to get yourself to that level in order to use specific Specials. More explanation about these Specials will be state in Dungeon/Pvp section

[Special] Power Strike
1-Bar Basic Special. Lime do a powerful single spin with her gavel, knock away anyone who contact with it. Since Power Strike is a single hit 1bar, like Bite Off and Empower, it is pretty useful against those who like to spam counterattack. Not that good for abuse invincible frame or doing damage in dungeon, however this may save your Lime life on some situation. Casting this multiple time in a row will cancel the delay frame.

[Special] Glory
2-Bar Basic Special. Lime heal allies within AoE for 5% of their max hp and provide a 10s hp recovery increase buff. Also revive killed teammate. Beware of lag, as any buff will not apply to yourself while lagged.

[Special] Demolish Hammer
3-Bar Basic Special. Lime jump and slam the floor with her gavel, damage knocking up any nearby opponent, follow by smash her gavel to front, blast away opponent. This special do a very great delay on its start-up frame that even can delay certain boss (starklin as for one), or easily trap someone in PvP with the delay. The blast deal 3 hits, but cause of it’s great delay, more like opponent will try to get counterattacked in 1st or 2nd hit. Cause of it great delay effect, it’s damage wasn’t too impressive on dungeon and more likely you can’t chain any combo with this since everything was blast away after casting the demolish hammer.

[Special] Justice
1-Bar Special, require lv 32 to learn. Lime smash twice with her gavel while moving forward, then spinning her gavel to suck up any victims, and end it with a smash down of gavel that knock victims up. Deal a total of 7hits. The total damage is pretty impressive for a 1 Bar, and yet having good amount of invincible frame. Can easily chain to anythings and make perfect match-up

[Special] Blast Hammer
2-Bar Special, require lv 52 to learn. Lime charge forward and drag/pull any victims along with her then swing gavel up highly to toss the victims. The drag/pull effect are similar to Rin desperate force and Wf-Dio stick lance, but not the damage. The full damage of this special is about same as Nemesis, but you have to aim well to deal full damage.

[Special] Redemption
4-Bar Special. You have to complete 13-13 part of Lime series special mission to unlock this special, you can also unlock this with a Extreme Skill Key if you don’t want to do the mission, however you still require lv80 to use this special ._. There are no delay frame for this skill, cast instant like Howling Gale do. Redemption inflict damage to nearby opponent while apply a revive buff to all your teammate ,including yourself, last until they enter an portal. One will be revive by revive buff when dead, but revive buff will gone afterward. This special has a fan shape AoE, as large as the fan shape look, but the damage not too impressive, just a little bit higher than Holy Smash though.

6.Aura vs Self Aura

A board that show what’s the different of Holy Knight-Aura and Saint-Self Aura. A comparison of them.

Holy Knight – AuraSaint – Self Aura
Affect all party that are within the Aura , including yourselfOnly affect Lime herself
Has a very short cast frameNo cast frame
Mp are not recover while aura active (Assistance aura exception)Mp still recover while aura active
Effect apply instantly once the aura activeCommand effect base Aura, must input certain key to make use of it.
Choice Enhancement, Save SPEnhancement base on Lv-up, effect will carry over to the next lv
No requirement to learn except levelNeed to unlock Saint in order to learn , other than level requirement

[Effect] Enhance Aura
Lime can get this passive ability by complete a series of 13part mission like Asin (complete 8th part), but require lv 70 to complete the mission. It enhance Lime aura in both Holy Knight and Saint ST. For Holy Knight ST it increase the AoE, or perhaps the radius/diameter of the Aura. For Saint ST, your mp use to recover slower than normal when active a Self-Aura rite? With this enhance, your mp recover faster than normal. Definition of my normal : in a condition where no aura is activate.
All aura can be activate with C command key + an arrow key, you can also put aura into skill set if you want to, C key still work if you goes into berserker or skill mute by other character skill, while put aura into your skill set is useful for you to cancel your tech/special by activate/deactivate your aura, with a reason that aura itself cast frame are pretty short or non. You can also use C key to deactivate an aura.
There are 3 aura category, Attack (C^), Defense(C<), Assist(C>), while you can only learn 1 aura from each category.
This section only provide you a basic information of Aura, for more information about how to use it in a efficiency way please read for the Dungeon/PvP section

C <-[C + Left arrow key] (Defense Aura of Self-Defense Aura)

Defense Aura
-10% damage taken.
As for the choice of enhancement
Choice 1: 15% with Increase defense.
Choice 2: 50% hp recovery increase while under influence of Defense Aura.
Choice 3 :Summon a shield to all allies that under influence of defense aura for 5seconds, a shield that block up about 25 of income damage.

Self-Defense Aura
Base effect: Press X to block for anything in front of you for 1.5s. However you can’t do anything while block (input any command will not work while in the process of block), including cast skill. Have a 1 second cooldown.
Lv 1 Allow you use X to block in mid-air,
Lv 2 allow you to cast mana shield that last for 10s (with a 30s cooldown)
Lv 3 allow you to block enemy attack with arrow key, work similar like ST Gladiator Quite Rage block.

C ^[C+ Up arrow key] (Attack Aura or Self-Attack Aura)

Attack Aura
Provide a 10% increase damage to those within the aura.
As for it’s enhancement choice
Choice 1:15% increase while using the Damage Increase choice.
Choice 2: Something that work similar as Cairne stone in Valstrath, opponent will have their MP deplated slowly when influence by your attack aura.
Choice 3: Provide a 10% critical buff for nearby allies for 5s

Self-Attack Aura
Base effect: Change Lime basic combo while this aura remain active, a 3 hit smash combo and ending with a smack that knock up enemy and summon 3 holy spike in front of Lime. A total of 7 hits combo. This combo doesn’t affect by Increase Attack Speed in shared tab, however you may use Self-Attack aura combo to chain up Smash Up.
Lv 1 Change your double attack and critical attack. Lime slightly ram forward with her shoulder and then smash opponent with gavel. Hit frame is slow as regular Double and Critical attack (spin@@), but without super armor, just with higher damage, not very reliable to use though.
Lv 2 Change your dash attack. It is kind of rush forward type dash attack, a quite fast and powerful 360 degree smash that knock opponent to far way. Similar to Druid ST dash attack, but this one doing 2hit instead, and with higher damage. Not useful to chain anything as if target was bounce away by the dash. It has an effect which make main target a bowling, deal 1 hit to anyone who contact with the target, stack-able. If a group of mobs are gather, you will deal [2 + (N-1)]*N hits, where N resemble to the amount gathered mobs
Lv 3 Change your Jump attack, and allow Lime to use Sudden Drop by pressing v Z. The jump attack change into one hit hammer whacking instead of summoning 3 holy orb. Sudden Drop that I mention is something like Geas v Z during mid air, allow Lime to drop up to 5 platform height in an instant, damage those beneath of you, like most other class sky dive, you are able to chain the sudden drop after a Jump attack.

C -> [C+ Right arrow key] (Assistance Aura or Self-Assist Aura)

Assistance Aura
Base effect : Increase Mp recover of ally that under influence of this aura.
Choice 1 : Strengthen the mp recovery rate,
Choice 2 : Reduce Ap/Mp cost of a special by 33% (Except 4th bar special)
Choice 3 : Apply a skill block buff to nearby opponent once this aura active, the skill block/prevention last up to 5s, while having a 10s cooldown

Self-Assist/Self-Support Aura
Base effect: Allow you to rocket jump during a dash. Press up arrow key at the right frame at end frame of a dash to launch a rocket jump.
Lv 1 increase the dash distance (air-dash excluded), allow you easier to perform a rocket jump.
Lv 2 Provide you a double jump.
Lv 3 Allow you to do a double dash, however the dash distance of second dash wasn’t enhanced.

7.Dungeon Lime

Ok I know what you need. I will give you the screenshot of the ST. Although you can not to follow my ST as you may choose Holy Knight part instead. I feels Saint part ST suit dungeon better so I go with Saint ST. This just a recommend ST, minimum ST for full PvE Lime. 128/160 Sp was used.

Share Tab ST

Saint ST Active Tab

Saint ST Aura Tab

Holy Knight ST Active Tab

Holy Knight ST Aura Tab

128/160 Sp Used, 32 Sp wasn’t pointed in ST. You can spend them as you wish, perhaps for aura’s and it enhancement.
It is up to you how to point the rest of the SP:
#1-Some do spend 24 SP in Self Attack and Self Defense aura, and 8 on Grab damage resist.
#2-Some do spend 12 SP in Self-Attack aura, 8 on Defense (with 3rd choice), 12 on run+acrobatics
#3-Some do spend 8 SP in Attack aura (Crit choice), 12 on Self Defense aura. 12 on run+acrobatics
#4-Some do spend 12 SP Self-Attack aura, 8 on Grab damage resist and 12 on run+acrobatics
And some other choice , I recommend #2 for you if you really don’t know how to choose for yourself, for Dungeon Lime.
It is really up to you on how to point them, you can as well go for full aura enhancement/max self-aura lv, but you will be unable to learn Lv 1 Mp recovery from Holy Knight ST

Why only Mp aura is learned in your screenshot, how about other aura?
Oh the Assistance aura, it is a very good enhancement that allow Lime to cast a special with 2/3 of it original mp consume, for eg. I hold z to charge 2bar of mp then release, Lime will cast a 3bar special instead. And you don’t even have to worry about cast 1 bar with holding z since hold z to 0.66bar of mp will never get yourself counterattacked.
While C^ , C< is up to player preference. If you don’t bother with command’s, Go with Defense Aura + Attack Aura. But if you want to use some special combo, go for Self-Attack aura

I don’t find if any character have problem to solo up to BfB, lack of stat just a consume of time, so everything start with Xenia. And not really, I am not going to teach you how to run these dungeon, I will just give you some basic knowledge that you have to know at this point (cause in 1st to 3rd continent is all mess, you still can pass them easily without having a proper knowledge )

Before we start, you should know cast system of AMP, skill set goes with ASDFG order. For example you have S, D and G as your 1 bar special, you holding z to charge 1 bar of mp then release , you will cast S 1 bar. So always put the special that you will use often in the highest order.

I recommend to have Justice, Glory and Assistance Aura in skill set. Glory and assistance aura allow you to camp aside and heal yourself if you run low on hp in solo run, while justice having an excellent damage output as a 1 bar together with good amount of invincible frame.
It is best to stick around with Assistance aura all the time

Generally, if you soloing dungeon, don’t waste your time on killing mobs 1 by 1 (unless your stat are overpowered and kill mobs with combo very easily) lure mobs together then skill spam + pet attack to kill them all at once, either with a few time justice, Hammer Blast or Demolish Hammer if you happen to have them in skill slot. If you suffer the failure of luring and end up putting yourself in danger, try to get yourself into whirlwind then if possible jump whirlwind + acrobatics to safety escape. Saint techniques aren’t too reliable in dungeon, these 2 tech maybe can help you survive in fatal, but I still suggest you to cast a Justice, since it last much longer, cost same amount of Mp while you have assistance aura activate. As for Holy Knight ST Momentary Enhancement, the teach will be useful since it provide hyper armor 5s for you to escape, but bear in mind that this tech is possible to get your Lime stuck.
And well, actually you can spam infinity time of justices with a proper pet and assistance aura for clearing all the dungeon, but there is something else you can do than just justices spam .
Glory may revive a killed teammate (before the killed frame end), please do so if one of your party happen to be killed

Hammer Blast will move your Lime position very much, if you gonna use it you have to aim your target correctly and knowing your Lime position after you cast Hammer Blast. There is a final frame that you can cancel with activate/deactivate your aura, so you can straight move forward and launch some whirlwind before the mobs hitting the floor/platform again. Note that Hammer Blast will pass through boss and only deal less than half of it maximum damage, so not recommend to use this on boss, pretty much same reason why wf-dio didn’t throw stick lance on boss.

Demolish Hammer is a solid 3 bar, as long as mobs in front a you, it guarantee do a 4hits, 1st hit have a good delay that may delay almost every mobs in game, 1st hit work same like Bleeding Gash, forcing the mobs or character to lift up in all case other than invincible frame, and 3 hit follow by hit gonna deal aerial damage. This delay is useful against boss, especially when it brought time for your ally to do some back-attack, chain demolish hammer several time with pet attack also a good idea, boss can be delay over 5s if you really do that. But it is not a good idea if the lift up + knock backward make you miss your pet attack

Your 4 bar special, Redemption doesn’t deal a lot of damage, so sometime you could just cast this 4bar without hitting a target, to provide your teammate a revive buff, and yourself. It’s not like this 4th special are hard to aim with it’s AoE, so if possible, hit something with it. If all your teammate still has the revive buff active on their front head, save this special for later. Use some other special for your combat instead of redemption, cause this 4 bar mp special just didn’t worth for it’s damage .

If you goes to Saint ST:

Oracle, with a decent projectile range, may provide a little usefulness for luring mobs but damage is kinda crap, use something is more useful if you have.
you will get an awesome 2bar named Nemesis, in level 64. Nemesis will find the victims by itself so you don’t have to aim, and damage stack as well when victims are close to each other, you can try to rule mobs if you want to stack the damage, this special may summon up to 3 lightning bolt, but it can hit more than 3 victims(as those close to main 3 target get hit as well). You can as well cast berserker right after approximate 0.7 second of casting Nemesis, the 50%/70% damage increase buff will apply to the nemesis. So it work quite well on wl, huh? not, not just WL basically work well in everywhere.
You will have Berserker that able to chain with your saint 1,2 and 3 bar, or even your ultimate if you use Redemption while you pet attack helping you absorb mp, but Lime is silence, unable to cast any other skill in the following 10s, it might end up putting you in danger if use on unsuitable situation, use it carefully. learned in lv60
you will have a gigantic hammer strike call Holy Smash, in level 80, this damage is an amazing skill for Lime, shaking whole screen with an earthquake (like starlet dinosaur), the earthquake deal quite considerable amount of damage though, it is strong enough to take out at least half of regular mobs hp with a proper attack stat, more over it is not just about the earthquake, the hammer whack also deal 4hits with insane damage, the hit land in less than half seconds after the earthquake. If you have decent pet you can chain like 4 times of Holy Smash in a row, it will deal a lot of damage. More over, you can chain berserker right as soon as your earthquake land, a few hit among the 4 hits will have the berserker buff damage apply on it, depend on your timing
You going to have less problem to clear a dungeon run with Saint ST Lime, you can done everything yourself with an average fast speed, not too rely on your team. However you are less supportive

If you go for Holy Knight ST:
you will have momentary enhancement, as I stat before, this is a excellent tech for escaping. Although you can also tank mobs with this technique but I will not suggest you to do so, since it might cause bug that end up stacking yourself, and 5s duration… How much normal hit you can do with that?
Aggressive is a impressive luring tool, you can just move around with this aura to lure mobs instead of getting yourself into their sight range. And the damage are certainly useful for hd also, you can break all the 3 crystals in SoD within a second. I can’t see if there are other effect other than dragging attention of mobs in dungeon, I mean by taunt effect.
Your offensive capability is limited, you can solo everything with the defensive playstyle, but it is rather slow, rely on teammate more, but also give them more support.

Miscellaneous Aura info for dungeon :
You can do various of command with self aura in dungeon, but it would be best if you could have your Assistance aura active all the time if you are with a party. Switch to Defense and Attack aura to give them 5s buff then immediately change back to assistance aura. Self defense aura will provide you a lot and a lot of defensive with just click X and arrow key, and mana shield will work great as well if you have good amount of mp recovery and pet that can absorb large amount of mp, it is also a type of defensive playstyle, other than justice spam defensive , however justice spam will still work better LOL. Self attack aura provide you a great capability to solo mobs instead of doing some jump attack or whirlwind around, but meh, just lure the mobs and skill spam to kill. Self Attack dash attack have a bowling effect that damage + knock back anyone who contact with main target, so basically if you lure a group of mobs and launch a dash attack, you will do a lot of combo. Here is the formula [2 + (N-1)] * N , N resemble to quantity of stack up mobs .. maybe it will be gud on stage 22? stage 10? , who know?

And of course the reason you have assistance aura in your skill set is to cancel your currently frame. If you miss a justice you can just press aura key and run immediately without waiting about 3s long of skill frame. Self assist aura will provide you a pretty great mobility, which is useful for jumping part of a dungeon, and provide you a pretty good evasive with the available command. However this is not too much reliable when come to real combat.
Aura stack may happen if lagged, you can stack up to 3 at once (or 6 in practice mode, lol), it will greatly improve your dungeon run performance since you can do combo, defense and skill spam pretty well at the same time. Well it is the best not to click your aura key or c key once the aura stack since the stack aura will gone if you happen to activate/deactivate another aura.

Well honestly I know this section aren’t enough but, I don’t really know what to added , really. Maybe you could give me some advice so I will add the stuff that you wish to see in this section

8.PvP Lime

Section still on work, will add gif or video to the guide on future.

i’ve c 2 much lime only know how 2 prop and spam justice and nemesis with assistance aura, so i make this section
​coz by only do dat, lime isn’t gud enuf 2 beat wf-dio , ruffy or some other high/top tier class

Before we start the section, please remind that:
Lime is top tier of the melee class character, basically she have the capability of beat every single one in melee class. Anything,experience come 1st. lower tiers class still can beat you easily if they have good amount of experience to fight against a Lime.
avoid playing prop match pl0x , u can’t learn much by playing prop pvp
Learn your weakness while playing as Lime, and if possible, cover your weakness with your knowledge.
Know Lime limit and not to try something impossible like outrun Edel
Think before act, Lime isn’t a class that can win by button smash Z, so think before you try to do anything
Avoid running up of mp, Lime is too much vulnerable without mp.

Pro & Cons :


  • Impressive defense and evasive mechanism
  • Varies of combat with selectable Tech , Specials and Aura
  • Advantage on passive
  • Extreme broken with assistance-aura

Cons :

  • Mp-dependent, combat is very limited without Mp
  • Unreliable slow frame combo and dash attack
  • Doesn’t have much advantage even if you are very fast on keyboard
  • Lv dependent, Lime combat is pretty limited if lack of ST

​(Optional, just basic warm up training)
So let’s get start with some practice 1st: (practice if you have these skill, or else skip it)
Perform Air-Whirlwind with 100% rate , >^>z or (>^)(>^)z if you prefer double tab-ing your arrow key
Practice to whirlwind while drop from platform : > > (v z)
Acrobatics Air-Whirlwind : simply chain acrobatics after air whirlwind, (>^)(>^)z <<
Train yourself to perform a jump attack between 2 platform, 1 jump attack for each time you jump and drop from platform.
Learn the timing of hold and release Z between 0.66bar till 0.99bar mp to cast a Justice if you manage to use Assist Aura -mp consumption without getting counterattacked.
Went dungeon and learn how to block some arrow with X key from Self-Defense aura
Train how to chain a grab after successfully hit someone with justice in a flat floor/platform

keyboard, skill set & slot 

It is up to player preference, you can always try to use different skill set in pvp

A normal keyboard is enough, it will not be much different even if you have Logitech K520 keyboard.
Keyboard setting and finger position is different according to their playstyle and preference.
For my keyboard setting, I have JIKL set as <^v> key. Sometime I will use my Right hand Index Finger to press G.

My recommend skill set: A: Justice, S: Power Strike, D: Self-Attack Aura, F: Demolish Hammer, G: Nemesis/Glory

For the minimum I will recommend one to have Justice and 1 of the Aura in your skill set
Justice enable Lime to do varies of combat, simply just being useful for everything.
Aura is extremely important to tech/special cancel, especially when you miss your Justice. Just for example when you cast a Justice toward a zero but he roll over you, your Justice miss and hit nothing. If you not canceling Justice frame by activate/deactivate your aura and let the frame end normally, Zero may had already prepare his Grand Force on you. Simply said to avoid punishment of miss skill-ing

Glory is your healing tool. The heal can be pretty abusive, running around with assist aura , Glory to heal. Pretty useful on team match, cause it can even revive a killed mate. Some player may not like a Lime doing this since it is like no skill at all, Best to avoid doing this in 1 v 1 scene.

Skill set for block Assistance Aura choice : A: Justice , S: Power Strike, D: Self-Attack Aura, F: Demolish Hammer, G: Glory/Nemesis

In before cast frame of an aura that set in skill set can be cancel by another Aura, now it no longer does D:
However you could still try C > + D(Self-Attack Aura) to launch continuous block. Suggest to have index finger on C key, Middle finger on D key and Ring finger for ASZ.

Other skill set : A: Power Strike S: Tornado, D: Oracle , F: Self-Attack Aura, G: Glory

The skill set didn’t have justice so it will be the best for you to avoid (see whu have longer invin frame) combat or any flat zone. You benefit more from stick around with platform, there are quite a lot of hot spot varies on map where your opponent will always jump into before they can reach you, wise use Power Strike on these hot spot.
Tornado use for Power Strike -> Tornado -> Self-attack aura cancel tornado (optional, you can skip this if you can judge which direction the tornado blow enemy to) -> Grab/Oracle if your direct facing your opponent. Initially when you hit your opponent with 1 of the holy orb from Oracle from mid range, and IF your opponent mess up his/her movement due to holy orb -jump height effect, you can try to get closer to him/her for a grab or do whatever you can

I don’t recommend to have these thing put in your skill slot, cause they aren’t too worth to set into skill slot compare with other available tech/specials/aura. However your may try them occasionally.
[Tech] Crush
[Tech] Berserkers – please just no, never bring this into pvp
[Special] Hammer Blast
[Special] Holy Smash
[Special] Redemption – u will be hated if u bring a nurse tammy + kaze-aze ball and use redemption in pvp. so pls, use this on dungeon only, play on 4th allowed room is not gud 4 learning
[Aura] Attack Aura
[Aura] Defense Aura

Offensive Combat:

Remember always go offensive with at least 1.5 half mp, although you can went to offensive with lesser mp, but you can’t chain much thing with your available Mp, more importantly you risk for it.

Grab :
Do I need to teach you that ._.? > z when opponent are close enough to grab. Lime grab range is pretty short though , the way she grab is ok with its damage, however how it grab make her unable to chain duo or trio grab, and basically the grab itself can’t chain to anything. Since the range is rather enough, don’t risk to grab some high grab range class, press z before you get into their grab range and launch a whirlwind is ok.

Start with Justice :
This is you main offensive tool, can be use as defensive tool as well. Since the special only has forward range (and a little bit range in behind for suction hit), try to aim this well if you manage to use this on platform, not on floor, opponent could easily evade this with a drop from platform.
Now there are 3 situation when you use justice to start your combat
1. You fail to damaged opponent because they get away. Cancel your justice with your Aura manually if they manage to bite you from behind, or you may just let the skill frame end normally if your opponent was try to get away from you.
2. You fail to damaged opponent because they are in invincible frame too! If you know that your invincible frame will end sooner than your opponent even with another justice, get counterattacked, or escape by using an Aura if your opponent use a skill with slow hitting frame. Otherwise spam another justice
3.Your opponent attempt to escape but failed, they getting hit by your justice. Now here is your chance, do one of the following

  • Wait your justice frame end normally and launch an air grab (Not suggest this unless it is on flat platform/floor, it might cause you fail to grab)
  • Cancel your justice in anytime between 3rd~6th suction hit with an aura, while > Z immediately to launch a grab
  • Chain a Power Strike between 3rd~6th suction hit, or after it ended (only if you can time it well), may also continue chain a Tornado to suck up enemy back immediately after Power Strike land a hit
  • Chain tornado between 3rd~6th suction hit, judge the tornado timing with sense, look where the opponent blow, chain a grab as soon as tornado 9hits ended. Alternate choice : chain power strike while tornado on duration
  • Chain Oracle between 3rd-6th hit
  • As soon as 7th hit landed, active Self-Attack aura and do a Dash attack

If your opponent counterattacked,

  • Go behind them before they wake up from counterattacked and spam jump attack
  • Lock them up with delay of any special once they wake up from countered
  • Get away if you run low on mp, or you know your opponent are going to use this chance to start some deadly 2/3bar + combo when they wake up from counterattacked

Slide off platform:
Hold > on walking or run, cast skill as soon as you reach the edge of a platform
Well, your dash don’t really move you forward, therefore you can’t perform this as good as rufus or geas, however you still can perform it by walking.
You can chain almost everything with this strategy, the efficiency of each chained skill is different, like Demolish Hammer will work better than other skill with this strategy. Do this too frequency will result of raising your opponent awareness.

Initial Smash Up:
Smash up have a bigger front hit box than it does in behind. This is the only thing, reliable to use as offensive tool aside form your jump attack (but jump attack directly knock down opponent and can’t chain to anything, lol). Aside from using it in some jumping hot spot, you could try to launch this initially on those who come after you from in front, try to use your Smash Up range advantage /

Well, even if you launch Smash Up initially, there will be like half a second frame before it goes on work, Your timing, or perhaps, game sense is very important for you to launch a successful Smash Up.

Also mention that Smash Up have a short amount of ending frame that you can cancel by dashing. You can try to dash forward and chain a whirlwind in front after a successful Smash Up. Chaining a nemesis after a successful Smash Up will work too.

But most likely if you miss your Smash Up and opponent approaching you, you will be grabbed, if you happen not being grab try to dash backward immediately for whirlwind, and acrobatics if needed.

With Self Attack Aura:
Sudden Drop from jump attack are a good tool for offensive. Basically you can just stay in an upper platform, then v (v z) to sudden drop when someone is in beneath, opponent that get hit will be stun for a short period , with the drop speed, more likely opponent will catch off guard without an preparation. You can chain any other other special afterward immediately, a tornado or Demolish Hammer is the best choice.

If you have Self-Assist aura stack up with Self-Attack aura, you may trick other with a rocket jump, then sudden drop afterward. Or jump attack + sudden drop shock a flying WF dio, send him down from mid-air, but I doubt the possibility <_<

With whirlwind :
Whirlwind huh? Step normally and get close to opponent, usually one will get close and try to grab you, learn the grab range of each character, do an whirlwind in a save distance so that you will not be grab. If a delay happen (opponent casting special), << to acrobatics. Not like you can do much thing with the whirlwind, unless you knock them up for long amount of time (Aerial Attack). Chain your skill if that happen, if you still have any mp left.
Drop from platform whirlwind. Basically after you dash/critical/double attack, chain whirlwind and press down (press v) arrow key to drop yourself from platform. This is pretty much tricky since you can control your drop speed by holding down (hold v) arrow key, or not holding it, hold [v] will make yourself drop in a very slow rate. Slow drop can be useful to taunt an opponent to use a special on you, and it is great idea to let them do so, try to chain acrobatic (since you can do it on mid-air) then get away, or get into combat by chaining your skill. You are at advantage since your opponents cast a special before you do, therefore he/she will run out of invincible frame 1st, and you’re undead as long as you are in middle of whirlwind. But still condition depend, recommend to dodge specials with acrobatics if the special was deadly, since you are still taking damage while in whirlwind.

With Block Choice Assistance Aura :
Basically you need platform to do offensive with block skill choice, cause it is not too possible to work in flat zone, due to the aura radius. And work best if you have another aura other than Assistance aura.
(duh, i remove the example, maybe i will use an image to replace this content on later):

whats up with 10s cooldown of the block effect? You can prevent it from going to cooldown by cancel your Assistance aura 0.1-0.2s cast frame .The main reason to get a 2nd aura, cause you will not cast a 1bar/tech instantly after you activate your aura, for almost all of the time. This is pretty broken if you know how to use it correctly, but still, you have to watchout for some combo and attack,

Other offensive combat basically can’t chain into other thing, but you could still doing offensive with these skill. Some was not written cause of their simple usage

Power Striking:
A duo direction uncounterable 1 bar. The special itself can’t chain to much thing other than tornado , Best way to put power-strike on use is on jumping hot spot. Though this also can be useful to punish those who like to roll/move over you and try to grab you from behind. Read justice part to see how Power-Strike can chain with other skill

1. Use it when someone was juggling another player, as if they are not within your delay AoE
2. When someone was being delay by another player special and was not in invincible frame
3. Use as a bait to force someone move away from the camping
4. After someone is being lift up and trap within your Nemesis delay AoE (either whirlwind, justice final hit, acrobatic additional hits and smash up)

But cause of there are great amount of time before Nemesis actually land the 1st hit, opponent will counter this on most of the time, also not suggest to using this on a close combat.

Oracle basically can’t chain to anything, but the range make it quite useful on certain condition. For example after Block Skill then chain an oracle, it will hit opponent in infront beneath and above you as well rather then just hit someone in front, but certainly, the angle is like about 30 degree, so don’t manage use to hit someone that directly above or beneath you. Honestly I don’t have high confident to use this well since I am not good on range prediction. The initial smash + 3 holy orb damage wasn’t that bad for a close combat, you can try to chain an Oracle if you happen to trap someone within melee range. The Holy Orb itself will reduce opponent jump height if hit, you can take the opportunity to grab someone if he/she mess up his/her stepping due to holy orb.

Demolish Hammer:
The great delay is the best part of this special well, you can said it is the weakness of this special, too. The 1st hit land pretty soon after the delay start, make the opponent quite impossible to counterattacked 1st hit, however the delay between 1st and 2nd hit is pretty long and most likely opponent will counterattacked after getting a surprising 1st hit, make it only possible to hit twice . Other than Slide off platform Demolish Hammer, air lock Demolish Hammer also useful to hunted down someone in mid-air. Sometime opponent will catch off their guard too when they are behind you, you can try to cast demolish hammer, doing 1hit to opponent behind you, cancel Demolish Hammer after the delay of 1st hit with Aura then launch an immediately air-grab or Tornado, but it kinda waste since this cost a lot of Mp to cast … But still it is a great chain

Holy Smash:
You need to aim and it is not easy to do that with this skill, I don’t really can elaborate this with words, but if you try to use it you will know what I mean. Honestly I don’t actually know how would this work fine other than trapping someone that starting their drop from high plats to mid-air.

Defensive and Evasive Combat:

Defense Aura:
If you go with choice 2, camp with this aura while you run low on hp, taunt if there is no opponent in your screen. Switch defense aura to another aura as soon as you get ready for moment or combat again

Well for some reason, they seem to fix the abussive choice 3 shield by giving it a cooldown. Although you still can activate the shield every 5s with both C <- command and ASDFG hotkey + switch to Self-Attack immediately
however I not recommend you to doing that ._.
Too bad, after Eternal, Holy Knight aura can’t be use to cancel another Holy Knight aura cast frame

Self-Support/Self-Assist Aura:
If you only have base aura enhance dash effect, perform rocket jump will be harder, require some timing to perform it, well basically no other effect other than this. Is this defense? for run purpose I think…

Lv 1-3 will change your mobility pretty much, basically you can’t step as well as no aura while activating this aura >> ^ >> v spamming will result of performing a rocket jump instead of normal stepping ._. , if you want to step you have to spam down key (v) all the time to step, so that will make you be able to step normally, but only in floor.

So how the hell to use this aura in efficiency way?
Actually it is not too useful compare with the Assistance aura, however you can still perform a certain thing with this aura.
Spam jump attack in a single platform : v ^z , I mean like:

(Lime) <——Platform

__________ Floor
Situation as above . If you didn’t have the Self-Assist Aura you can mostly spam jump attack once every second , if you have Self-Assist aura you can do a jump attack in a faster rate. But that speed… for what? Not like your jump attack cause flinch like before, lol

Double dash are quite useful to tricking your opponent, you can immediately dash backward after a dash : >> << . However the double-dash work only if the 1st dash is enhance dash, where enhance dash can only be perform while you in a floor/platform, so there aren’t much thing you can do with this. Well you can also chain a rocket jump after a double dash : >> << ^/ >> >> ^
2 rank jump whirlwind: after jump, >^> z (nothing special just perform an air-whirlwind with more height)

Ah.. as you can see self-assist/self-support aura isn’t that much useful right? so majority of player will goes for assist aura instead.

With whirlwind + acrobatics:
Command : While in whirlwind, stop spamming Z and immediately << (double press backward key)
At anytime, anywhere while you are still in the middle of spinning, you can chain acrobatics. Basically you can dodge every non-instant special with acrobatics. For example a Dio casting Tenacious Hold on you while you drop from mid-air, during the delay frame, you press < <, and as soon as duo blade summoned, you perform acrobatics, take non damage from tenacious hold.

With Self-Defense Aura:
Self defense aura provide you a blocking ability with X key, the X key aren’t work like AK, it is a buff shield that block anything that come in front of you for about 1s period, but render you vulnerable in the process (you can’t do anything while in process of blocking), well, pretty much like Elesis’ block.
Suggesting not use X to defend any melee combo, you will end up getting yourself grabbed easily. Use only to block projectile, mainly firebolt and arrow

Mana Shield.. Don’t, please don’t do that in pvp. Save your for something more useful like casting justice or counterattacked. Unless you have crazy mp recovery prop, but still, your mp can be spend for a better usage.

The < > arrow key block work same like ST gladiator Quite Rage, it will very handy when it come against something like infinity slash, you can take opportunity to grab with the block, too. But in consume your Mp, watch out for that since you are pretty vulnerable without Mp. Need to train how to block in order to get this useful.


Saint ST tech doesn’t allow you to move while cast (berserker do, but it isn’t worth to take into PvP), use it to abuse super armor like how a zero do in dungeon. If possible, cancel tech with aura, do a grab then run. Or cast a tech, cancel it with aura on right time without chain a grab and run. For Holy Knight ST tech. Momentary Enhancement give you something like whirlwind did, but exception of chain acrobatics. *** Need to reconfirm if damage choice aggressive still work, since I notice there are some change on it after Eternal while I no longer use Holy Knight ST

Deal with situation:

Case 1 : You are out from combat, other player was in middle of their combat .
1. Stay still, continue camping and taunt.
2. Get in combat slowly with any kind of whirlwind, as soon as you get near to them, launch a series of skill chain
3. Get close but not into combat, stay in a mid-range aera where your opponent can’t damage you, in a distance that your Nemesis, Oracle and Aggressive Aura may hit them, use these specific skill.
4. Cast special with drop from platform strategy and doing series of skill chain after the drop.

Case 2 : Opponent was coming toward to you, however you are not ready for combat yet. (You are low on both hp & mp)
1. Doing whirlwind or air whirlwind as soon as possible, let opponent to get close and see what they do. Continue spam your whirlwind and prevent yourself from damaged if possible, chain acrobatic in worst situation if you can’t escape, especially for special, the big one. If he/she fail his/her special then you may launch a series of skill chain to him/her.
2. Cast Holy Knight tech if you have any and run like there is no tomorrow, else use your last bar of mp for a Justice to evade 1 danger scene + cancel justice with aura then run, if possible
3. Get counterattacked (On worst situation)

Case 3 : You got ganked . There are opponents come after you both in front and behind you. You can counterattacked but not like you can survive with that. While your mp aren’t enough for you to abuse large amount invincible frame.
1. Pick a less danger side and move forward with a jump or drop whirlwind (if there are platform for you to do so), chain acrobatics if you were delay by some danger special. Continue your whirlwind and don’t stop until it is safe
2. Run with Momentary Enhancement. Try to press Z while running when you entering your opponent grab range, it is fine whatever whirlwind or grab is perform, just avoid being grab by opponent. Run and risk yourself into fatal even if you know you might be hit by their deadly 2/3-bar
3. Active Self-Assist/Self-Support Aura, use reverse rocket jump >> << ^, then launch air-whirlwind at the time you allow to do so (about 1.5s after drop from rocket jump),chain acrobatics if the situation beneath of you is still not safe.

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