Dawngate Tri-Laning Guide

Dawngate Tri-Laning Guide by LordViotech

Ever have those people that Refuse to Trilane? Y’know, they quickly switch to Jangl, forcing you to duo lane instead? I always wonder why. Even in games like Dota, Trilaning is actually effective, and often done. Still, most people seem to think it’s far worse, stupider, or is too risky.

Trilaning is insanely good, and is even better if done right. There is no best-comp for a Trilane, but Cerulean is one of the pillars of a Trilane.

Trilanes I’ve found to work quite well:

Cerulean, Petrus, Mikella.
Cerulean, Desecrator, Mikella
Cerulean, Zeri, Varion
Zeri, Desecrator, Mikella
Voluc, Renzo, Cerulean

*Petrus can be Slotted wherever Cerulean or Moya or Kel are.*

You’ll notice that there are A LOT of Ceruleans, right?

If the reason isn’t obvious, the answer is: His toss. Being able to throw someone over your head, back into your enemies is a great utility. Combined with slows or stuns, Cerulean can easily secure a kill at any level, even level 1. Unlike every other form of CC, his goes backwards, TOWARDS your allies. Especially because you can pull someone out of tower-range, into creeps and/or allies.
You’ll also notice Mikella. Why Mikella of all characters? Her Q dishes out plenty of damage, slows, and she has tons of followup. Especially with a Cerulean, she can Q, then Cerulean throws over his shoulder, and the Q SHOULD return and hit them again, and slowing them further. Nissa’s E also has a similar function, but does far less burst.

In addition to the Damage and initiation necessary in a Trilane, a Stun can further increase the amounts of kills, especially with Cerulean. Almost anyone can walk away from a Cerulean, but almost nobody can after getting stunned. Dese has great harass, so even if you CAN’T get kills in-lane, at least you don’t have to lose your lane. Dese’s probably the safest for a Trilane, and is arguably the best. In my opinion, Renzo functions even better than Dese, because his guaranteed stun and minus armor helps a ton in securing kills. It’s far easier to Stun with Renzo, then follow up with Cerulean and the third laner, than slowing with someone like Voluc and following up with Cerulean and Co. Dodging Dese’s Q and E isn’t extremely hard, and missing can change the tides of battle.

You may notice the Renzo-Voluc-Cerulean lane. It’s actually a strong combo, especially if Voluc hybrids between his Cleave and Slow. In this lane, prioritize cleave for the burst, but have some in your slow in case they try to escape. All the Tankiness will allow you to be a little bit riskier than with Squishies.

Another un-mentioned Trilaner is Moya. Tactician-Tank Moya is quite powerful, especially in a Trilane. Your job is to A: Cripple the Enemy Jangl. B: Stun and Secure kills. C: Give your Jangl the upper hand. How do you do this? Attempting to steal the enemy buff by grabbing Vanquish is a deliciously strong tactic, and people often don’t realize what’s going on before it’s too late. You put the ward over the enemy Haste camp, hope they actually take the camp, then at 330 HP take the buff. Especially with Janglers like Freia or Kindra, the enemy team will be devastated. Not only does the enemy NOT have a buff, but your Jangler will have your buff, you’ll be level 2, and the enemy will only be level 1. But remember, sometimes you may not have a solo-laner, so you can’t pull off a trilane. Still, steal the enemy buff and let your jangler get head, then head to your duo-lane. Moya functions almost identically in either Duo-lane or Trilane.

Kel is also another great Trilaner, for his CC, Harass, and Escape. I didn’t mention him because he isn’t nearly as good in an aggressive Trilane as Dese or Renzo. But, in a Defensive Trilane, he may be on-par with Desecrator.

So, I’ve told you how to Trilane. I guess I’ll have to tell you how to counter them too.

Countering a Trilane:

Duo-Lanes that Counter Trilanes:
Mikella, Kel
Varion, Kel
Amarynth, Dese

*Petrus can be Slotted wherever Cerulean or Moya or Kel are.*

Trilanes to Counter Trilanes:
Kel, Dese, Mikella
Varion, Nissa, Kel
Cerulean, Renzo, Varion
Moya, Varion, Renzo

*Petrus can be Slotted wherever Cerulean or Moya or Kel are.*

A Defensive Trilane is different from a Counter-Trilane. A defensive Trilane is intended to be more passive, gets kills based on enemy mistakes instead of initation, and focuses on farming the carry while nullifying the enemy laners. A Counter-Trilane is oriented towards preventing kills, via use of Slows, CC, and positioning.

The Kel, Dese, and Mikella lane is a very strong Defensive Trilane and Counter-Trilane. Kel removes the threat of Initiation, Dese prevents escapes and initation further, and Mikella dishes out damage and farms.

The Varion, Nissa, and Kel Trilane is an excellent farming Trilane, designed to obtain the most optimal amount of farm while dealing with an enemy Trilane.

Cerulean and Renzo is a great counter to another Cerulean and Renzo, effectively nullifying both sides’ Trilanes. Instead of a Mikella, a Varion provides excellent Early harrass and damage to prevent the Enemy Trilane from getting too ballsy and Aggressive.

The Moya, Varion, and Renzo Trilane is an Exceptionally difficult lane to pull off, due to it’s lack of slows and escapes. But, it extremely effective in terms of Harrass and Sustain. And, Moya can easily harrass the enemy Jungler, making life far easier for the Duo or Solo laner(s).

Anyways, I hope people realize that Trilanes really aren’t bad at all, and more people will Trilane. If you have any Questions, I can try to answer them.

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