Dawngate Moya Jungle Guide

Dawngate Moya Jungle Guide by salmjak

1. Introduction

Hi! I’ve been playing this game over the recent closed beta up time and been maining Moya in the jungle.

I feel like jungle is the position that can change the flow of the game the most and is probably the most important role. A good jungler will grant you kills at lane, deny the enemy jungler and kill spirit well workers which in turn will increase the gold difference between your teams.

2. Why Moya?

In the jungle movement speed is of great important, this is where Moya excels. Moya’s passive will grant her haste which in turn will increase your movement speed. Her Q-ability is a dash as well which will increase your agility in the jungle further.

With high movement speed you will easily outrun your enemy jungler to vital targets (buffs) and will also be able to counter-gank more efficiently.

Moya also have great crowd control abilities (W+Q combo grants a stun), sustain (E+Q) and gap closers for ganks (Q and R).

3. Setup/Before jungle

Role: Hunter – I’ve been thinking of trying predator due to my offensive play on spirit wells but Hunter is probably a safer pick.

Perk: Resonance – This grants you damage each auto-attack, with Moya being a champion where haste is an asset this will probably be the best choice and will make you clear buffs faster.

Spell: Wither – I start with wither due to strong ganking capabilities also it’s great for soloing the enemy jungler if you ever meet them alone anywhere. The negative aspect of starting wither is that you will not be able to secure buffs and they might be stolen if you’re not careful.

4. Jungle


*Buffs are numbered in order of priority.

This is my basic jungle path. I start at blue/mid buff where you first clear a camp and then go at the blue buff. This will give you about 2½ levels if it’s a good one. Blue buff grants you extra haste when using an ability, Moya is an ability based bruiser and together with her passive you will get a lot of haste from these two.

Blue buff is vital for Moya and it will be a major set back if you lose it, so defend it well.

Next I go to my own green buff which grants me power, which I consider better than orange buff which grants armor penetration.

After green I rush directly for the enemy’s orange buff. This will deny your enemy jungler from some experience and is probably the fastest route to go. By now you should be about level 3½-4.
If possible you should try to kill some spirit well workers at this point as well.

Important: When invading, try to save your Q/Bolt since it’s your greatest means of escape. If you are level 6+, don’t be afraid to use your ultimate/R as a defensive move and use it to dash away from your enemies.
When escaping, use abilities to keep your energy low, this will increase your haste.

After this you go gank (if lanes are not pushed) or rush towards your own orange buff (mainly for the experience) and to the enemy’s other spirit well.

Remember: Don’t bother about the smaller camps, they grant you less experience. Focus on the buffs, ganks and the spirit wells.


  • Buffs have a 5 minute respawn time.
  • Spirit wells unlock at 10 minutes.


Low levels: When ganking, try to approach from behind and use your W-Q-combo to stun the target. Then instantly activate E. This will make sure your energy is as low as possible and will grant you extra haste.
After this, use wither on them to slow them down and decrease their damage.
Make sure to use G/V to ping the “On my way”-ping and make sure your team mates know when to go in.

Higher levels (6+): Here you can use your ultimate so simply dive beneath turret, either strait on or from behind the “rocks”/”hillside”. Choose a target, ultimate them, choose your landing spot and then ping like crazy on that spot so that your friends are super aware that the enemy will land there and are ready to burst them.
Try to pull of an W-Q-combo to stun them soon after.

5. Abilites and items


I start with E/Recharge on Moya for extra sustain in the beginning together with the Resonance perk.
After blue I put a point in Q/Bolt. After green buff I should be level 3 and put a point in W/Shock.

After this I max out W/Schock for extra damage.
While Q/Bolt scales better at the beginning maxing W/Schock will make you clear the jungle faster and give you a bit more sustained damage on ganks.

After maxing W/Schock I max Q/Bolt and last I max E/Recharge.

To sum it up:

  • Put one point into each ability.
  • Max W
  • Max Q
  • Max E

I start off with Hunger and 2 vital potions.
Potions are good when you invade your enemy in case someone turns up. This will make sure you don’t move around with too little HP.

At the first time I go back, depending on how well it goes you will have anything from 1000-2000 Vims.
With this you rush Pride (AoE-item). If you can’t afford Pride right away, buy Life, Desire and/or Time.
Pride is really good for clearing camps in the jungle aswell as clearing spirit wells.

After Pride is completed I usually complete my Time into Clarity and buy Power –> Control (for better ganking).

Here you have your core build:

: Pride – Gives you an AoE-damage.

: Control – Grants a slow on basic attack.

: Clarity – Tons of haste.

Desire – Bonus haste and life drain the more HP you’re missing. (No image due to some stupid limit)

At end game I upgrade to the following:

Pride –> Glory – AoE based on maximum HP.
Control –> Inevitability – HP, more Power and increased slow.
Clarity –> Fate – Health and splash-damage on basic attack.
Desire–> Ambition – Just better than Desire in all ways.

What will this build give you? – This is a build that will make you tanky, agile and fast at clearing camps/spirit wells (or atleast that’s what I’m trying to do). Not much is put into power, on this part we focus to get the slow out.
To sum it up you become a “tanky” bruiser with a lot of utility (stun and slow and your ultimate).

6. Summary

I do believe that this is a good core build for ANY jungler. The jungle is all about clearing spirit wells and abuse buffs to get kills on lanes.
The faster you can work your way around these targets, the better you will be.

Thanks you for reading! If something is unclear or missing, please leave a message!

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