Dawngate Kindra Basic Guide

Dawngate Kindra Basic Guide by WhiteIsFun

Hi, i’ve been playing dawngate for about 4 months now i think although it has been on and off i am playing more right now, so i wanted to start making a guide as i don’t think there are alot of guides for dawngate yet.
So, starting out, your skill build will be maxing out your Night Strike (Q) Followed by Duskmantle (W) and last but obviously not least, Shadowstep (E). Always take your ultimate at levels 6, 11 and 16. Before i go into some laning specifics i want to clarify that Kindra is a high-risk high-reward shaper, if you get a reset with a kill or a assist your damage can be enormous, but if you dont you will have to hang back and wait for the right moment to go in again, making it difficult for new players who don’t have great map awareness or just not the right feel of when to go in, to play this shaper to it’s maximum potential.

Starting items: Personally i start with Hunger, but starting with Life is a very safe start. I start Hunger because of my personal item preference not because it is neccesarily the best item build, but it works out very well for me.

Early laning.
Kindra’s early laning actually isnt that bad vs melee shapers, you can freely harass them’and if they do jump on you, you have your Shadowstep, which you should nearly always put a point in at level 2 for safety. Against ranged opponents however you will have to play more conservative you don’t have enough damage in your Q to out-harass most ranged Shapers, so my tactic against this is running into the bush and poking them with Q while also healing with and and running away again, so its basically the hit and run tactic. For Laning matchups i don’t have anything specific yet so i will try to add that in later, but against ranged its just playing a little bit more passive and against melee you can harass the enemy easily.

Mid game.
You should have some items by now, and the the teamfights are probably gonna be starting, so wait until you see an opportunity to go in when you see someone who is already low HP so you can finish them off without much fear of dieing since your ultimate makes you untargateable, and get resets.

Late game.
Stay with your team and look for squishy targets you can pick off when they leave their team to go farm a lane or clear some jungle camps. Always keep a ward around the Parasite in the lategame, this should be applied to the mid game too, just like picking people off can be done in the midgame except in the lategame it will have alot more effect due to longer death timers.

My build: Start with Hunger and upgrade it to Consumption as fast as you can, you should build it into Assimilation after you finish Destruction or depending on how the game goes after some other situational items. after that look at the enemy team, if you are ahead and the enemy is not you can go for Destruction, you should always build at least Aggression before finishing Assimilation as it increases your damage ALOT. If you are not ahead and facing a magic damage heavy team
go for the components of Oppression, it gives you a bit of defense and when the item is finished a big damage boost too. this should give you an idea of how to build, ofcourse you should always build according to the situation you are in, not follow a guide and buy oppression when you are facing a full physical damage team, although it will still give you a damage boost other defensive items with armor will be more usefull in that situation. As for Haste, i don’t think its a very essential stat for Kindra, she doesn’t really need cooldown reduction because of the resets on her abilitys, and since she is a burst assassin, i don’t think attack speed is needed either, you won’t suffer that much from not having that little bit of movementspeed it gives.

You should always take the Predator perk when playing Kindra, as this shaper is all about getting kills.

I don’t have a custom loadout built up yet so you will have to figure that out yourself, although it should be pretty basic like some power and armor/magic resist.

For spells, i always take Blink at level 1, and the second spell depends on the enemy team, like if i am playing against someone like Faris or Mikella i will take Stasis, Because you can block their ultimates with it. So it really is once again, situational.
I hope this guide helped you and have fun playing Kindra!

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