Yulgang 2 Divine Beast Pet System Guide

Yulgang 2 Divine Beast Pet System Guide by Ouvertur


–  This is a feature of Yulgang 2 where players can summon pet to use them as mount and run across the field map, fly around the filed map and most of all  assist them in battle.

–  You can view our Pet teaser Video Here.

Pet types

  • Land Mount Pets – These are type of pets that you can use as a vehicle via land. Popular example of such kind of pets are the Girin-series pets.
  • Aerial Mount Pets – These are type of pets that you can use as an aerial mount. You may also use them as a land mount.  There is a special equipment that can turn a land mount into an aerial mount in the latter levels.
  • Fighting Type Pets – By default any pet can assist you during battle. They have their own set of skills. You can also AFK while your pet is killing of any nearby enemies.

Pet Controls


a.       A – this button commands your pet to attack the enemy you are targeting.

b.      Normal/auto – this commands your pet attacks whoever is attacking you.

c.       T – this commands your pet to return to your character side.

d.      S – this commands your pet to stop in wherever position he is.

e.      R – ride on the pet and use to travel on ground or fly in the air across map.

Pet Skills

–          Each pet has its own set of skills just like your character that is unique only to it. The skills can be seen just above your character’s skill hot keys.


Pet Stats Window

–          This window shows your pets’ equipment and stats such as strength, dexterity, stamina, intelligence, wisdom, etc. Press C and click the Divine-animal tab to view.


Pet Grocery


The very first pet related NPC can be found in Hwando District in Mount Jangbaek for the Order Faction and Nakyeong Village in Mount Cheonseolseong for the Chaos Faction members.

They can be easily spotted as a Girin NPC is standing just beside them.

You can purchase a lot of  Pets Consumables and Equipment in this NPC.

Pet Death and Resurrection

In the event that your Pet Died (icon will be displayed as gray ). Simply use a Beast Resurrection Scroll and drag your pet to the slot as show in the screen shot.

You can purchase it in the Pet Grocery NPC.

Multi Summoning


In Yulgang2, You will be able to summon multiple pets at a time. To this date you can only summon 3 different types of pet at the same time.

However you will not be able to summon the same type of pets at the same time.


–          You can only have a total of five (5) pets.
–          New born pet will always start at level 1
–          Pets gets experience as you kill enemies and accomplished a mission/quest.
–          A player can only summon a pet when his character is at level 20
–          Pets can also be acquired in YG Farm at level 20.
–         You can acquire the very first pet quest when you reached the first faction camp in  Donghanpeong (Level 46)

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