Yulgang 2 Guild System Guide

Yulgang 2 Guild System Guide by Ouvertur

The guild system in Yulgang 2 plays a pivotal role in your character progress across Murim.

In this game you will be able to invite any class in your guild as long as they belong to the same political faction.

There are various Instance Dungeon (Indun) that requires a guild and a certain guild level in order to enter and so donating achievements and some money to upgrade your guild is a must in order to access higher level guild indun.

For starters you will be able to create or join a guild when you reached level 30.

How to Create a Guild?

Step 1:

Simply approach any Guild Manager NPC located in your faction’s main base of operation in that Map.

  • Order Faction – Guild Manager Choryuhyang in Songawon of Lake Seodam
  • Chaos Faction – Guild Manager Hwangjungbo of Seongyeong Village of Yangju Valley
  • Chaos Faction – Guild Manager Yusin in Nakyeong Village of Mount Cheonseolseong
  •  Order faction – Guild Manager Bangcheolgyun in Hwando District of Mount Jangbaek



Step 2:

Unfortunately the NPC is a person with a higher status than you and even a higher HP (seriously, trust me) and he will just ignore you if you just stand in front of him so simply approach him by pressing the “R” button or “double clicking him” if you are one of those traditionalist.


Step 3:

This is the toughest part. For once you need to decide for a Guild Name. The name that will mark the Pugilistic World of Murim that if you’re guild is strong enough. Aside from that, not everything is free so better prepare 100 gold as an establishment fee. That might be a huge amount for now but when you reached the higher tiers this amount is nothing for you.


Step 4:

Check the availability of your guild name and once everything is done. Simply hit the Creating Guild button.

You will receive a pop up message that your character joined a guild as a confirmation that your guild is created. First joined member pop up milestone isn’t it?


Step 5: 

Your guild will be displayed at the top of your character head.


Step 6:

You can check the Main Guild Interface by pressing “O” and choosing the Guild Tab.

In this interface you can now accept applications, Add or Expel members, Donate Achievement and even Alter the Guild Positioning or Ranks.

Feel free to explore the Guild Interface and recruiting Guild Members!



Guild Level 1 can have 50 maximum members.

You need to wait for 24 hours in order to join or create a New Guild

Minimum Level to create a guild is level 30, 100 Golds

Minimum Level to join a guild is level 10

How to promote your Guild across Murim?

Luckily in Yulgang 2 the game features a Guild Web-board, some sort of a mini-social networking site (SNS) for Guilds across Murim whether you belong to the Chaos Faction or the Order Faction.

In this channel you will be able to promote the guild and let the players show their interest in joining or even leave a message to you mortal guild enemy from the opposing faction.

This is accessible by pressing the “G” button.

Basically these are the things you can do in the guild web board system.

Uploading a Guild Coat of Arms (Emblem)

Step 1:  Simply go to the Guild Management in the Guild Web Board


Step 2:  

One you are in the Guild Management you will be able to upload a guild Emblem.

Guild Emblem Requirements:

  • PNG (Image format)
  • 128×128 image resolution
  • Decent (yes keep in descent)

Simply choose the file from your computer and wait for it to get uploaded. Usually it gets uploaded in an instant.


You guild emblem will also be the emblem of your guild cape.


You guild logo will also appear in your Main Guild Interface


Step 3:  

The second one will be the picture representation of your guild in the Web Board.

Meaning it will be your guild’s Display Picture or simply profile picture in this channel. Everyone who will visit your guild page will be able to view it.


  • Guild Emblem Requirements:
  • JPG or GIF (Image format)
  • 268×268 image resolution
  • Not more than 500kb in size.
  • Decent (yes keep in descent)

The Guild Web Board Notices

You will be able to view other Guild Profiles regardless of the faction if you opt to choose the view all guilds.

With the navigation alone, you will be able to determine the number of guilds across Murim as well the people who are interested in joining your guild.


Searching for the right guild? Simply press “G” and see their campaign promotions.


In here the System will recommend the Guild which accumulated the highest achievement points.


You will also be able to view the Guild Recruitment Campaign Notices from the other guild.


Testimonials? So Old Fashioned.. You can even post a comment as an individual of course. Sorry but there isn’t any “Like” button here.


You can also post your own notices.


But wait there’s more. You can also customize the visibility of the things that you post in your guild web board profile.


A web attendance check-in page is also available for whatever purpose it may serve. You can use it as your own personal journal or notepad anyway.

The Guild Cape

A guild cloak is simply an alternative display of your cloak.

Every level 1 guild who managed to level 1 guild fulfillment test (not available for now) will have the right to wear a guild cape.


Perks and Perks. It actually means 30% off from the total death penalty that you will receive.


Guild Cape comparison of the Order and the Chaos Faction

Take Note! You must wear ANY cloak in order to show the guild cape.

More Guild Features Soon:

  • Guild Donations and other Basic Guild Functions
  • Blood Alliance
  • Blood Battle ( Same Faction GvG PVP – Yeah they will be hostile in your faction map )
  • Guild Indun
  • Etcetera…

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