Yulgang 2 Title and Guardian Quest System Guide

Yulgang 2 Title and Guardian Quest System Guide by Ouvertur

Getting a title is really simple. It’s as easy as ABC.


Just hover your crosshair/target to a monster and you will automatically get a Guardian Quest.

The Guardian quest is colored in Green.

You will noticed that you will have to kill a certain amount of that monster. The highest monster kill so far that i see for a title is 3000 in a map that will open in the near future.

Once the system detected that you have a guardian quest. Simply press “O”, Click Guardian and simply choose the map name of your current location.

In this tutorial we will choose “Donghanpeong” and your guardian quest is called “Walking Disaster”.


The screenshot is impossible for normal user. Figure out why?


As i’ve said earlier for example your guardian quest in the map “Donghanpeong” is Walking Disaster and you badly want to get that title.

You can simply click that title  in the TITLE list.


As you have noticed. A list of monster name will appear in the right side of your screen.

All you need to do is to do is to kill all the monster with their corresponding kill count from the list in order to get that title.

The number of monsters varies.

How to locate those monster? Simply click their name and a Map will appear. The location of those monster is highlighted in red.

If you arrived in that monster area. The same guardian quest will appear with a different requirement.

How  will you know that you finish killing those monsters? Simply check the quest indicator bar in the left side of your screen.

Every time you finished  killing a set of monsters. a Punisher window pop up will appear.

E.g Ouvertur Punisher

How will you know that you finish all the monsters needed for the “Walking Disaster Title”

You will get a huge pop up window with a crown image. “Receive “Walking Disaster Title”.


All the Guardian Quest Titles combined will give you a certain amount of achievement points depending on the title.

The screenshot above shows a character who only get an AP thru guardian else and nothing else.. Noticed that it’s the same?

This is really hope its helps.

Feel free to explore..


  • Some Maps gives you an additional title when you completed that Map.
  • Yellow Titles at the top of the character head came from the Arena..
  • The maximum achievement points that you can accumulate and earn is 31736. If you get all the title which is impossible since there are Faction Exclusive Title  (First 2 Maps per Faction)
  • Title will gives you various buffs
  • Donghanpeong title guardian quest is kinda tricky. There will be times that you need to pay a visit in your opposing faction territory just to get a title. MAke sure that you are ready to shed blood all the time.

Where can i get a specific title?

Its for you to explore. We don’t want to spoon feed information here.

Hope this helps..

Some Amusing Titles

Time to remove the boring and repetitive titles like stabber, guardian or even the nonsensical rester and visitor.

We have changed it to something you want to wear besides your character name.

Let me give you a sneak peek of some amusing new titles for Yulgang 2.

nuaz.jpg l50k.jpg

q3vn.jpg 7ha1.jpg

0wlx.jpg nh3c.jpg

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