Aura Kingdom Wizard/Gunslinger Detailed Guide

Aura Kingdom Wizard/Gunslinger Detailed Guide by DESOUL


Hey, i’m Lawful and this shall be a Wiz/Gun guide.
Yeah i’ve saw that there was already a guide done on the same class type with subclass, but after i’ve ran with my eyes through that guide, i realized it mostly had General type of information, and since i was planning on making a guide anyways when i had free time – with me being bored and not really in a mood to do dailies anymore, this is the perfect time for that.

The guide is by no means something you should be following strictly, its just something to point you into the right mindset path.

General information:

Why Wiz/Gun? 
As of late, more and more people started realizing the strength’s of this subclass and they have been using the secondary weapon reset to become a gunslinger sub.

Gunslinger sub , is probably not Ideal for PvE, but it can be quite effective DPS if the conditions are met, i would dare say, that its highest AoE and Single target DPS, as long as you can effectively utilize your traps, otherwise you will be left behind by Wiz/Sorcs in the DPS regard.
Its main focus is PvP mostly and to supply your party with that extra crit burst and speed buff.
We all know that gunglingers are broken in PvP, but Wizard/Gunslingers take that to a whole new level when you get oneshot by a crit meteor.

There are several reasons, why you would want to be a gunslinger subclass, but the main reason , is for the Meteor cookie cutter build.

1) What is that you ask? Well, the meteor build is Mostly a PvE addaptation for the gunslinger sub, which lets you benefit from their buff of +SPD to reach cap SPD , combined with stats, and then later add on the -35% cooldown for meteor Envoy path , to achieve -85% Meteor Cooldown reduction – that will lower the cooldown down to 1.8 seconds total.

2) The other benefit of the Gun subclass, is its traps.
Lots of people may ask -But how does Wizard implement traps into his gameplay, aren’t people supposed the step on them?!
Which is true, but thankfully for us, Wizards have a spell called Instant Thunder , which makes life so much easier – basically you just change into a target with a stun, then you place your traps and you go away.
There are two traps, ice and dark trap, both have a DoT effect in them and some additional effects, which will be discussed in the spells section.

3) The third benefit of being a gunslinger, is the extra bit of AoE and potential increase in single target DPS, which we wizards are lacking.
To be honest, if single target dps is your thing, you shouldn’t be looking for a wizard to play, you should play something other like , pure Gunslinger or Duelist.

There is actually no set rule, that you should build the Wizard as a 1.8S cooldown wizard, you can also run a hybrid 25% SPD build with CRIT inclination and have 65% CRIT rate and over 80% CRIT on your meteor.

Or you can Sacrifice the high CRIT in favour of the Meteor Spam.

Here are two screenshots of the different builds i used to use, which are just examples

As you see in the images above , those are two different builds, the one in the first picture is the current build i’m using, which is a heavily offset crit build, reaching easily over 85% crit rate with Meteor, thus always seeing pretty high burst numbers.
Bear in mind, on the first picture the stats are combat stats, which means that they are usually what you would be seeing from your character in the middle of combat, with weapon procs, passive procs, ect.

All the stats can also be rised a bit with food/weapon procs, to fit ideally into the picture.

While the second picture, is a picture of the previously used 1.8 second Meteor spam.
As i said, you can always play around with the stats and see which build fits your play style best.
While the picture shows 42%, you can get another 2% from FOOD, and the rest of the extra SPD will come from your GUN proc, which is up – almost all the time, thus leading to a 49-50% SPD percentage.
if you would so like, you can even use Kotonoha for her SPD buff, or whatever suits your taste more.

What about the other subs?

Well, i’ve also played Wiz/Sorc subclass and, to be honest – i didn’t like it.
Its a safe subclass, i’ll give you that, because all of your spells are ranged , so you don’t any inclination to go full kamikaze just to place a trap under the boss, but the main reason why i didn’t like this sub…is not because the Sorc is a bad subclass, but just because you do not have any spare time, to implement any sorc spells into your Wiz rotations – as simple as that.

With 50% SPD, your Wizard spells have low cooldown, so you do not have ANY whatsoever need to use any of the sorc spells.
Thats the whole main reason why i didn’t like sorc, its because it was a subclass that i didn’t find myself using much, ALTHO – i will say, its a really good sub for Wizard and it deals more single target DPS than Wiz/Gun, in most situations.

I will say tho, that the combo spells of the Wiz/Sorc combo, are really bad and are a waste of your Envoy points, if you are a Wiz/Sorc reading this, then consider dumping your combo attacks and spending points into something permament, over having a spell that deals mediocre damage, has very high animation, which makes you very vulnerable, and has a long cooldown.


Haven’t played Wiz/Bard to be honest, and the Envoy paths for Wiz/Bard combo spells are very clanky, which will force you to spend quite a bit of precious points into “Less than ideal” passives, you can force your way through to Sonic shield, but you will have to spend like 3-4 points into passives you did not want.

Otherwise – the bard subclass is there for self-sustain, with it, you do not have any need for Nocturnal cores, so you can benefit from some other effects in your weapons.
And also – i’ve heard that the Sky Temple will be a instance, where having a bard sub, will be very convenient.


What stats do i want to focus on as a Wiz/Gun?

Offensive stats:

Stat ratio:
1 Point into DMG = 0.35% DMG (NO CAP)
1 Point into CRT = 0.25% CRIT (75% CAP)
1 Point into SPD = 0.30% SPD (50% CAP)

As you’ve seen in the upper pictures, stats are very situational and likely to be suited for each person’s personal taste, this guide empathises on the SPD stat build, to achieve high SPD reduction on your Meteor.

So ideally, you will want to have about 70 points into SPD, then the rest of the points either into CRIT, or into DMG, whichever you prefer.

Defensive stats:

Stat Ratio:
1 Point into HP = 0.58% HP (50 points – 29% HP BONUS) (NO CAP)
1 Point into DEF = 0.20% DEF (50 points – 10% BONUS) (75% CAP)
1 Point into EVA = 0.25% EVA (95% CAP) (not sure about this one, would be nice if someone confirmed)

There are a lot of variations of what people refer for defensive stats, ideally towards endgame content, you want to cap defense at 75% , then put the rest of your points into +HP

But, thats a idealistic endgame goal view for when we have lv60 Gear, as it is now, placing all your points into DEF , will make you very vulnerable for boss 1shot spells.

Reason behind that, is because no matter how much you enchant your gear now, because we only have Lv50 gear, you will never have enough DEF to reach cap, and for it to actually be effective, thus you will end up having this murky defensive stat build, that will do more harm than good.

So instead of having 24,000 HP and 50% defense, i would opt to go for 34,000 HP and 40% defense instead, it will keep you alive, much more often than the extra 10% defense would.

Ideally for current content, i would suggest pumping 50-70 points into HP stat, then the rest into DEF, as you see fit.

Envoy Path: 

Envoy Path, for envoy path, most people and by most, i mean 90% of the people out there, they exclude the most important bonus from the Envoy, which is +DROP%.

What? Drop Rate? But that doesnt make any sense!?

Well actually, it does.
To be honest, by level 50, you should have the 8% DROP rate picked up, as any class and i mean it, be it bard, Wiz, Sorc, any class will benefit imensely from this buff, then ONLY AFTER THAT – the rest of your envoy path should come into place.

Most of your time in this game, you will spend trying to collect key fragments, drop rare orange costumes, drop yellow gear , recepies, ect from dungeons – and thats where the 8% is very invaluable.
I cannot stress enough how important that envoy passive is, 8% is a HUGE boost to your drop rate, just by adding a few points into it.

Not to mention that by lv60, we will have enough points, to supplement most of what we need anyways.

After getting the 8% Drop rate, through the 4% EXP bonus (which also helps a bit), you will want to get your -35% Molten Meteorpassive , which is along the way anyways.

After that, you will want to get both the Staff Mastery for extra 12% Damage and the Wizard Studies for 30% CRIT DMG

After that, rest of your Envoy path is up to you, you can either get 5% movement Speed, the SPD passives, or get more CRIT, whichever fits your taste more.

But i will also highly recommend, that you get the Wizardry Envoy passive, because it will increase the radius of your spells by an extra 2 Meters, which is very big, by radius i do not mean the range, but it will increase the actual Width of your AoE spells, its not a priority passive, but its very nice to have, considering that AoE radius in this game, is rather poor.

After that, everything else is for you to decide.


Mastery passives are very situational , its mostly yet again, about preference.

For PvE, you will want to run this:

General, Attack and Advanced specs:
For PvP, you will replace the Piercing Ice DoT for the Firebomb stun
There is also the option of using Precision Bombardment for a bonus def reduction effect, which will be useful in PvE boss fights – the cooldown and duration match so that its always up there, combined with Break Defense for even more reduction.
Zeal should be always there, no matter what you are running.
Molten Meteor 15% Crit rate is also your bread and butter mastery, you will never take it off.

For Defensive Mastery, you will either want the 5% HP, Regen, or the Movement speed, these are situational, and you should be using them apropriately.
For example, in most cases you want to run the 5% HP BONUS.
For Ultimate Fight club, you want to run the Regen bonus.
For Kiting in a mob filled place, you want the Movement speed.
Simple and logic, right?

Tactical spec:
The tactical spec tree is a preference thing, but in some instances like IA, the party leader might ask for you to change your spec, to something to fit your party more, as in, every member will be having a different spec, so that they do not overlap and you can do the instance more effectively.

But over-all, you should be running either Sabotage or Break Defense.

Special Skill mastery:
Its really yet again a preference thing, but i would suggest you always use The Best Defense, because it will add 1/2/3% of your ATK stat, into DEF, which will increase your defense by quite a bit, and we need it, seeing as we are squishy.

Other alternatives are …nope wait, there are none, everything else is mostly trash.
Someone will argue that the 2% damage is good, but its just 2% damage, get it from somewhere else.

Also , some of the Mastery scrolls you can get pretty easily, by spending Tokens and Guild Points
The NPC’s are located in Navea in the top right of the map, the Wizard stone seller NPC and from the Guild Merchant NPC , in the bottom right.

The upgraded Mastery passives you can get are:

Get them, love them, use them.
Rest of the mastery upgrades are from Drop, daily packs, or bought from players.


Gear wise, you can pretty much play this game without any problems in green gear, but if you want more out of your character in the current stage of the game, you will want to craft the Lv50 Aeria set

There are 2 Cores you will want to focus when making your set, you will either go with The Beast Cores or with Lucky Cores

Personally i always prefer the Lucky cores, because if you make your whole set from Lucky gear, you will end up having 43% Additional Drop rate

Either that, or you can have additional 7% HP/DMG from Beast Cores

Here is an example of my set:

Ideally you want to upgrade your set to AT LEAST +5, to squeeze out that drop of additional defense, but if you have the fragments/scrolls and patience, you can upgrade your whole set to +9.
Anything higher would be a waste, because this is temporary gear until we reach next cap level, but even so, after they increase the cap and add new content, it’ll still be a while before we get new recepies, mats, ect to craft the new 60 sets.

So this set will be good enough until then, plus you can always leave it as a Drop set, to use later on when you are fighting eidolons, or some bosses.


As for weapons, there are several types of weapons you can use, for staffs, you have 2 choices.

The best choice, is a well proc’d Lv50 Orange staff with Nocturnal core on it., as you see below, a 125% Nocturnal 50, vs a 137% Mina staff.

The second best choice, is a 135~140% Mina Staff as shown in the picture below.
As for guns, yet again, the best options are either:
Lv50 Orange crafted weapon with Nocturnal
Lv45 Weapon design you get from Gunslinger NPC, 2% Life Steal
Max’s guns, for extra damage and for the SPD buff

I use the Max’s Gun myself, because i prefer the SPD buff it provides, most of the time , it proc’s often enough to be up all the time in combat, so its a constant increase in speed by 5% (At level 60), thus enabling you to spend extra stat points somewhere else, except for SPD.

You will have to pick between either 5% SPD, or 6% Damage and 3% Absorb, if you are deciding between Max’s Gun and a Crafted 50 nocturnal gun.

In the end , you might opt to go for 6% life steal, by equiping 2 crafted nocturnal weapons, its all about choices, isnt it? (Untested if 2 nocturnal weapons stack)

For accessories, there is 3 choices for Wizard at this point in time:
The Meteor Accessory Set – easiest to get, can be bought for a relatively cheap price off the market, gives lots of DMG/Crit/HP.
The PvP Lv50 Accessory Set – Best if you are also PvP’ing, only obtainable through the Advanced/Ultimate Fight Club bundles.
The WrathBorn Temple Accessory Set – Dropped in Wrathborn temple, gives extra CRT DMG on each piece of accessory.

There is also a fourth option, but that accessory set is for Lv65 and it drops inside Infernal Abyss , whole accessory set gives good damage bonus and gives a lot of +FIRE dmg damage.

Secret Stones:

First of all, and most importantly, i would like to inform that, you can get all the available secret stones, from an NPC merchant in the Top/Right side of Navae, each class his its own NPC for that.
The stats on each stone will be randomized when you buy one, and it might take a while, to get the stats you want on the stone, but you will just have to keep buying until you get them, right?

And second most important , which is potentially new information for some players, is that, if the stats in the secret stone, are in all CAPITAL LETTERS, ex: CRT DMG, DMG , SPD , then it means that those stats, will be dirrectly transfered into your STAT WINDOW PANEL , what that means is, that they will not only affect the particular skill, the stone is for, but it will affect your character generally.

Also, as you see in the picture above, RARELY, stones will have a second stat, something other than [Do x% damage to This element], sometimes, stones will have double STATS in them, those stones are very rare and very valuable, thus they will cost a lot of money and they are the ideal stones that you want to aim for in the long run.

Now then, now thats that out of the way, refer above to the Set Pictures to see what i chose and in this section, i will also explain why its good having this and that stones, and which stones should you opt for.

Prefered stats for wizards:

For Wizards, there are basically very few stats that will actually make a difference to you, and those are CRIT DMG and DMGthere is also potentially the SPD stat that we would find valuable, but both SPD and DMG currently do not seem to work.
Thus, ideally you want to have all the possible Golden prefix stones. which gives +15% CRT DMG and another 2 random stats.

You will want to go to that NPC that sells the stones, and keep buying stones, until you end up with a stone with +6% CRT DMGor 3% DMG , then go with that from there.

The Actual Stones:
Weapons – Golden Fireball and Golden Aim Shot stones with +6% CRT DMG.

Armor – Golden Storm Curse with +6% CRT DMG.

Helmet – Sunrise Icy Curse with +6% CRT DMG (Sunrise gives +4% Crit chance and its the only optional stone we have, there are no Golden ones at this moment in time.)

Boots – Azure Ice Storm or Crimson Ice Storm with +6% CRT DMG. – Yet again, there is no Golden stone for this stone, so you will have to deal with either Extra damage from the crimson, or with -10% CD reduction stone, but the additional stats should be the same, so roll till you get what you need.

Belt – Azure Sonic Bomb with +6% CRT DMG.
Wizards do not have any secret stones to put into the belt, so you will use the Gunslinger one.

Gloves – Indigo Flame Meteor with 6% CRT DMG.
Why Indigo? Because its the best stone out there, even if there was a Golden stone for Meteor shot, you should never take anything except the Indigo one.
Why? I will explain why, the Indigo prefix, gives +5 Radius to abilities, thus increasing the AoE WIDTH of your meteor, by another 5 meters.
The base AoE Width of your meteor, is 6 Meters, the stone gives another 5 Meters and the Wizardry passive in the envoy tree, gives another 2 , so you will end up having an AoE with the Width of 13 METERS! , which is more than double its default size, you can safely assume that this is the widest AoE in the game at that point.

ALSO, there is an ARMOR stone, called Meteor Shot, do not be fooled by it, its a Grenadier stone, despite its name, translation issues.

Spell Section:

Aight, in this section i’ll be going over the spells, grading them and telling you how useful i find them from my perspective, from 1 to 5 stars.

Wizard Spells:

Fireball ** – Your spam ability, does about same damage as a regular auto-attack, has 100% Damage multiplier, combined with a well leveled secret stone, hits and crits slightly higher than a normal auto attack, with combied stun effect for PvP.

Icy Curse *** – Same as fireball, doesnt deal much damage, but has a slow particle to it, thus enabling you either kite in PvP or slow elites, if you slot a mastery for it, then it gains a weak DoT, to increase the DPS slightly.
90% Damage multiplier.

Ice Storm **** – A wonderful CC spell, the damage is not that high, and the AoE width isn’t that big until you have Wizardylearned 5 Meters Initial + 2 extra meters from Wizardry for a 7 Meter AoE, but nevertheless, a get out of jail card when you are killing elites in a dungeon such as IA, with a low CD on it cause ot the speed build, you can perma-immobilize the enemies so they do not move much at all.
85% Damage Multiplier.

Storm Curse *** – Linear missile AoE with 3 Meters Width + 2 meters from Wizardry, 5 In total. Its basically just damage when all your other AoE abilities are on cooldown, has travel time and sometimes it will miss targets cause of that, does not have any additional effects unless you slot a master for it, then it reduces defense of the targets hit.
120% Damage Multiplier.

Meteor Shot ***** – Your main AoE and damaging ability in general, with a low cooldown of 1.8 seconds, its your second most spammable ability after Fireball, slotted with mastery it gives you additional 15% Crit rate on it, so it crits pretty often too.
Base AoE width of 6 meters, plus 2 from wizards and 5 from the Secret stone, makes it a very wide aoe, that hits every target in a radius of 13 meters.
140% Damage Multiplier.

Instant Thunder **** – A very underrated ability, and this ability is the main reason, why gunslingers work very well with Wizard as a subclass.
AoE Width of 6 Meters +2 from Wizardy, for a total of 8, which is your second largest AoE, with a surefire stun to it.
Exactly because of this baby, we are able to dash into the battlefield to our target, Stun it, and place a trap underneath it, even two traps, then safely get away before the stun duration ends, mind you the stun duration is a whole 3 seconds, which is plenty of time to do anything to your target, and because the AoE width is so large, you can effectively use this ability to stun a whole flock of elites, mobs, ect in dungeons , place a trap under them, then safely get away unharmed.
Also a very good way to use this ability, is to charge at the boss as the first person, even before the tank and waste its stun imunity with it, then place the traps underneath the boss, for your party to get full effect from them for the next 5 seconds.
105% Damage Multiplier.

Rejuvenating Prayer *** – A okay heal, heals you for about 9000 HP at level 60 over 12 seconds.
But what matters to us, is not the heal, but the additional effect it provides.
It increases damage by 25% against targets with the 4 elements – Fire/Ice/Wind/Lightning.
So use it well for a bit higher burst damage.
Also has the effect of cleansing one negative status, thus sometimes removing an annoying slow/dot, ect.
The only reason why its 3 stars, is because the damage bonus is only limited to 4 elements, and not to all of them, thats why its a situational ability.

Energy Conflux **** – +20% CRT DMG buff, nothing else to say, its a really good buff , but since you are a Wiz/Gun, you will be running with your SPD buff on instead of this, because you can only have one up at a time. Except for situations where you have a Main class gunner in party that already buffed you with his.

Gunslinger spells:

Aimed Shot **** – Excellent single target damage ability, combined with Max’s weapon, its one of your hardest criting spells available to you, supppliments your single target dps by a bit when you are killing bosses, also very useful for its slow component , which is stronger than your Ice spell and you can easily move around while casting it.
135% Damage Multiplier.

Bombardment *** – Another linear Missile AoE, has really slim Width, about 2 meters, so unless the targets aren’t behind one another, you will not hit that many with it, nevertheless a good AoE fillin when you either have cooldowns, or just want to use a different AoE.
155% Damage multiplier.

Sonic Bomb *** – Another Linear AoE missile just like your Cursed Storm, just the gunner version, has same Width, but doesnt benefit from your Wizardry passive.
You can further supplement your AoE rotation with it for extra aoe.
145% Damage Multiplier.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe ** – A cone shaped AoE with a 5 Meter Radius, does high damage, but has very high animation delay, most of the time killing you instead of doing you any good.
To be honest, this spell would have been much better if not the animation, your character stops twice, to shoot two consecutive waves of lightning bullets, that will most of the time kill you because you stopped to cast them for like 2-3 seconds.
170% Damage multiplier.

Frost Trap ***** – 5 Star trap, on par with your meteor in usefulness.
Places a trap under your feet, freezing and immobilizing enemies in its vicinity of 3 meters and making them vulnerable to critical damage while the duration of the immobilize is there, also dealing a bit of DoT damage.
This is your bread and butter PvP skill, combined with Instant Thunder and Meteor to one-shot people.
You pretty much dash to them, freeze them, the critically one-shot them.
What most people dont know is, that the immobilize effect on this trap, also has a secondary effect, that reduces the targets resistance to critical damage, thus increasing your chance to critically hit that target for the next 4-5 seconds, by a lot, for a crit wizard, its almost 100% crit rate all the time.

You can use this anywhere you want, PvE, PvP, anywhere, even on bosses.
Yes it works on bosses, but the thing is , that unlike Elites or monsters, bosses, gain a 30 second imunity to Stun/Immobilization after such an effect has been used on them, so if someone will have already used a Immobilization on the boss, the trap will not trigger the crit vulnerability, but if you are the first person to immobilize it with this trap, the boss will be vulnerable for 4-5 seconds to critical damage, thus your whole party will start bursting it down with heavy crit damage instantly, for the duration of its effect. – Yes its funny, you will see your whole screen light up in crits from your whole party if you have the “Others damage” option enabled.

Try Doing a instant thunder into a pack of mobs in an IA room, then placing a Ice trap underneath them, do a meteor then use your combo attack with Quelkulan – instant death of the whole room.

Dark Trap **** – Another trap, this one is pure DoT DPS for PvE and its a bard killer in PvP, reducing any healing effects by 75%, has an AoE radius of about 5 meters, so its a fairy good AoE trap as-well.
I’ll be honest, with this trap, if you can pop it under a boss every now and then, you will be dealing huge single target damage to it, even as a wizard, topping out most DPS classes in the single target damage department, but problem is, against bosses – placing traps will half of the time kill you, because you dashed at the wrong moment and got caught in an AoE.

Decoy * – useless, troll spell pretty much, not even sure it works in PvP cause i didn’t even bother trying, if it does – great, you can disable a bard for a few seconds, if it doesn’t, kay, whatever.

Mental Focus ***** – Reason why you picked up gunner as a subclass in the first place, the SPD buff, to constantly keep yourself at 50% SPD and cast meteor at 2s CD, pretty self explanatory.

Eidolon Section:

In the Eidolon section, i will only discuss several Eidolons that play out well with your Wizard, i haven’t tried all the Eidolons, so i do not know of the benefits of a few of them, but i have most of them already Aquired and tested out.
I will Also rate them as i did with Skills, by stars from 1 to 5.

Grimm *** – The starting Eidolon, he is a pretty trustworthy Eidolon, all around good damage, two AoE’s and really good Eidolon to carry around yourself until can you pickup something better, has one of the highest attack stats in the game, i think is one of the few eidolons, when fully evolved, that has S rank attack.

Sigrun *** – A decent Eidolon for tanking stuff until you aquire Vayu, after that toss her.

Vayu **** – Not as good as sigrun at holding aggro, but does that relatively well still, is pretty beefy, can soak up pretty good damage too, but mostly what i like about him, is his combo attack.
With his combo combined with a Wizard, you get three spammable AoE’s with about 70,000~90,000 damage, with 2 second cooldown, fast animation, no delay.

Quelkulan ***** – One of the best Eidolons for a wizard i’ve saw until now, he is ranged so he will replace your Grimm, in PvP he destroys bards, making them unable to heal, and his ultimate is one of the few AoE combo attacks available with current Eidolons.
5 stars just cause of his ultimate.

Kotonoha ***** – 5 stars, nothing really needs to be said, her dps is low, but her supporting ability is amazing, 10% life steal buff every 30 seconds, 6 second speed buff every 10 seconds, she compliments your SPD build nicely, especially if you are lacking abit of SPD to reach cap, she will be there to fill it up for the most part.
Also she is ranged and her ultimate , combo attack is also AoE, that will rival Quelkulan’s.

Bel-Chandra ***** – Dat @ss..i mean, extremely useful Eidolon because of her buff, your whole party gets to enjoy a permanent buff that gives them 5% CRT rate and 20% CRT DMG.

Uzuriel ***** – Bel-chandra’s opposite, she has the exactly same buff, but they actually stack, so if you have a bel and uzuriel in party, you will benefit from permanent 10% crit rate and 40% CRT DMG.

Eligos ** – Overall i dont like him, but i only included him here because of his +20% ACC buff, if it matters for some people who like to PvP, if you are lacking accuracy, eligos is what you are looking for.
Also has a pretty weak AoE combo attack with a DoT attached to it, but its still an AoE…so go figure.

As a final addition to this Guide, i will also add a quoted piece of Information i found on the forums a long while ago, that made me want to roll Wiz/Gun in the first place.

superalimx wrote:

I can’t take it anymore. The Power, the Speed and the Excitement of using Wizard/Gunslinger. I will now explain to you all why Wizard/Gunslinger is the strongest AoE DPS.
Lets take this screenie as an example.

Why Gunslinger sub?
The Speed Buff. In the past, some Wizard tried Speed Build and they realised that Speed Build Wizard lack Firepower. This is because without the use of the Gunslinger Speed Buff, you need to invest a lot more stat points and replace equipment with Crit and Crit Dmg with Speed to hit the Speed Cap. With the use of the Gunslinger Speed Buff, Wizards can now invest lesser stat points into Speed and use Crit and Crit Dmg equipment.

Take a look at the Upper Set this Wizard is using. It is the LV60 Orange Damage Set. This set provides the most Damage and the set bonus is +30% Crit Damage to Boss Monster. Now take a look at the Bottom Set. It is the LV65 Gold Damage Set and the set bonus is +25% Crit Damage with 25% chance to increase Normal Attack Speed by 50% when Crit.

Now, do you know what is the purpose of 50% Speed? It is to reduce the Cool Down of Meteor Shot! When you combine 50% Speed with the envoy that reduces Meteor Shot cooldown by 35%, you can get Meteor Shot with 1.8 Sec Cooldown. 1.8 sec Cool Down Meteor Shot with + 50% Normal Attack Speed equal to infinite loop of Meteor Shot -> Meteor Shot -> Meteor Shot or when you’re fighting boss Meteor Shot -> Normal Attack -> Meteor Shot -> Normal Attack -> Meteor Shot -> Normal Attack.

This is not the end yet. Gunslinger have 4 skills that can help Wizard/Gunslinger at kiting. Gunslinger 1st skill inflict Reduce Movement Speed Debuff Status. Gunslinger Ice Trap increases the chance of target receiving Critical Hit and DoT. Dark Trap inflict DoT. We got 3 now, so what is the 4th skill? It is the Ultimate Skill version of Gunslinger 2nd skill. This Ultimate skill add on a -8% DEF debuff to the 2nd skill.

So basically Wizard/Gunslinger can infinite loop Meteor Shot with 2 DoT, 1 Reduce Movement Speed Debuff and 1 Break Defense Debuff (2 if you include the Tactical Ultimate Break Defense). But this is still not the end yet. Look at the Ring, Necklace and Cloak this Wizard is wearing. All these accessories add +8% Damage to Flame Element Skill each. In total, that is +24% Damage to Flame Element Skill. Considering how this build is all about spamming Meteor Shot, which is a Flame Element Skill, this 24% Damage boost is a lot.

Next, lets talk about her other equipment. The two trophies she is using are both Dmg and Crit trophies. Majority of her Sigil are Crit DMG Sigil. The Staff she is using is a Speed and Crit Staff, which have a 16% chance to proc additional 4k Damage when Crit. Her Gun is a Bat Gun, which is basically a life leech gun.

Now look at her Crit Rate. It is 44.41%. However, this is not the actual Crit Rate for her Meteor Shot. This is because she is using the Ultimate Skill that increase Meteor Shot Crit Rate by 15%. In other words, her Meteor Shot Crit Rate is close to 60%, which is counted as high. I believe she also got the Envoy that increase all skill range by 2% and Sigil that increases Meteor Shot range by 5%. This increase in 7% means that her Meteor Shot can hit more targets.

Let me conclude everything in one line. Her Huge Range, with no Animation Lock Meteor Shot crit consistently and it can be spammed continuously, which results in large amount of life leech that restores her HP to the brim.

Thanks to superalimx for his effort and input on the reason why people play wiz/gun on TW.

That’ll be all for now folks, i’ll keep updating this guide with new content and things i discover gradually, hope that someone might find it useful.


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