Aura Kingdom Wizard Build Guide

Aura Kingdom Wizard Build Guide by HonorLives

Hi, my name is Great, I am Wizard/Gunslinger. I reside in the Hydra server and am the leader of the guild Riot. You are free to join. I am very knowledgeable about wiz. I will answer all questions as much as I can to the best of my ability. Here is my Wiz atm, I haven’t had time to play much. Although many can claim to have better gear than me and do atm I can tell you how to gear.

General questions

Q.What is the best sub classes for wiz and why did you pick gunslinger?
A. The subclasses that are best are Bard, Sorc, and gunslinger. Everything else is going in to murky water, and results will probably be murky too.

Bard is a great subclass if you think you won’t be able to survive, lag a lot more and want to solo easy then that is the way to go. Keep in mind you will be a little bit more useless with a bard in the party, but they are not always on their game so this can save you.

Sorc is a good subclass because it has life steal, dot and another heal. Additionally sorc is able to maintain higher damage when compared to the bard subclass. Additionally it comes with nightmare totem which is a great mob control skill that puts mobs to sleep. You will be able to maintain good survivability and good mob control. Highly recommended for those looking for more control while still keeping survivability and damage at a high.

Now, gunslinger. The reason they are so good is because of their high damage, and superior speed, while still maintaining the highest dps possible. One because of their speed buff which from around 35 % makes you have max speed (50%) with good gear required. When looking at a subclass you also have to look at subweapon procs. For example level 50 yellow guns give almost 1k speed and proc all the time!! Level 60 weapons are life steal which means you can spam meteor at 1.8 seconds, do the highest damage, steal all your hp back quickly all while having your heal over time skill (rejuvenating prayer) having a insanely low cooldown.

The class also comes with a defence -10 % skill and two traps with insanely high damage over time. Frost trap immobilizes enemies and does high amount of damage to them, but also provides a crit rate debuff to the enemies. Dark trap debuffs your enemy to -75 healing which is amazing for pvp and mobs that heal. It also has a much higher damage over time over frost trap. The good news is you can stack both traps as long as your order is frost trap -> dark trap! I think it is the best way to go but keep in mind it is a very late bloomer.

Q. What should my envoy paths be?
The basics are grab the meteor cooldown passive first, then every crit except crit chance 1 % and the crit damage + ones. Then grab the +2 range for wiz skills (this is aoe NOT how far your skill goes!!!) and staff damage ones. Don’t worry about def and hp you should not have trouble surviving as a wiz played right.

Q. What should my stats be?
A. Do not go full hp, or full evasion that is a terrible idea. You want to start off with 30 hp and the rest into def. Later on you can max def with gear alone or minimal points into def, but to start out put 3 into def 1 into hp till you get 30 hp. Crit I put ten into it then the rest into speed, do not worry about damage. Max speed at 50 % and then make sure your crit is in the 40 % – 55% range. Do not put anymore points into crit if you are at the 45 % + range and have not maxed speed, you are just wasting points at that point.

Q. What should my gear be like?
A. If you are gunslinger build you have to go full crit damage and damage gear. Other subclasses can grab some hp gear and speed gear to help you cap speed. But I emphasize all wizards should use dmg gear!!

Q. What should the stats be on my secret stones?
A. You need to grab crit dmg 4 % or 6 % depending on your budget!!! Grab meteor range + 5 (you can get it from the wizard trainer) and upgrade that.

Q. Which ultimate skills should I have set up?
A. For wiz gunslinger it is. Only your first ulti should change with your secondary sub class change. For Wizard gunslinger having the first mastery is a must, anything else and you are losing dps.

Q. Eidolons?
A. You have to get Bel-Chandra or Uzuriel! Both of them buff crit damage and crit rate for the party. Both give 20% crit damage and almost 10 % crit rate at level 55! This area is preference however, and you can use what you like. Just please don’t use giga’s lol.

Q. I’m having trouble surviving as a gun wiz, how can i survive till i get the life steal guns at higher levels?
A. You are in luck! There is a gun before that you can use for solo and survivability reasons!

This gun can be crafted from the master gunslinger from navea for 100 tokens! It has the amazing ability to steal hp based on your damage.

Here is an example!

As you can see I healed 1327 from the meteor, the more enemies the more you heal. It is extremely effective.
Q. I am a wiz/sorc, how should I build my stats and gear?
A. When going wizard/sorc you have to make sure you have enough speed. 40 % crit is enough when using bel chandra and all the crit passives from your envoy’s. So, just go with full damage gear zero into crit and full points into speed.


This is my wiz soloing level 60 eidolons.

Feel free to ask more.

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