Aura Kingdom Gunslinger/Grenadier PvP Guide

Aura Kingdom Gunslinger/Grenadier PvP Guide by unknownelfen

A little guide showing what CRIT Dual Pistol can do and how good they can be.


For PvP look for the Purple Crit ones, they are sold in a NPC in Navea X:778 Y:651

They add so much Damage, Crit, HP and Crit Damage. Wow.

^Still need the Gladiator Cap and Amor (Token Set), and the comet acessories.

Green or Orange crit set or the Token Set, ultil you have Arena Coins to buy the Purple.

Comet Set for acessories, until you have Arena Coins to buy the Purple.

Yellow lv 50 weapon 135%+.

Fia green Trophy for Crit Damage.

Toto yellow Trophy for more Crit Damage.

Secret Stones with 4% or 6% Crit Damage bonus.

DO NOT BUY THE LV 50 ARENA COIN SET, save your coins for the lv 60 ones.

On max get the Token set and wait for new content.


The key for PvP is on Discerning Atack and Lash Out.


** This is only for PvP **

1 – Pinpoint Strike (Aimed Shot Damage +15%)

Its is your Main Skill atack, very spammable and do LOTS of damage, this is the skill that made Dual Pistols deadly.

1 – Focused Blast (Aimed Shot Acc +25%)

Use this against high Eva players in PvP.

2 – Zeal (10% to cause extra 50% damage when atacking)

If this procs together with Discerning Atack on a Crit Aimed Shot = Hit Kill.

3 – Exploding Wolf Trap – (+5 lv on Dark Flare Trap)

Better than Falling Star, AoE stun will give to all players you hit the Stun immunity, you and your team dont want this xD.

4 – Iron Wall or Courage (+5% Def or +3% HP and -2% Damage Taken)

Just choose, will pick Def.

5 – Expose Weakness (25% chance to decrease target P-Healling by 20% when atacking)

Awesome to finish off bards without need to enter in middle of 5 to set a trap.

6 – The Best Defense (1% Damage add to Def)

More Def for us *o*

Offensive Status


Cannon procs on Sonic Bomb

Every arena you make a base kill of 20 or more.

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  1. blitz says:

    which server are u playing?

  2. paolo says:

    my current level is 59 i need more info about this build can you help me?

  3. paolo says:

    what level are you now? what is the maximun point you give in your def and crit? mine i did it half ways my def is 40points and 37 points in my hp my def% is 40% my crit points is 60 and 21 for dmg
    im asking what is your build in puting points in your character

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