Yitien Wandering Adventurer Guide

Yitien Wandering Adventurer Guide by Liao

What is the Wandering Adventurer?
– The “Wandering Adventurer” is a new feature in the game where you can get big amount of silver and fame. This new feature is based on the game Poker.

Where is the Wandering Adventurer?

– It is located in the upper right part of the screen.

What are the rules?

How to play?


1. Click the image in the middle that says “Click to start game”.

2. It will flip all the 5 cards and show you combinations in random. There are 10 ways to win.

3. You are given 2 choices. 1st choice is to collect the reward and 2nd is to change the card. There are 2 free change cards.

What are the Reward Rules?

1. 5 of a kind
Silver: 60000 Fame: 4500
Description: 5 of the same kind.

2. 4 of a kind
Silver: 40000 *Fame: 2800
Description: 4 of the same kind.

3. Large Straight
Silver: 25000 Fame: 2200
Description: 5 consecutive numbers. In the image below, the consecutive numbers are 2,3,4,5,6.

4. Full House
Silver: 18000 Fame: 1800
Description:*2 cards of a kind and 3 cards of a kind.

5. Small Straight
Silver: 13000 Fame: 1500
Description: 4 consecutive numbers. In the image below, the consecutive numbers are 1,2,3,4.

6. 3 of a kind
Silver: 10000 Fame: 1200
Description: 3 of the same kind.

7. 2 Pairs
Silver: 8000 Fame: 1000
Description: 2 pairs of a kind.

8. Fortune, Status, Integrity
Silver: 5000 Fame: 700
Description: combination of fortune, status and integrity.

9. 2 of a kind
Silver: 3000 Fame: 400
Description: 2 of the same kind.

10. Garbage
Silver: 2000 Fame: 100
Description: No combinations from 1 to 9 reward rules.

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