Yitien Refine Lock Stats Guide

Yitien Refine Lock Stats Guide by princessyeon


This is one of the secret to boost your character. Refining to change the equip attributes to your likes.

Armors: Helm, Tunic, Belt, Pants, Shoes and Bracelet (Defend, Dodge, Block, HP, Chi)

Accessories and Weapons: Saber, Sword, Fan, Rings, Necklace (Attack, Crit, Hit, HP, Chi)

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To use Refine, you need Silvers, Refine stones, and Ingots (optional) for locking the attributes you want to stay while you keep finding another and better att. Locking attributes may cost you expensive if you are SERIOUS. Hehehe. (Tips: Save ingots and silvers already if you are planning to change equip already. Patience is a must.)

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Lets begin:

You see the Gold Belt (Rare) Im gonna use Refine stone to begin. 6 stars is already good for me. Since it is Def that I need as a Warrior I will lock it. Step 1 click the lock icon first the click refine,

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Then after u click the lock and refine, you will see it asks you if you are agree to lock it with 20i, click confirm.

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Then after, you can see it gives and adds new attribute. But it’s ugly anyway, so you have to refresh it again and get another attributes. but as you keep locking it it will cost you ingots. Click change then refine again.

As you locking the attributes, 1 lock is equal to 20i, 2 locks is equal to 40i, 3 locks is equal to 60. In short, 20i per attribute LOCK.

Epic Ring refinement
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If you are lucky you can lock til 3 only and get a good attributes.

Tips: Don’t too much getting addicted while refining, find your luck first.

Or else, you will get to the point that you use so much ingots

Legendary Weapon refinement
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You try to lock the 4 attributes, You want to change the HP with another attributes like Crit or Attack, but you get 1 star Hit is a mad!! So you have to Keep it and contented with the refine.

Bonus attributes = 5 maxed

(Stars = 1star until Max)

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