Yitien Legendary Secondary Skills Guide

Yitien Legendary Secondary Skills Guide by Theos

Secondary Skills

~Gives additional skill level to your skills~

How to get Secondary Skills?

~Secondary skill is an additional option you can get from Legendary equipments, you can obtain Legendary equipments by:~

A.) Forging shards or pieces of Legendary weapons
~Finishing all the ‘Goals’ / Achievement quests gives a player the chance to forge a Legendary weapon using the 7 pieces of the weapon given as reward.
~Level 90 legendary weapon, armor, and accessories’ shards can be obtained in Silent Temple (unlocked when Heavenly Peak level 60 is cleared).

B.) Upgrade EPIC (level 51+) into LEGENDARY equipment using HOLY STONES
~Holy Stones can be obtained in the following:
-Silent Temple
-Hero’s Chest (Arena Ranking Reward)
-Heavenly Peak L60
– Daily Treasure Chest (100 Devotion, Random Reward) *R212126119

How to change the Secondary Skill?

~Changing secondary skill requires Mini Holy Stone/s and 50,000 silver~

1. Go to Equip. Skills tab inside the Forge window

2. Select the legendary equipment that you wish to change the secondary skill:

A. Legendary Equipment slot
B. Mini Holy slot (1 Mini Holy Stone is required for secondary skill refresh)
C. Current secondary skill equipped in the legendary equipment
D. Success rate and Cost
E. Upgrade button

3. Press the Upgrade button and secondary skill will be refreshed.

~Result is random, it can remain the same or skill may be for other job/class.
~Result is irreversible, once you pressed the upgrade button the result will automatically be the skill equipped.

Equipment’s Secondary Skill (Possible secondary skills)

Skill number
Skill name per class (Sword Dancer / Warrior / Healer / Assassin)

1st to 8th skills

1st skill
Sword Flash / Psycho Chop / Fan Dance / Falling Star

2nd skill(L)
Flying Sword / Cresent Slash / Fan Gust / Heaven’s Descent

3rd skill(R)
Sword’s Wish/ Exoskeleton / Take Aim / Ghost-Step

4th skill(L)
Double-Strike / Vampiric Slash / Return to Spring / Spirit Break

5th skill(R)
Truth Sword / Parry / Art of War / Anger

6th skill(L)
Charge / Burning Chop / Revive / Pressure Point

7th skill(R)
Fierce Combo / Last Resort / Horror Fan / Gale Pierce

8th skill
Rage Skill (Sword Rain / Shadow Veil / White Tiger’s Aura / Dragon’s Breath)

~This list may change as soon as new results are obtained.
~Please feel free to comment, suggest, correct or add information. Thank you.

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