Mabinogi Human Range Guide

Mabinogi Human Range Guide by Takeharu

There seems to be a lot of questions concerning archery. I’ll clear up some things since it’s my specialty. I’m a human royal alchemist but I use range 95% of the time and alchemy 5%.

  • Human rangers are by no means weak. Ever since the introduction of crash shot, humans can do just as well as elf rangers. The load time and aim speed is pretty much the same from what I heard. If you want to talk about DPS, elves will win hands down. But in the long run, humans will have the advantage. I’m not only talking about the g14s5 AR boost. If you’re a DK, you can have infinite trans with the help of a party healer or hp potion spamming. DEX roll with a naturally high crit rate can go a long way.
  • If any of you ran shadow wizard or SS elite with me in a party full of randoms, you would see that I’m one of the last people still standing and fighting. Potion poisoning is actually very useful to the ranger class; I spam hp/stamina/mana pots but DEX never goes down, only STR, INT, and Will. Crit doesn’t matter since crash is always 30%.
  • As for gear, it really doesn’t matter what you wear (but dmg enchants and special upgraded bow is a must). With a decent rank mana shield (r9+), you will never die if you have a good supply of mana pots. Mana shield will also protect you from getting wound damage. I’ve been wearing this alchemist suit since g9 first came out, so yeah I fight in clothes.
  • Crowd control is very easy for rangers if they know what they’re doing. I’ll teach you a combo I use a lot in elite. R1 shock on yourself -> R1 Crash shot -> AOE pets (crystal deer or thunder dragon) between load times. If you can’t get shock or AOE pets, rank barriers to r1 and spam crash shot from there.
  • Depending on the party I’m running with, I usually prefer to play the support role; it saves dura and it’s very effective. It really depends on the person using melee, I usually see 1k+ in extra damage when I use support shot. With Lene, it’s about 12k un-trans and 14k in trans (this was in guardian of avon HM).

– That thing about humans being balanced and masters of nothing is silly. I don’t let a small issue such as race effect my combat style. As long as you have high dex and skills to support you (barriers, shock, etc.) and a good team to back you up, HM & elite missions are easy.

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