Mabinogi Fighter Guide

Mabinogi Fighter Guide by Mentosftw

Oh hello there, I didn’t notice you there, *fake laugh* you’re probably here because you want to step into the wonderful world of


As part of unpopular request, I’ll be sharing with you tips on ranking and training your skills, training on how to use your skills effectively, training to get the best gear, and training on the remote mountains as a hermit.

Table of Contents
1a. Introduction
1b. Pros and Cons of Fighters
2. Training and Ranking
3. Other Skills
4. Effective Skill Use
5. Gear and Enchants

Well, I’d like to start by saying one thing; fighter is best pursued and started if you were already proficient in a different skillset because of the fighter skillset’s large focus on 1v1 combat. Due to the fighter’s complete lack of easily accessible AoE attacks and 1v1 nature, the rate of killing monsters from beginning to endgame grows exponentially and then the rate will suddenly remain in near stasis once your attacks reach 1 hit ko potential. It doesn’t matter how hard you hit a 1000 hp monster, if you’re only going to be dealing damage to one monster at a time, the only thing that limits how much faster you can kill is based on three factors; animation speed, movement speed and how efficiently you’re using your skillset. That means that fighters will be outshined in killing speed during mid to late mid game dungeons and shadow missions but once they reach the hardest missions where monsters have boatloads of hp, their killing speed will once again rise.

If you were a warrior prior to going fighter, you’ll gain an early boost in both your fighter damage and the flexibility of close combat. Plus you’d probably be familiar with the basics of fighting up close to begin with. This is where I started.

If you were not a warrior, you’d still benefit because during actual combat, your AoE skills will come very handy as they will cover the fighter’s weaknesses. Additionally, if you were a mage and ranked Thunder, you’d get some Will and likewise with rangers if they ranked Crossbow Mastery.

As for the races, it’s a very clear race on who has the upper hand. I’ll just list off the advantages and disadvantages of each race and let you decide on your own though.


-More Will than Elves in endgame and will get very close to a Giant’s endgame Will
-Good flexibility with all other skillsets

-Age10 to 13 is the best age for Will gain on levels, age 16 would probably be the best choice for freebirthers if they want a bit more kick (just stick with age 17 lol)
-Slowest running speed of all classes


-Fastest running speed which means better sustained chains when mobs are spaced out
-Great synergy with the Ranged skillset
-Age 17 and 18 gives the best will which are the best leveling ranges for freebirthers, yahoo!

-Least Will of all classes
-Least benefits from Chain Mastery


-Best endgame Will
-Age 15 with the talent bonus will grant you 1.5 Will per level!
-Greatest benefits from Chain Mastery
-Tumble gets a distance and speed bonus as compared to humans and elves
-Great synergy with Stomp and melee attacks where they receive a natural bonus
-Faster than humans but slower than elves
Use Taunt for Lunatic mode. Warning: Not for Elementary school kids.

-Biggest hitbox and if you’re in an environment where you’re using 1v1 skills with a race that has the least AoE options…
-Fighter elves and humans will hate you for your damage and in turn you will hate yourself because you know you’re screwed if you get multi-aggroed and have no backup plan

1b. Pros and Cons of Fighters
-Insane damage with very fast growth
-Great against bosses, mages, rangers and alchemists once the distance is closed
-once you get to 1h koing, fighting becomes very efficient at dispatching multiple mobs
-Stage 2 skills are good against heavy stander because of their long stun time
-Targets cannot load skills during the stun of fighter skills unless they activate heavy stander

-Killing speed will cap and/or decline in growth once you can kill things in one hit
-Stage 2 and 3 skills can get momentarily locked out if you erroneously fail to execute both Stage 1 skills properly
-Largely 1v1 so multi aggros can get overwhelming
-if you fight monsters who you cannot 1hko, you can end up getting stuck with the same mob for a while which increases your vulnerability
-Most skill animations have low animations
Very fast knuckles cannot N + any non fighter skill under most circumstances Sorry my mistake, it’s possible but you just need a good computer, decent internet and fast hands. I lacked a good computer at the time of this writing.
-Have fun missing with Focused Fist

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