Mabinogi Rabbie Solo Guide

Mabinogi Rabbie Solo Guide by Tekashi

So people just do not seem to understand how exactly one can solo Rabbie dungeon, but believe me, folks, it is possible and I’m going to explain to you how. Rabbie dungeon is the next step after Ciar Beginner, although you might think Ciar Normal would be the next step, however you’d be wrong. The reason for this is that Rabbie dungeon has single-aggro monsters, which means there will only be one thing attacking you at a time. This makes the dungeon incredibly easy as long as you know how the enemies work. In order to solo Rabbie there are a few things you’ll need to have before beign able to really solo the dungeon, so take a look at the requirements list.


  1. Level 20+
    Although I didn’t start until level 25, because Ciar Beginner was able to level me well enough until then, I’ve heard that you can do Rabbie at ~20. Take caution though, at lower levels.
  2. Weapons/Amor
    Make sure you have a suitable weapon, or weapons, since the durability of one weapon probably won’t last through the entire dungeon.
  3. First Aid Skill
    Learn this, and come prepared with lots of bandages. Bring 50-60. You will die learning this new content, and bandages will help you with the injuries you take. An alternative is bringing some firewood to make a fire when you injuries are bad enough.
  4. Skills
    You need a magic skill of some sort, the very basic rank at least. I use Rank F Ice Bolt, but you can use a bow&arrows; as well (but that is just another item you may have to bless).
  5. Holy Water
    If you have anything valueable, you’ll need a lot of Holy Water in order to keep your stuff from getting lost. As you start, you’ll need a lot of Water, but once you get the hang of things you will only need it for the occasional death every now and then.

Monster List

  1. Gray Town Rats
  2. Bats
  3. Mimics
  4. Skeleton Wolves
  5. White Skeletons
  6. Red Skeletons
  7. Metal Skeletons
  8. Succubus

I’ll explain the strategies used for each of these in detail.

Town Rats/Bats/Mimics
Skills – DefenseDestroy these guys in 1-2 hits. Use your crappy back-up weapon to preserve durability on your nicer weapon (ie: 2-hander) so you can save durability for the tougher monsters later on. For mimics, tried to stand on the side when you attack them I’ve found it gives me enough delay to be able to hit them first sometimes.

Skeleton Wolves
Skills – Smash, Defense, Counter
These are so easy. It is funny how everyone makes a big deal about these guys, but there are really simple strategies to beating them. You will encounter Skeleton Wolves usually in hallways with mimics, or in 4-orb rooms. Very rarely, they’ll spawn with Skeletons, which is the hardest situation to deal with. The steps to defeat Skeleton Wolves are like this: First, use Ice Bolt, or whatever ranged attack to pull them. Make sure you keep a large distance from the actual group of other Wolves. As soon as you use an Ice Bolt, activate Defense and make as much distance as you can from the Wolf. If the Wolf uses a skill, and then starts to sprint at you, he is using Smash. Quickly cancel Defense and get ready to auto attack him. Remember, auto attack always beats Smash. If he simply sprints at you with no skill, Defense will stop him, and you can attack him, then re-activiate Defense right away. If the Wolf uses another skill, make some distance between you and the beast. This is because it gives you more time to react if he uses Smash. Remember, if he starts to use Smash, he’ll dash at you, so cancel Defense and get ready to attack. Otherwise, if he uses Defense or Counter, just wait it out and keep Defense up. It is basically a simple rotation of Defense -> Attack -> Defense -> Attack.

White Skeletons
Skills – Smash, Defense, Counter
The only think you need to use with Skeletons is auto attack, and when to use it. When you encounter a group of skeletons, simply wait until one flashes “!!” over their head. Make sure you can see every skeleton in the room, so you can see which one has the “!!” over their head. As soon as this happens, rush in to auto-attack the skeleton until he falls down. As he is falling, look to see if he is using a skill or not. If he hasn’t activated one, go in for the next attack. If he has, then you need to wait a moment before taking your next action. If he uses Smash, he’ll start to run at you; simply auto attack. If he uses defend, he’ll stand still for a moment with the skill over his head. Wait for it to fade away, do NOT use Smash; as soon as it fades, go in for the auto attack. Its as simple as that, rinse and repeat. Occassionally, when the Skeleton very first aggros, he’ll use Counter. As long as you get to him in time, it shouldn’t be a problem though, and you can attack through it.

Red SkeletonsSkills – Smash, Defense, Ranged Attack, *Counter?*
These follow the same strategy as White Skeletons, except for you have to be on the ball with attacking these guys as soon as the aggro. If you want too long they’ll shoot their bow and wound you. Red Skeletons also tend to use Smash much more often, so just blow it away with auto attack as usual. Otherwise, these are simply a different colored White Skeleton.

Metal SkeletonsSkills – Smash, Defense, Ranged Attack, Windmill, Counter
I really hate Metal Skeletons. They really make the third floor almost useless unless you are an excellent player. Follow the same strategies as the other two skeletons, with a few modifications. When you knock down the skeleton with your auto attack, if he starts to use a skill other than smash, make sure you keep a good distance from him. If it is smash, simply auto attack it, but if it isn’t, then its either Defense, Counter, or Windmill. The idea is, you need to keep a good distance from him or you’ll get hit with windmill, but if you stand too far away, he’ll start to use a ranged attack, and you’ll be screwed. The sweet spot is finding the distance use far enough away for his Windmill not to affect you, and yet close enough that if he starts to use a ranged attack, you’ll be able to run in and attack him before it goes off. Otherwise, these guys are the same as before.

– Smash, Defense, Counter, Ice Bolt, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, *Ranged Attack?*
– Passive Defense, Passive Magic Defense

The strategy is incredibly simple: run in, Smash her, then turn around and run away for about 30-40 seconds. Rinse and repeat. Alternatively, you can use a fully charged Fire Bolt on her, instead of smash. If you do this correctly, you can kill her slowly without taking any damage at all.

Special Situations
Occasionally you’ll come to a room with Skeletons and Wolves in it. For these situations, the best idea is to pull the Wolves out of the room one at a time using a ranged attack. Don’t stay in the room too long or you’ll aggro a Skeleton at the same time. This can be a tricky situation, but with some luck you’ll get it down. Luckily it isn’t much of a problem.

As far as I’m concerned, the third floor of the dungeon is a waste of time. The metal skeletons are a hassle, even if you are incredibly good with the combat system and mechanics it is still incredibly easy to slip up and make a mistake. Also, by the time you get to the third floor your weapons will be running low on durability as well. Killing succubus only rewards about 1500g, which isn’t really that much considering how much time it takes to clear through the third floor. After you get the Succubus Slayer title, I don’t think it really is worth doing the third floor unless you really have it down. The best money and experience will be on the first two floors. Unless someone can prove me wrong, this is my opinion :P. I hope this guide clears up some issues people were having regarding how to kill the enemies in this dungeon. Just remember, you will die a lot at the beginning. At first I was dying all the time to White Skeletons, but then to Red, and now only to Metal Skeletons. Once you get the fights down, you’ll understand how easy it is!

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    ummm there's also 3 rare mini skeles… a mini red, a mini normal light armor, and a mini normal w/ heay armor… I keep dying there… any ideas?

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