Mabinogi Easy Gun Skills Training Guide

Mabinogi Easy Gun Skills Training Guide by Hitsugaya

Here is my guide of what i think are among the best methods of training your gun skills.


Believe it or not, just ranking the skills and reloading when low or empty on ammo will probably not net you rank 1 any time soon. At some point i believe this skill should be intentionally ranked. Why? Well let me tell you, low ranked reload is over 3 seconds, rank 1 reload is 1.8 seconds. 1.8 seconds is still lame, but if your sitting there attacking things, the monsters arent gonna say. Hey, lets wait for this guy to spend over 3 seconds to reload.

The quicker you rank reload, the quicker your training will go, nuff said.

Here is my method of training reload (afk).

If you go to sleep, or have something to do durring the day, do this method.

Step 1: Buy several zeder 2 guns, like 4 or 5, and bless them all
Step 2: Buy tons of ammo
Step 3: Find 2 people to drop you off provocation
Step 4: enter provo, and turn on auto attack. Shoot the wall, and go to sleep/play some battle field 3.

You will keep auto attacking the wall until empty, in which case you’ll auto reload, and keep attacking. This is the most efficient method UNTIL your training counts of reload when empty are gone. Then this method becomes not so efficient if you are able to play (not afk). In which case you can still attack the provo spike once, and then reload, and repeat.

Shooting rush:

The MOST important skill in your gunner skillset. This skill is what makes gunner so great. BUT the having to get 5-6 enemies hit, hundreds of times can be a little… nerve wracking. On top of that, the training counts are so low (0.05 and 0.02 at rank 7 WITH talent) that it can take forever especially if u cant have enemies constantly bundled in 6’s. But, if you go to say, the emerald bison in the engineering tunnel, which are often bunched up in such numbers, if you don’t kill them all in that 1 shooting rush, then they’ll swarm u before u can even reload (and tryign to reload when gettin spammed is virtually impossible, even if u use a stun pet, more might come in that didn’t get stunned).

So, what i propose is this. TNN! thats right, the same TNN that we all back in the day and probably now even spend sitting there tirelessly training windmill.

Step 1: Have a TNN cupon, Wait until saturday to go to TNN and get a cupon, OR find a friend with a cupon AND a partner mount (in which case u should get a flier and make a cupon).

Step 2: Buy lots of guns and ammo

Step 3: Go to TNN

Step 4: Gather around 10 zombies in a wall corner (one of the L shaped walls).

Step 5: Use shooting rush on all of them, they wont move much, and you’ll get ur 5 and 6 training counts every time, in addition to the crits and attack enemies.

How to gather zombies; well theres 2 main methods, and they are as follows.
#1: Use magnum shot to propell the zombies back, and aim it carefully to propell it into the corner of the wall, repeat with more zombies.
#2: Same method as above, but with firebolt, its important that these methods be either ranged or magic as to not damage the zombies too much.

Also, if you dont have attack multiple enemy req’s, and or need defeat enemy req’s, your best bet is sulfur spider basic.

Bullet Storm:

Not at great as shooting rush, but a good skill none the less
Same method as shooting rush, train them both at the same time at TNN
Or same reason, sulfur spider basic.

Dual Gun Mastery

I dont even need to say anything for this because this was my first rank 1… Training reload the method i said, will rank up dual gun mastery because it will be getting tons of hits and criticals, so you can train reload and dual gun mastery at the same time. Otherwise training your skills normally will suffice to rank this.

Bullet Slide: 

Pretty useful skill if you have an enemy charging at you and you wanna get away quickly. Personally i think all of the skills above take priority over any of the remaining skills, so if you’re ap tight, only rank this to c for the 20 ap from event.

This is simple enough, all you have to do is train this on raccoon’s in dungald, or foxes in tir pretty much. Just use bullet slide over and over.
OR provo barrier spikes is also an option

Grapple Shot:

In my opinion a really lame skill, i cant even say anything good about it…
Once again, just train this at raccoon’s along with bullet slide.
OR provo barrier spikes is always an option (i think u can use against them)

Flash Launcher:

A powerful skill, but its a shame its almost impossible to use if an enemy is aggroed at you, charging at you, has high rank instinctive reaction, etc. So really the only way u can use it is if you use it against an unsuspecting enemy, use a stun pet prior, or manage to pull off the grapple combo which is really annoying and impractical. and sometimes you don’t even go close enough to pull off the combo anyways.

Once again, raccoon’s will suffice
Or provo barrier spikes

Way of the gun: 

Awesome skill, its a shame it doesnt last longer, and doesnt have a shorter cooldown, but its great none the less.
Basically the key to training this skill, is having a lot of weak enemies bunched together. In my opinion, sulfur spider basic is great for this. You can use shooting rush and normal attacks to defeat the large amount of enemies that are usually present in the center.

Well that is the end of my guide, if you have any more efficient ways of training please share.

Also on a side note, you can also get to the boss room of their method, and put all the zombies at one edge of the wall, and use the same method. Sulfur spider basic is good, but you dont ALWAYS get 5~6 enemies. This was the method i trained at first, but because of the lack of the constant 5~6 enemies, i didnt find it great.

HOWEVER, if you put all to finish for sulfur spider basic, it might be a little better, but still not guarentee’d

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