Mabinogi Ancient Hunting Tips

Mabinogi Ancient Hunting Tips by Maenad

Ancient monsters are great rewards to find. They give 20 times more EXP than normal, and even have a unique list of drops that includes some highly sought after items. The problem is that, monsters only have a chance become an Ancient if they’re not killed for 5 hours, and also that most of them are near instantly visible. Below is a list of tips that can help you find the Ancients you’ve been looking for.

  • Be prepared to change channels! Even the market channel has to have a first person to notice an Ancient monster, and that could be you!
  • The larger the region, the better! Larger regions, such as Iria or Taillteann, are much more likely to have overlooked Ancients than small places like Dunbarton.
  • Special areas where you need to fulfill something to enter are the absolute best places to look for Ancients. Tir Na Nog, Scary Library, Elf/Giant/Human beginner areas, and Ant Hell are all fantastic places to look.
  • Large groups of similar enemies are very good to check on every channel.
  • The stronger an enemy, the more likely it is that it will be left alone for it to become an Ancient.
  • Although you’ll deal with halved damage, Commerce is a fantastic way to both hunt for Ancients and earn Ducats while you’re doing so. Unfortunately, we’re now penalized for changing channels while traveling with wares, so you’ll not want to channel hop around.

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