Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Farming Strategies

Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Farming Strategies

In Clash of Clans, Town Hall 5 represents perhaps the easiest farming in the game. At Town Hall 5, a lot of things are working in your favor that make farming incredibly easy:

  • TH5 unlocks a third Army Camp along with a new level upgrade (new max army size: 135 units).
  • Barbarians get a level 3 upgrade at this level.
  • Town Hall 4 and 5 players do not have an easy way to stop 135 Barbarians.

While you can probably guess the strategy we are going to use based on this introduction, below I will share not only the best farming composition and attacking strategy for Town Hall 5, but also the proper order for upgrading your buildings and research in order to maximize your farming speed. I will also be covering target amounts of resources you should be striving for in order to ensure efficient farming.

TH5 Farming Strategy

My recommended plan is to make nothing but Barbarians and go on the offensive. There is no need for additional units or even spells at this level – you will maximize your farming speed by cranking out Barbarians from your Barracks.

A trophy count in the range of 500 to 1000 seems to work fine at TH5 – you really do not have to pay much attention to trophy count for farming at this level. If you somehow get up over 1,000 trophies, you may want to drop down, but overall it is not a major concern.

Your goal is to find one of two base types: high level bases with full collectors (look for dark purple in the elixir collectors) or TH4-TH5 bases with full storage buildings where the where the Wizard Tower is either easy to destroy or not near the storage buildings.

If you happen to stumble upon an enemy base with full storage collectors and a lot of loot to grab, the strategy is simple: spread your Barbarians around, dropping 5-10 per elixir collector or mine and dropping more Barbarians as your initial Barbarians are destroyed. You need to spread your Barbarians out so you do not get killed by bombs or mortar shots and so you can destroy all enemy collectors and mines. Do not worry about trophy count on these bases.

If you run into an enemy TH4 or TH5 with enough loot to steal to be worthwhile (see the “farming goals” section below), drop your Barbarians in a fairly spread out fashion initially to take out outside buildings. About 50 is fine for this purpose. Take your remaining Barbarians and pile up close to the Mortar or Wizard Tower to try and break down a wall (if it is protected) and take it out. As soon as those two towers are down, the rest of the match is easy.

TH5: Upgrade Order

The most important aspect of farming efficiently as a Town Hall 5 player actually does not have much to do with attack strategy. Massing Barbarians is an easy strategy to use. Instead, I wanted to take some time to discuss how you should focus on upgrading your buildings in order to maximize your farming ability with this build.

As soon as Town Hall 5 finishes, you want to use your two builders to increase your Barbarians’ numbers and strength. Use 1 builder to start building your new Army Camp and the other builder to start upgrading the Research Lab. While this latter upgrade takes awhile, it is worth getting right away.

If you have three builders, use the third builder to start upgrading old Army Camps. If you only have two builders, as soon as the Army Camp you built finishes, upgrade it and keep doing so until it is at max level. Since all of these buildings and upgrades cost elixir so far, be sure to dump spare gold into extra walls or upgrading preexisting walls in between Army Camp upgrades.

Once your Laboratory upgrade finishes, make it your top priority to start researching 3-Star Barbarians. Use both builders to max out all 3 Army Camps at this point. Continue spare gold into walls.

Once you have maxed out your Army Camps and finished researching level 3 Barbarians, your farming ability will be very high. At this point, you can raid quickly with a strong yet very cheap and fast to train 135 Barbarian army that is very hard to stop at this level.

Upgrade whatever you like at your own pace from here. I prefer to upgrade the Barracks at night or once TH6 has started, as upgrading the Barracks will naturally slow down your ability to produce new Barbarians for raiding. Try to max out your base entirely before starting the TH6 upgrade.

TH5 Farming Goals

At Town Hall 5, your goal for each raid should be 100,000 combined resources (i.e. 70k gold + 30k elixir equals 100k combined resources, as does 30k gold and 70k elixir). The 100k recommended total of course assumes that you need both Elixir and Gold. If you are storage capped or simply finished up with either elixir or gold, you should try and get at least 70k of the resource type you still need (i.e. if you are just upgrading your walls before upgrading, shoot for 70k+ gold per raid).

With 135 Barbarians for a maxed Town Hall 5 army, 3 Barracks to produce them, and 20 seconds to train a Barbarian, you can make a fully-maxed army every 15 minutes. By netting 100k combined resources every 15 minutes, you can average out to a minimum of 400k combined resources an hour. Really, your average raid will probably be closer to 150k combined or 100k of an individual resource type as the 100k combined / 70k individual is the minimum requirements to attack and sometimes you will find better bases to attack.

By targeting gold only, you are looking at making 280k to 400k gold per hour. Given that it takes about 3.4 million gold to max out your walls at this level (assuming you finished Town Hall 4 with maxed walls), you are looking at about 10 hours of farming to max out your walls (if you were to raid immediately after your Barbarians finished.

With this strategy, you can actually cap your Walls at Town Hall 5 in a single day if you raid each time your Barbarians finish and keep them constantly training, all without spending any gems. It can be done even faster if you skip around for 125k+ gold bases. However, if you are like most of the population and cannot play on your phone for a few minutes out of every 15 minutes for 10 hours straight, it will still only take you a few days to cap out your walls. Not bad!

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