Clash of Clans TH9 Early Mid Farming Design

Clash of Clans TH9 Early Mid Farming Hog-Cleansing Design by peabak

“Pigs are not that dirty. And they’re smart, strange little creatures. They just need love.”

Yes, love and a mortar to the damn face.


I have been using this layout and it’s been working really well for me in the 1600-2600 farming range. I wanted to share for anyone looking to keep loot at the start of TH9. When I first got here I found many great designs but they all relied on those magnificently maxed Hidden Teslas (which were far away for me). One strength I found with Ringus was the flexibility given whilst upgrading. I could move defences around and not diminish effective resource protection. I think at one point I had 2 Wizard Towers and 2 Mortars upgrading.

(I’d like to give props to Mavios and his Black Whole, which really transformed the way I look at base design. Ringus was heavily influenced by him, especially his trap positioning which is heavenly.)

The Base

In the game…

In the builder…

Building Ringus

Many thoughts and motivations behind the design are covered in this video. Apologies, my microphone is obviously awful and I have a terrible cold at the moment too.

The Replays

TLDR: Most big armies take 1 or 2 gold storages. The two big defeats were 3 and 4 gold storages. I have never been three-starred.

Here is a list of every major attack I’ve had whilst using Ringus. No cherry picking. This is the good, the bad and the ugly. The early replays have different forms of the base (the principles were the same). I discarded the Trophy version to keep focus on loot protection. Green are replays where I consider Ringus working as intended. The two red ones were disasters where the core failed. A base set up around leading defence-led troops is going to be weak against non-defence-led armies. My thinking is you don’t see much GoWiWi down in the farming lands.

Ringus Defence (21) 32 Balloons 15 Minions –
Ringus Defence (38) 7 Giants 2 Healers 2 Witches –
Ringus Defence (50) 39 Hogs –
Ringus Defence (49) 27 Hogs 99 Archers –
Ringus Defence (87) 33 Balloons 40 Minions –
Ringus Defence (57) 25 Hogs 76 Archers –
Ringus Defence (71) 16 Giants 25 Wizards 3 Healers –
Ringus Defence (42) 16 Giants 2 Healers –
Ringus Defence (56) 10 Dragons –
Ringus Defence (37) 15 Giants 14 Wall Breakers –
Ringus Defence (55) 10 Dragons –
Ringus Defence (32) 13 Hogs 2 Pekkas 2 Dragons –
Ringus Defence (38) 30 Hogs –
Ringus Defence (49) 17 Giants 3 Healer 10 Hogs –
Ringus Defence (53) 21 Balloons 56 Minions –
Ringus IV Defence (81) 24 Hogs 8 Giants –
Ringus IV Defence (30) 10 Giants 126 Archers –
Ringus Defence (42) 15 Giants 2 Healers –
Ringus Defence (27) 21 Hogs –
Ringus Defence (27) 4 Pekkas 2 Dragons –
Ringus II Defence (48) 12 Giants 130 Archers –
Ringus II Defence (35) 16 Giants 21 Wizards 2 Dragons –
Ringus II Defence (53) 13 Giants 29 Wizards –
Ringus II Defence (32) 24 Hogs 14 Giants –
Ringus Defence (55) 20 Hogs 36 Goblins –
Ringus Defence (37) 22 Giants 1 Pekka 3 Witches –
Ringus Defence (52) 42 Balloons –
Ringus Defence (23) 2 Golems 10 Giants –
Ringus Defence (30) 22 Giants 16 Hogs –
Ringus Defence (39) 21 Hogs 8 Giants –
Ringus Defence (34) 20 Hogs 15 Giants –

The Balloonian disaster is interesting because it seems to be the same as the other Balloon-based attacks that failed. The large number of balloons destroyed the defences in such an order a large pack could break to the core. The best hogger I know, (Moe from Reddit Troopers) told me he tries to manufacture this in his attacks by spawning two streams of pigs which, after their first victim, turn towards each other and then on to the core. He conceded it is incredibly hard to get right.

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