Aura Kingdom Miniboss Guide

Aura Kingdom Miniboss Guide by Mokrab

Hello, This is Mokrab(Ingame:CodeD), this is one of the requested guides that I made and I hope this will prove useful to all of you. Please leave a comment of what you think.

Port Skandia:

1 – <<Local Bully>> Bunnyhop Boss
2 – <<Immortal Bird>> Sunbird King


Name: <<Local Bully>> Bunnyhop Boss
Level: 3
Skills: Explosion, Jump Attack
Drops: Tusked Light Armor, Tusked Gauntlets, Tusked Ankle Boots, Green Grass Coat, Green Grass Gloves, Green Grass Long Boots.
Respawn Time: 5-10 Minutes

Name: <<Immortal Bird>> Sunbird King
Level: 8
Skills: Demolition Claw, Snap Freeze
Drops: Steel Chain Soft Armor, Steel Chain Wrist Wraps, Steel Chain Leggings, Earthen Leather Coat, Earthen Gauntlets, Earthen Cloth Shoes.
Respawn Time: 5-10 Minutes

Helonia Coast:

1- <<Massive Clamps>> Kalna
2 – <<Violent Gaze>> Sloar
3 – <<Destroyer>> Wade
4 – <<Axe of Ages>> Beita


Name: <<Massive Clamps>> Kalna
Level: 12
Skills: Targeted Strike, Lightning Fingers
Drops: Merrilee’s Loving Gaze, Symbol of Light, Symbol of Darkness
Respawn Time: 10 Minutes

Name: <<Axe of Ages>> Beita
Level: 14
Skills: Drop the Hammer, Corrosion
Drops: Merrilee’s Loving Protection, Crest of Wind, Symbol of Forest
Respawn Time: 10 Minutes

Name: <<Destroyer>> Wade
Level: 16
Skills: Give in to your Anger, Shocking Wave
Drops: Mac’s Hat of Intuition, Symbol of Sand, Crest of Thunder
Respawn Time: 10 Minutes

Name: <<Violent Gaze>> Sloar
Level: 18
Skills: Ice Arrow, Piercing Wind
Drops: Mac’s Vest of Bold Detemination, Crest of Ice, Symbol of Darkness
Respawn Time: 10 Minutes

Crescent Hill:

1 – <<Alluring Fragrance>> Bayin
2 – <<The Glutton>> Doniland
3 – <<Grand Mistawalker Elder>> Rondel
4 – <<Deadly Poison>> Senka
5 – <<Troll Berserker>> Varis
6 – Mistwalker Chief


Name: <<Alluring Fragrance>> Bayin
Level: 21
Skills: Wind Blade, Gale Roar
Drops: Quickwalker’s Cap, Symbol of Forest, Crest of Wind
Respawn Time: 15 Minutes

Name: <<The Glutton>> Doniland
Level: 23
Skills: Corrosion, Blinding Wind
Drops: Quickwalker’s Vest, Symbol of Light, Crest of Wind
Respawn Time: 15 Minutes

Name: <<Grand Mistawalker Elder>> Rondel
Level: 25
Skills: High Pressure
Drops: NONE
Respawn Time: Fast

Name: <<Deadly Poison>> Senka
Level: 26
Skills: Wind Raid, Wild Severing
Drops: Merrilee’s Loving Grace, Symbol of Forest, Crest of Wind
Respawn Time: 15 Minutes

Name: <<Troll Berserker>> Varis
Level: 29
Skills: Fury Strike, Holy Laser
Drops: Merrilee’s Loving Protection, Symbol of Light, Crest of Flame
Respawn Time: 15 Minutes

Name: Mistwalker Chief
Level: 30
Skills: Ashen
Drops: NONE
Respawn Time: Fast

Cactakara Forest:

1- <<Runaway Robot>> Loner Mk.XI
2 – <<Chaotic Robot>> Seeker L-Type
3 – <<Rampaging Robot>> Destroyer G-800
4 – <<Robot of Destruction>> The Murderlator


Name: <<Runaway Robot>> Loner Mk.XI
Level: 31
Skills: Quick Slice, Quake Stomp
Drops: Iron Guard’s Gauntlets, Symbol of Sand, Crest of Wind
Respawn Time: 20 Minutes

Name: <<Chaotic Robot>> Seeker L-Type
Level: 33
Skills: Thunder Arrow, Electric Projection
Drops: Iron Guard’s Greaves, Crest of Thunder, Crest of Flame
Respawn Time: 20 Minutes

Name: <<Rampaging Robot>> Destroyer G-800
Level: 36
Skills: Holy Flash
Drops: Iron Guard’s Sturdy Belt, Symbol of Light, Crest of Darkness
Respawn Time: 20 Minutes

Name: <<Robot of Destruction>> The Murderlator
Level: 39
Skills: Blade of Lightning
Drops: Sigrun’s Grips, Crest of Flame, Crest of Thunder
Respawn Time: 20 Minutes

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